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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
Putin: Iran will not get nuclear weapons - No need for an Israeli strike ~ link ~ The high point of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s noteworthy 90-minute talk with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem Monday, June 25, was Putin’s firm assertion that Iran will not get a nuclear bomb. This is disclosed exclusively by debkafile’s Jerusalem and Moscow sources.
He also dismissed reports that the third round in Moscow of six-power talks with Iran (June 18-19) led nowhere, stressing they were serious and substantial. The next round taking place in Istanbul on July for technical discussions is, according to the Russian president, of prime importance. For the first time, he explained, the nuclear negotiations with Iran will get down to the core issues and would therefore of greater significance  than the “Ashton-Jalili” sessions.

Israel to Demolish Solar Energy Panels for Palestinians ~ link ~ The Israeli people never miss a chance to stick it to the poor Palestinian people.  That is very sad and shows the true nature of the Jewish State.  Moreover, it guarantees continuing warfare and the eventual defeat of tiny Israel.  Stirling     
Gerald Celente: A War with Iran is imminent - video ~ link  ~ This is from about a week ago, but worth listing to.   Stirling   
Jimmy Carter accuses US of 'Widespread Abuse of Human Rights' ~ link ~ I like President Carter; I have spoken to him a couple of times.  He has the courage of his Christian beliefs.   Stirling    

A former U.S. president is accusing the current president of sanctioning the "widespread abuse of human rights" by authorizing drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists.
Jimmy Carter, America's 39 th president, denounced the Obama administration for "clearly violating" 10 of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, writing in a New York Times op-ed on Monday that the "United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights."

Syria know of jet before shooting it down says Turkey ~ link ~ OK, and which nation sent a jet fighter on a low-level high-speed run towards a sea-side air defense emplacement of the other nation, at a time of great tension???  Could it be TURKEY?

Khazar Imperialism ~ link 

Egypt's new President-Elect has called for new 9/11 investigation ~ link ~ I am starting to like this man!  He knows where to poke the globalists/Netanyahu Zionists.   Stirling      


Moody's downgrades 28 Spanish banks ~ link ~ Slowly the global economic crash develops ... rather like watching a massive train wreck in slow motion.  Stirling      
Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the credit ratings of 28 Spanish banks by up to four notches, citing the country's ongoing recession, real estate losses, and the reduced creditworthiness of the Spanish government.

Madrid's lower creditworthiness "not only affects the government's ability to support the banks, but also weighs on banks' stand-alone credit profiles," Moody's said in a statement issued on Monday. 
Nigel Farage, M.E.P. on EU/EURO: The Whole Thing's A Giant Ponzi Scheme! - video ~ link ~ Good One!!!   Stirling    
Wealthy Americans leaving USA ~ link 
Middle Age unemployment rate unprecedented in modern US history ~ link ~  You can thank your friendly Global Banking Cartel and their nice bought and paid for politicians for this.   Stirling     

'Outlaw Bankers' or 'Bankers Behind Bars' ~ link
Cyprus seeks Eurozone bailout ~ link   

Here is what happens when the Euro breaks up ~ link
Disintegration: What it looks like when a nation collapses ~ link Whether the system is going to collapse is not the question.

Most informed individuals understand that out of control spending fueled by trillions of dollars in debt, unprecedented monetary expansion and ever increasing dependence on a government social safety net overburdened by millions of people in need of essential services can not be sustained forever.

For many Americans and our counterparts in Europe, the collapse is now. To suggest that we are somehow on the road to recovery is nothing but conjecture.

$500 Silver is coming ~ link 

7/7 Ripple Effect 2 - video trailer ~ link ~ WOW!

Rates of sea level rise increasing faster on East Coast than globally warns USGS ~ link ~ The death of the Loop Current is at fault here.   Stirling      

The report demonstrates that the sea-level rise hotspot on the East Coast is in accordance with the retarding of Atlantic Ocean circulation. Several models suggest that this change in circulation may be connected to adjustments in water temperature, salinity and density in the subpolar north Atlantic. 

Antarctic ice shelves NOT melting at all ~ link  ~
Twenty-year-old models which have suggested serious ice loss in the eastern Antarctic have been compared with reality for the first time - and found to be wrong, so much so that it now appears that no ice is being lost at all.

"Previous ocean models ... have predicted temperatures and melt rates that are too high, suggesting a significant mass loss in this region that is actually not taking place," says Tore Hattermann of the Norwegian Polar Institute, member of a team which has obtained two years' worth of direct measurements below the massive Fimbul Ice Shelf in eastern Antarctica - the first ever to be taken.

