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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Troops are massing on both sides of the Syrian-Turkish Border as tensions escalate ~ link ~ A sign that the next phase - open regional war in the Middle East - may be about to begin.   Stirling    

Today Free Syria Army (FSA) General Mustafa al-Sheikh, head of the association of senior officers who defected from President Bashar al-Assad's forces (i.e. Higher Military Council), told Reuters that about 170 Syrian tanks had assembled north of Aleppo, about 19 miles from the Turkish border.

Rebels told Reuters that last night Syrian helicopter gunships bombarded a strategic town in northern Syria overnight and tanks closed in on Aleppo, but kept well clear of the new Turkish defenses on the border.

Multiple Reports of Troop Movements Near Syria's Borders ~ link ~ Israel has called up large numbers of army reserves and has been moving troops to its border with Syria as has Turkey.  Syria has been moving troops to its border with Turkey.  Saudi Arabia is on High Alert and has been moving troops to its borders with Iraq and Jordan, and Jordan is on War Alert.  Russia has been moving troops to its borders with Iran and Georgia and reinforcing its troops in Armenia and has sent all officers families home from Armenia. America has stealth fighters in several places in the region and has moved additional forces including naval mine sweepers into the region recently.  The French and British have air/land/sea forces in the area and at least the UK and US have commandos in Syria and other areas in the region.  I said about a week ago that I thought that war would break out within one to two weeks, sadly it appears that I may be correct in this analysis.   Stirling      

Saudi forces mass on Jordanian, Iraqi borders.  Turkey and Syria reinforce strength ~ link The Syrian crisis was Friday, June 29, on a knife edge between a Western-Arab-Turkish military offensive in the next 48 hours and a big power accord to ward it off.  debkafile’s military sources report heavy Saudi troop movements toward the Jordanian and Iraqi borders Thursday overnight and up until Friday morning, June 29, after King Abdullah put the Saudi military on high alert for joining an anti-Assad offensive in Syria. The Saudi units are poised with tanks, missiles, special forces and anti-air batteries to enter Jordan in two heads:

US-Russian concurrence on a plan for Assad’s removal could avert the operation. The failure of their talks would spell a worsening of the Syrian crisis and precipitate Western-Arab military intervention, which according to military sources in the Gulf is scheduled for launch Saturday, June 30.


NATO Expands Presence in Caucasus as Broader War Looms    ~ link ~ "Broader War" code words for World War III.    This is all tied into the almost here/coming regional General Middle East War that will quickly become the Third World War.  Take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling    

The South Caucasus, composed of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, borders Iran, Russia and Turkey and will not remain unaffected by military conflicts in the general region, nor will hostilities between states in the region not create the potential for far larger conflicts.  

These are some of the weapons facing any country that intervenes in Syria ~ link ~ Keep in mind that these are only the known weapons of Syria.  Further, that they do NOT include the weapons of Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan, and allied nations.  Russia, China and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and in the case of Russia and China can wage global thermonuclear strategic war.  Iran, and the others, have Advanced Biological Warfare arsenals, however, Iran has invested 21 years and a great deal of money in developing this form of warfare into a Doomsday form of global strategic warfare that is on a par with nuclear warfare in terms of potential fatalities globally.  Additionally, China and Russia do have advanced Scalar Warfare capabilities.   Stirling     

Washington Neo-cons are leading the entire World to Destruction ~ link ~ I have been saying this for a long time now.  These evil jerks are serving their lord and master, Lucifer!   There is one man who has always been very important to these jerks, that is Bibi 666 Netanyahu.  I believe that he is the one that will ignite the entire world in World War III.   This is a good article, take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling      

The neoconservative lie behind Washington’s wars of hegemony is that the US is bringing democracy to the invaded and bombed countries. To paraphrase Mao, “democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun.” However, the Arab Spring has come up short on democracy, as have Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries “liberated” by US democratic invasions.  What the US is bringing is civil wars and the breakup of countries, as President Bill Clinton’s regime achieved in former Yugoslavia. The more countries can be torn into pieces and dissolved into rival factions, the more powerful is Washington.

For a country incapable of occupying Iraq after 8 years and incapable of occupying Afghanistan after 11 years, to simultaneously take on two nuclear powers is an act of insanity. The hubris in Washington, fed daily by the crazed neocons, despite extraordinary failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, has now targeted formidable powers–Russia and China. The world has never in its entire history witnessed such idiocy.  The psychopaths, sociopaths, and morons who prevail in Washington are leading the world to destruction.  The criminally insane government in Washington, regardless whether Democrat or Republican, regardless of the outcome of the next election, is the greatest threat to life on earth that has ever existed.  Moreover, the only financing the Washington criminals have is the printing press. In a subsequent column I will examine whether the US economy will complete its collapse before the war criminals in Washington can destroy the world.

Russia 'retains right' to pre-emptive strike on European missile shield - with video ~ link ~ This becomes very important as we move ever closer to the outbreak of World War III.  We could wake up some morning and hear that Russian jets and missiles have taken out the NATO missile shield (radars, missile launchers, command & control structures) overnight.   Stirling    

Turkey tries to creates a de-facto buffer zone in Syria ~ link ~  The Syrians will not and in fact are not allowing this BS to work.  They are moving a large number of tanks/etc. closer to the Turkish border.   Stirling     

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called Syria a threat to Turkey and unveiled new rules of engagement for the military this week. If Syrian troops approach the border, they will now be targeted, writes Cengiz Candar. But the size and scope of this vaguely-defined area leaves the final decision to Turkey.

