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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War ~ link ~ Ask yourself this, why war with Syria...why another war...why war with Iran and Lebanon...why World War III???   There is NO RATIONAL REASON to launch the Third World War with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction!  NONE!!!   There is a spiritual dimension to all of this, and only the spiritual dimension can explain the current drive towards war.   This is literally 'right-out-of-the-Bible', out of the last book, out of the Book of Revelation.   Stirling   
Increasingly war looks likely. Earlier Obama said “the Assad regime must come to an end.”  
Pro-Assad loyalists, other civilians, and security forces are targeted and killed in cold blood. Houla was the most extreme incident. An Islamist group called Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) claimed responsibility for May Damascus bombings. Dozens were killed, many others wounded. The group also said it killed 13 civilians in Deir Ezzor province last week. They were shot at close range in the head. Their hands were tied behind their backs.

Many other incidents claimed smaller tolls. Body counts mount. Syrians are terrorized. Most blame outside forces, not their government.

Washington, key NATO partners, and regional allies bear full responsibility. Out-of-control violence won’t stop. They won’t let it. Death and destruction continues.

Fabricated reports and lies blame Assad. On June 4, he responded, saying:

What is Really Happening in Syria? ~ link ~ Shortly after reports of the Houla massacre – all blaming the Syrian government – started blanketing the corporate media, Press TV asked me for a response. I replied: It is so easy for people to rush to judgment in these situations and go with their first impressions based on their prejudices and I think that we have seen a lot of that with the conflict in Syria and we have seen it with other areas as well and in Syria, it is just so hard to know exactly what is going on because it is not a simple case of a peaceful Arab spring movement going up against the government. It is a very complex mixture of peaceful protesters and some non-peaceful, some violent opposition members of various groups and terrorist mercenaries working basically for the US and the Zionists attempting to destabilize Syria and these operators typically use deception to cover their tracks and to stage events in a false flag manner.

We saw that with 9/11; we have seen it in many other instances. So we have a huge credibility problem coming from the Western leadership and that manifest itself with the UN personnel as well.

So we really need to be careful and try to get as many actual eyewitness reports as possible and work hard to try to figure out what is actually happening on the ground in Syria.

Having learned the hard way to ask “who benefits?” whenever media hysteria breaks out, I continued:

Biowarfare alert: Is a mass bio-terror pandemic planned for 2012? ~ link ~ Actually I believe that there will be multiple pandemics as multiple genetically engineered viruses will be used at about the same time to 'crash the population' for the New World Order.  Some may well come from Iran's Advanced Biowar program (itself transferred from the old Soviet Union 20 some years ago) as a form of MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force response to the nuclear hell that Israel and NATO (US/UK/France) will unload on them.  Others will have a classic False Flag origin.  In any case, this will fulfill what the Book of Revelation speaks of when it says one-third will die of "plague".  It also says one-third will die of "wormwood" which is the name of Chernobyl, meaning radiation and nuclear war.  Stirling       

India and Japan to establish joint defense action plan and hold military exercises ~ link ~ This could be a major move towards establishing the Asian War Theater to World War III, or something different, like an attempt by these two powers to stay OUT of the coming nightmare.  I think that it is the former not the latter.   Stirling      

Taking Back Our Freedom From The Crime Syndicates Enslaving Us ~ link ~ The merger of so many torrents of ecological, economic, political, and social degradation is largely attributable to the actions of the dominant transnational cartel of kleptocratic psychopaths that presently exercise large concentrations of ill-gotten power over us.  The Lords of Larceny prefer to make war, not love. The Axis of Extortion links the Pentagon with Wall Street and London’s financial district. The goal of those in charge of this, the most elaborate extortion racket ever, is to privatize all the remaining public wealth for themselves and their heirs and to socialize all liability flowing from their mistakes, speculative excesses, outright frauds, astronomical thefts, and gargantuan misdeeds.

It is hard to fathom the scale of the betrayal perpetrated by the tiny minority who continue to benefit most from the world’s first truly global coup d’etat on 9/11. From the poisoning of our minds, to the contamination of earth, air and water, to the despoliation of the poor and the middle class, to the assault on the political economy of public health care, public education, public broadcasting and social security, the scale of the pillage is unprecedented.

Elections are rigged. Governments are bought. Trade unions are sabotaged. Whole societies are de-industrialized. And the people are lied to again and again, often through big info-entertainment cartels whose main business it is to alter public perceptions through toxic media concoctions. Their witches’ brew of mind control mixes the drug of nonstop distraction with heavy doses of deception, disinformation, and censorship.

$647,762,000,000,000 Reasons To Worry: The Derivatives Time Bomb ~ link ~ Actually, according to many sources the actual figure is close to three times this.  In any case, it is a figure that is DESIGNED to be a financial Armageddon.   Stirling   

Europe's Terrifying Austerity ~ link'The unbearable harshness of being' a European in the midst of crushing austerity has forced everyone from France to Greece to pick up their pitchforks against those stability-minded and conscientious Germans. As Diapason's Sean Corrigan shows in this clarifying chart, the 0.18% drop in Eurozone Real Government GDP must have been truly devastating; or perhaps, just as we have said again and again, it's all about the flow not the stock and any lack of growth is the death-knell for what is called capitalism.

6/6/44  - Photos: The Allied Invasion of Normandy ~ link 

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