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Scotland Debates Independence from Stirling, Scotland - video ~ linkLondon is always going on about how the current Scottish Parliament is only a regional parliament operating under UK delegated legislation.  While that is true, it is also true that upon passing the Treaty of Union, in 1707, the Scottish Parliament also known as the Three Estates, went into technical adjournment.  It did NOT dissolve.  Now the term Three Estates meant different things at different times during the long history of a sovereign Scottish nation.  At one time it was the nobles, bishops/abbots, and rural (shires) representatives, later the peerage, feudal barons, and rural representatives.  Later still, it was the Scots Peerage, rural representatives and urban (burgs) representatives.  This last incarnation of the fully sovereign Three Estates, the sovereign Scots Parliament, can be easily reconstituted by simply adding the members of the Scots Peerage to the existing M.S.P.s (representatives of the shires and burgs) in the current regional Scottish Parliament.   This would be the first sitting of the fully sovereign Scots Parliament in almost 300 years and that Parliament, the reconstituted ancient Three Estates, could succeed from the United Kingdom upon the basis of a referendum vote (or on its own initiative due to multiple violations of the Treaty of Union by the UK Parliament) and organize a free Scottish nation outside of the United Kingdom.   Should this happen?  It is the people of Scotland who will decide!  Stirling       
Syrian chemical weapons only for foreign attack defense says Syrian Government ~ link ~ The Syrian regime threatened Monday to use its chemical and biological weapons in case of a foreign attack, in its first ever acknowledgement that it possesses weapons of mass destruction. 
Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi stressed, however, that Damascus would not use its unconventional arms against its own citizens. Strike Syria if needed ~ link ~ My God, do these people not understand that military technology is a two-edged sword...that one's enemies can 'return the favor with interest' and destroy Israel??? What is about to happen in the Middle East is so evil, so crazy, so destructive and so many are totally blind to it.   Stirling      
UK: Syria chemical weapons threat 'unacceptable' ~ link ~ And the Israeli chemical weapons threat, and the Israeli biological weapons threat, and the Israeli nuclear threat???  These are not toys.  We have evil, insane men, blinded by Satan, leading the human race off a cliff to our destruction.   Stirling      

Syrian Army saving citizens from mercenaries - Interviews with common people - video with English subtitles ~ link  ~ Take the time to view this one!  Stirling    
Aurora Massacre: What does the Location of the Gas Mask Tell Us? - with photos ~ link ~ Very interesting.  The more I am learning about this event, the stranger it seems.  Check out the photos!  Stirling      
UK file on Entebbe contains claim that Israel was behind hijacking ~ link ~  Most cases of terrorism are state sponsored and in so very many cases are False Flag Operations.   Stirling     
Brits say Israel staged 1976 Entebbe hijacking - Star of David flag = 666 ~ link   ~ Actually, King David never used such a star.  Stirling 
At least 91 killed in Iraq's deadliest day since 2010 ~ link ~ After $3 TRILLION  and countless lives lost and ruined neither Iraq nor Afghanistan are safe.  American and NATO tax dollars at work!   Stirling    
The Battle of Damascus has begun ~ link ~  Three days old but worth the read.   Stirling    
Within a few days, 40 to 60 000 Contras, mostly Libyans, entered the country, most often via the Jordanian border. The majority of them are attached to the "Syrian" Free Army, a secret operations front for NATO under Turkish command. Some are affiliated with groups of fanatics, including Al-Qaeda, under Qatar’s command or factions of the Saudi Royal Family, the Sudairi. Along the way, they took some border posts, and then moved to the capital where they have sown confusion by attacking random targets: police groups or isolated military.
Wednesday morning, an explosion destroyed National Security headquarters where some members of the National Security Council were meeting. It cost the lives of General Daoud Rajha (Defence Minister), of General Assef Shawkat (Deputy Minister) and of General Hassan Turkmani (Assistant Vice President of the Republic). The mode of attack remains uncertain: it could have been either a suicide bomber or a stealth drone.  
Aircraft went into action to destroy columns of mercenaries heading to the capital.

Israel might pull off a False Flag Attack in London and blame it on Iran ~ link ~ This is based on a story I linked a day or two ago.  However, you should see the photo of the Olympic Stadium...the light towers are pure Illuminati symbols...unbelievable!  This one you should see.   Here are some links to Illuminati images in the London Olympics, strange: ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ video link ~ video link ~ opening date important to Israel ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Stirling      
Skype won't say whether it can eavesdrop on your conversations ~ link ~ New surveillance laws being proposed in countries from the United States to Australia would force makers of online chat software to build in backdoors for wiretapping. For years, the popular video chat service Skype has resisted taking part in online surveillance—but that may have changed. And if it has, Skype’s not telling.

Historically, Skype has been a major barrier to law enforcement agencies. Using strong encryption and complex peer-to-peer network connections, Skype was considered by most to be virtually impossible to intercept. Police forces in Germany complained in 2007 that they couldn’t spy on Skype calls and even hired a company to develop covert Trojans to record suspects’ chats. At around the same time, Skype happily went on record saying that it could not conduct wiretaps because of its “peer-to-peer architecture and encryption techniques.”
Recently, however,.... 
Merchant Banker - video ~ link ~ Funny  

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