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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

Turkish President: Our jet may have been in Syrian airspace when shot down ~ link ~ Yes, and the two Turkish warplanes were doing a low-level high-speed run direct into Syrian airspace to test Syrian air defenses.   Stirling     

But in an interview on Saturday morning, the Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, said there was no reason for the Syrian military to have interpreted the move as a hostile act.
"It is routine for jet fighters to sometimes fly in and out over (national) borders ... when you consider their speed over the sea," Mr Gul told the Anatolia news agency. "These are not ill-intentioned things but happen beyond control due to the jets' speed."

Although he has not divulged what steps he may be contemplating, a senior member of his ruling party declared last night that if the aircraft was shown to have been shot down by Syria it would amount to a "declaration of war". Mr Gul added: "Whatever is necessary will be done.
Pretext to Wage War on Syria - Turkey and the Gulf of Tonkin Redux ~ link Moreover, violating another country's airspace by trying to avoid its defensive capabilities at low altitude shows clear hostile intent. 

Damascus has every right to consider these type actions aggressive and threatening. Turkey would react the same way. So would Washington, key NATO partners and Israel.

A virtual state of war exists in Syria short of officially declaring it. These type incidents can easily be used as pretexts for full-blown conflict. It remains to be seen if Washington has that in mind.

Downed Turkish jet will be used by 'West' to draw Turkey into Bilderberg and NATO's Plan ~ link ~
If the West and NATO is to enforce a Libya-style ‘no fly-zone’ in Syria, then Turkey would be the tool of choice to run such an operation.  In addition, the Syrian Air Force is considering bombing raids as part of their fight against insurgents and al-Qaida terrorists north of Aleppo – who have been using Turkey as refuge from the Syrian Army.

Syrian National Council representative Bassma Kodmani was in attendance at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting in Chantilly, VA, another indication that the West’s plans for Syrian regime change and later balkanization – have already been signed off. Kodmani is the Head of Foreign Affairs with the SNC, a coalition of Syrian opposition groups based in Istanbul, Turkey. Clearly, an external agenda is set regarding the destiny of that country.

Houla Massacre - A Manufactured Atrocity ~ link ~
But is the Houla massacre really "better documented" than other atrocity stories emerging from Syria? On June 7, a major fissure began to appear in the storyline, when leading German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung (FAZ) quoted sources who said that the Houla massacre was carried out by anti-Assad Sunni militants, and that their victims were nearly all Alawi and Shia—populations traditionally loyal to Assad. According to Syria expert Patrick Seale (Agence Global, 6/12/12) ,who quoted translated parts of the German story,  FAZ sources said after the killings, "the perpetrators then filmed their victims and, in videos posted on the internet, presented them as Sunni victims of the regime."

On June 7, the BBC began to back away from its earlier stories that had reported the conventional line, blaming pro-government forces for a massacre that including the cutting of women's and children's throats. As the UK media watch group Media Lens (6/13/12) reported:

CIA Supported Syrian Opposition Massacre of Civilians ~ link ~ American tax dollars at work doing great evil for the globalists and Netanyahu!  Stirling   

Whose Spring? The CIA's hand in the Rise of Islamists and International Terrorist Groups ~ link ~ Creating enemies so that they can use them as an excuse to take peoples rights lead the Sheeple into the globalists high-tech fascist police state, the New World Order.   Stirling    

Army prepares tanks for War on America ~ link ~ This is one that you need to view!  Also see: "Don't Be Alarmed" ~ linkStirling     

Why So Many Recent Intel Leaks? ~ link ~ Oh yes, this is another one that you need to it all at the link.   Stirling     

It certainly appears that the USG national security state is growing at a very rapid rate, all in response to Terrorism and the war on terror.  The problem is that the terror acts like 911 and others have been done by elements in the USG, directed by the Shadow Govt. As the USG gears up to fight this war on terror in the homeland, using the US Military deployed inside the US and the new American Gestapo (Homeland Security), more and more view this behavior as criminal, a gross violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and a complete violation of oath of office.  As more and more folks get disgusted inside the national security apparatus (which is now aboun80% privatized) there are many more who will leak and many more who will listen.  And thanks to the Internet these misdeeds of the national security that are leaked out spreads fast.