NATO member Turkey harboring Terrorist Army ~ link ~ After losing a fighter jet earlier this month while conducting a high-speed, low altitude invasion of Syria's airspace, Turkey has now pledged to treat any Syrian operation along its borders as a military threat.

"Turkey's warning could tilt the dynamic along the border, which has become an incubator for Syrian antigovernment rebels who are seeking increased levels of international support. Turkey's pledge to respond to aggression from Syrian forces could help the rebel Free Syrian Army by deterring Syrian forces from attacking—or else result in Turkish retaliation for cross-border attacks on rebels," reported the Wall Street Journal in their article, "Turkey Warns of Retaliation Against Syria." This encapsulates the brazen warping of logic applied by NATO aggressors as they seek to perpetuate the bloodbath and destabilization caused by their own proxy forces, primarily harbored, armed, and deployed from NATO member Turkey.

Syrian tanks mass near Turkish border ~ link ~
A general in the rebel Free Syria Army said on Friday that Syrian government forces had amassed around 170 tanks north of the city Aleppo, near the Turkish border, but there was no independent confirmation of the report.

Bashar al-Assad: We will annihilate terrorists in Syria ~ link ~ His rare one-hour interview coincided with a sharp escalation of violence inside Syria and a flurry of diplomatic activity ahead of a planned meeting in Geneva that will try to end the bloodshed.

Diplomats said the talks - involving UN Security Council members and key regional countries - would focus on a proposed transition plan to pave the way for a unity government.

Washington is Worth a War: Obama, Iran and the Israeli Lobby ~ link When, in 1593, Henry of Navarre converted from Protestantism to Catholicism in order to become king of a united France, he is reputed to have said:  “Paris is worth a mass.”  For President Obama, as Robert Wright points out in his article, “Obama’s Drift Toward War With Iran” in “The Atlantic” magazine (June 14), his re-election to the presidency would seem to be worth a war. Wright, a senior editor of “The Atlantic,”  writes: “The most undercovered story in Washington is how President Obama, under the influence of election-year politics, is letting America drift toward war with Iran.” Wright notes that “There are things Obama could do to greatly increase the chances of a negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear problem, but he seems to have decided that doing them would bring political blowback that would reduce his chances of re-election.” And the blowback Obama fears is “largely from Bibi Netanyahu, AIPAC, and other ‘pro-Israel’ voices.”  In short, Obama fears the Israel Lobby more than he opposes a war that would be unnecessary and also of unknown, but possibly immense, consequences.

UK report finds IDF tortures Palestinian children   ~ link ~ Americans, this is many many billions of your tax dollars, every year, at work!   Stirling     

Declaration of Independence from a War Economy ~ link ~ Cute, but the sad reality is that we are jumping into WWIII.   Stirling       

America's $2 Billion a Year to Egypt Hinges on Its Peace with Israel ~ link ~ The every-year bribes that the US makes to Egypt and Jordan to ensure that they remain at peace with Israel was a great victory for Israel and overall make good sense for America and the world.  It is something that I have strongly pushed as the template for Israel's relationship with Syria, Palestine, and the Middle East in general.  However, the truly evil bastards, like Netanyahu and Lieberman, have taken over in Israel and their blind arrogance has led them down a path that will destroy not only their enemies but Israel as well, and a little thing called EARTH.   Fortunately, we Christians know how the near future will play out...that Jesus Christ Himself will return to save those not killed in the bloody nightmare of WWIII and establish a New Earth, New Heaven, and New Jerusalem.   Stirling       

Zionist cartels behind global economic crisis says US economist - with video ~ link ~ Hyper-wealthy Zionist cartels that control international financial institutions and Wall Street have been engineering the global economic crisis, a US economist tells Press TV.

“There is an intimate connection between the collapse of the financial system, both in the United States and worldwide, and US international policy and its manipulation by a class of hyper-wealthy Jewish Zionists,” Joachim Martillo said in an interview on Monday.

He also pointed to the Zionist cartels’ grip over the Wall Street structure, saying, “We have these vast, essentially ethnic networks on Wall Street. They have been there for a long time.”

Martillo called on world governments to adopt an “honest” and “serious” approach to bring an end to “the ethnic manipulation, the corruption and conspiracy” of the Zionist cartels that have led to endless cycles of debt in the US and across the world.

Commenting on the plans of many governments across the world to bail out the banks, he argued, “If their losses are going to be borne by the public but their profits go into the pockets of individual bankers, that makes no sense.” 

$4 TRILLION conflict of interest: Investment bankers on Fed boards ~ linkWho else but Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would have the courage to blow the whistle on the $4 trillion Fed scam involving near zero-interest Federal Reserve loans and other financial assistance that went to banks and businesses of at least 18 current and former Federal Reserve regional bank directors in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse, all documented in the Government Accountability Office records?

It was on the eve of Senate testimony by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, on June 13, that Sanders released the detailed findings on Dimon and other Fed board members whose banks and businesses benefited from Fed actions. The GAO data also appeared at (RSN).

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