Congressman Paul Ryan being vetted for Vice President slot on GOP ticket ~ link ~ Note this is Paul Ryan NOT Ron Paul.  That would make a Romney-Ryan ticket...a Republican ticket without a Christian on it.   Stirling     

I’m reliably informed that Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the Budget Committee chairman, has submitted paperwork to the Romney campaign. Sources confirm that he is being vetted for the vice-presidential nomination.

Ryan, one of the GOP’s brightest young stars, is clearly a favorite of Romney allies. But some top Republican officials are wary of plucking him from the House, where he is the party’s most influential voice on fiscal issues.

Former Governor Jesse Ventura exposes the Banker controlled US Government - video ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     
Cash rules at Romney Retreat while Condolezze Rice Steals The Show ~ link ~  The smart thing for Romney to do would be to give the Vice Presidential nod to Rice.   She could really go after Obama without the racist thing being thrown at her.  She is smart, good looking and can hold her own...the Sarah Palin of 2012!  Stirling    

Is It Treason And Who Will Stop It? ~ link ~ Do you have the courage of Nathan Hale or Patrick Henry by reaching out to one more American who does want the truth and wants to know how to get involved - even while being labeled "fringe" or "extremist" by the controlled media? Are you prepared to be tracked with the Nazi-style "National ID" or will you say no? Are you prepared to sit back and allow this tyrannical government spy on your phone conversations, email and now drones flying over our homes under the guise of the phony "war on terrorism"?

What is it you want for your children? For them to be tracked by their DNA and turned into global citizens via brain washing in the government's indoctrination centers they call public schools? Are you willing to live your life on your knees under permitted zones of "free specch" or true freedom and liberty given to us from battle fields run red with the blood of patriots?

If your answer is no, then get busy. Become part of the peaceful revolution underway to take back America for we the people, not career politicians and special interest groups. All bills to be introduced in the 2013 sessions for state legislatures have to be written by Thanksgiving, early December at the latest. That means you begin hammering on your state representative and senator now, not in October. Contact a local Tea Party or 9/12 chapter and get involved. If your incumbent in the state capitol refuses to step up to the plate, throw him/her out in November. The states created the General Government and they have the power to stop a totalitarian take over.

We are on the cliff. Our future is in our hands.
Future historians will look back at all the things that contributed to the demise of the things that contributed to the demise of American Prosperity ... and they will say ... but all they had to do was follow the 10th Amendment - video ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling      

Five types of looters you must prepare for ~ link ~
It’s Survival Diva again with some food for thought about societal collapse; what to expect and who to look out for. It’s an important part of the puzzle when you’re one of the few prepared to survive the coming onslaught. Some guesstimate preppers make up only 5% of the populace, but it’s my belief it’s closer to 3% at best, and more likely to be 1-2%. Many give lip service to prepping and claim to be prepared when the truth is they’re still in the “thinking” stage. 
They haven’t advanced to in-the-trenches preparedness that many need to do to get prepared faster, where dinners out, budget-draining vacations, and designer anything are put on the back-burner until the storage shelves are full, water has been stored, and must-have preparedness goods are crowding sheds, basements, or in a pinch; closets and under the bed.

Fukushima: Steel support frames under Reactor No. 4 damaged ~ link  

You Are The Laboratory ~ link While we as a nation suffer from being overweight at record levels, we talk about diet and exercise but are not as willing to make the connection between our health and what farmers put in the foods we eat. Farming, whether it's by huge corporations or the small farmer we insistently romanticize, is a for profit business. The prime goal in farming is to get plants and animals to balloon up as much as possible as quickly as possible, in order to have more to sell, and to sell it sooner -- and thereby  minimize feeding and fertilizing expense. Anything any corporation comes up with that facilitates this goal is quickly adapted by farmers, from pesticides to fertilizers to growth hormones to antibiotics to genetically engineered organisms.

If the things we eat are treated with all kinds of chemicals and Frankenstein processes to make them balloon up as much as possible as quickly as possible, why is there any question about why we are overweight? Americans work more hours, more than 50 per week, than anyone else. Over half of Americans no longer take vacation time. We don't have time to be couch potatoes.

Devil deliver me: Vatican hires FOX News journo for image makeover ~ link ~ You can't make this shit up!  Stirling    

The Prince of Monaco is selling dozens of cars for 'cheap' ~ link

Syria's Stonehenge ~ link ~ A mysterious ancient building in Syria, described as a 'landscape for the dead' could be as old as 10,000 years ago - far older than the Great Pyramid.

But scientists have been unable to explore the ruins, unearthed in 2009, because of the conflict in the region.

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