As things heat up in the homeland and the economy shows no signs of rapid upswing, it is likely a certain critical mass will be reached by “we the people” and  certain public tipping points will occur as they always do eventually.  Then it will “be on” at many different levels as never before.

Turns out that China is lying about Everything ~ linkIn what may come as a shocking surprise to exactly nobody, the next great discovery as more and more layers of the global ponzi onion are exposed, is that China was, in fact, lying about everything. Yes, we know, stunning.
From the NYT:
As the Chinese economy continues to sputter, prominent corporate executives in China and Western economists say there is evidence that local and provincial officials are falsifying economic statistics to disguise the true depth of the troubles.

Record-setting mountains of excess coal have accumulated at the country’s biggest storage areas because power plants are burning less coal in the face of tumbling electricity demand. But local and provincial government officials have forced plant managers not to report to Beijing the full extent of the slowdown, power sector executives said.
Even that lonely indicator that some, even us, had considered somewhat realistic: electric output, is a mirage.

Panic in the New World Order ~ link ~ Interesting article but I disagree with its basic premise.  The current economic/financial conditions are they way they are because the Global Banking Cartel wants them that way in order to usher in their long-sough New World currency and one-world government.   Stirling     

Paraguay's President Lugo ousted from office ~ link ~ Paraguay's senate removed president Fernando Lugo from office in a rapid impeachment trial on Friday, and the leftist former priest said he was stepping aside even though he considered his ouster a blow to democracy.

Vice president Federico Franco was promptly sworn in as president after tense hours during which Lugo's supporters massed in the streets facing off with riot police. The outgoing president, who was elected on pledges of helping the poor, averted the potential for a bigger conflict by appearing on television and saying he would comply with the senate's vote.

NASA sees tropical trouble brewing in southern Gulf of Mexico ~ link ~ These storms are coming way too early...Hurricane Season normally starts in August.  This is all reflective of the continuing damage to the world's temperature regulating mechanism with the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico and the resulting damage to the Thermohaline Circulation System and the Jet Stream.   Stirling    

Lord Monckton: UN teaches children they need to die (re: "Global Warming" climate fraud) - video ~ link ~ I like the work that the good Viscount Monckton does.  He has the courage to speak the truth.  The official establishment has given him a hard time, as they have done to me (see my book: 'Cash For Peerages: The Smoking Gun' ~ link).  They have claimed ~ link ~ that he is not a non-voting member of the House of Lords.  Of course, they fail to mention that as a Peer he can sit in House of Lords (either on the Steps to the Throne or in the Peers Gallery, as I have) and use the highly exclusive Lords Restaurant and Bar and other facilities, but truth is NOT something that the British Establishment believes in.  Stirling     

Catholic official found guilty of covering up sexual abuse by priests ~ link ~ Back when I was a Roman Catholic, I knew a person who helped to lead the fight, nationally, against the widespread pattern of sex abuse of children by Catholic priests.  He told me that they had went to then Cardinal Ratzinger to try to get something done but sadly discovered that he was a major part of the coverup problem.  In the 60s they started to allow the wrong type of person into the seminaries and now 60% of the priests are gay and the culture within the Catholic clergy is horribly corrupt.  The first step in cleaning this up is to abolish the man made celibacy rules, but Pope Benedict XVI will not even consider this.  I believe that he, like the Jewish John Paul II, is a Illuminati Front Man placed in office to do as much damage as possible from within.  Stirling      

A Philadelphia monsignor became Friday the highest-ranking US church official to be convicted over a child sex cover-up, as he was was found guilty of endangerment.

Monsignor William Lynn, who served as secretary of the Philadelphia Archdiocese from 1994 to 2001, was acquitted of two other counts — one of conspiracy and a second charge of child endangerment.

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