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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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LiveLeak footage from 26 June 2012: Aftermath video of Syrian radar base on sea coast captured by foreign mercenaries - video ~ link ~ This was sent to me by a reader...thanks.   It appears that sea coast radar stations are being targeted for electronic recon and also for attack.  That is usually something you do just prior to a major attack.   Stirling    

Russia defiant as NATO supports Turkey on warplanes ~ link ~ NATO condemns Syria’s shooting down of a Turkish military plane as ‘unacceptable,’ but stops short of raising any military response while Russia says Syria’s downing of the jet should not be viewed as a provocation

Turkey vows to retaliate 'with determination' after warplane shooting ~ link ~ Ankara: Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday his government would retaliate "with determination" after its plane was downed by Syria in international airspace.

Turkey puts its border troops on 'red alert' ~ link ~ Turkey gives its troops on the Syrian border license to kill in case of any vioaliton as PM Erdo─čan vows to treat any Syrian threat to the frontier as a military target

US Intelligence sees protracted conflict in Syria ~ link ~ There are two schools of though on this: One that events are unfolding rapidly and will come to a head in a week or two or so; The other view is that It could be September or even October.  I tend to think that the shorter view is correct, however much of this view is based on the current flow of events.  It is possible that the globalists/Netanyahu Zionists could draw out things for some reason or another, but right now the building up of events indicates sooner rather than later.   Stirling     

Despite some military defections, Syrian President Bashar Assad's inner circle remains cohesive and the 16-month conflict with rebels is likely to be a drawn-out struggle, senior US intelligence officials said on Tuesday. 

Assad: Syria witnessing real situation of war ~ link ~ There are two main outcomes of the current war:  Either the 'west' (US/France/UK/Israel/GCC/Turkey) crosses the Syrian frontier by air and/or land and all hell fully breaks out; or if the war continues at a lower but still intense level, Assad and his people will finally reach a point where they will know that they are losing it and will see their tribe and families slaughtered and will soon not have the ability to hit back at the GCC states, Turkey, and Israel and western/NATO bases in the Middle East unless they use their that point all hell fully breaks out.  Stirling       

“When we are in a war, all policies and all sides and all sectors need to be directed at winning this war,” Syria’s state news agency SANA quoted Assad as saying at a meeting of the new cabinet on Tuesday. The Syrian government will continue to fight against “armed terrorist groups,” he added.

The Syrian president also dismissed the West’s arguments, saying the West “takes and never gives and this has been proven at every stage.”  “We want good relations with all countries but we must know where our interests lie,” he added.

Members of Syria’s new government under Prime Minister Riad Farid Hijab, who was appointed on June 6, were sworn in on Tuesday. The new government, with 20 new ministers and six new ministries, includes two opposition figures from the People’s Will Party and the newly created Ministry of National Reconciliation. 

Fighting breaks out in the Syrian capital as Turkey and NATO threaten war ~ link ~ Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared Tuesday that the country was in a state of war as intense fighting erupted in the capital Damascus between the government and opposition forces that are backed by the US. There were also reports of British special operations forces entering the country from neighboring Turkey.

The fighting came the same day as a belligerent speech by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the Turkish parliament, threatening a military response to any Syrian troop movements near the border of the two countries. This followed a meeting of NATO members, including Turkey and the US, to discuss a coordinated response to the downing of a Turkish jet by Syria late last week.

IDF missile defense system for tanks being deployed ~ link ~ If this works as advertised, it is a 'game changer' on the ground.   Stirling     

The IDF has completed the installation of the Trophy active protection system on a first brigade of Merkava MK 4 main battle tanks.

The system is designed to detect and track a threat and counter it with a launched projectile that intercepts the anti-tank missile. The army sped up development of the Trophy following the Second Lebanon War, during which Merkava tanks came under heavy anti-tank missile fire from Hezbollah.

Russian nulcear bombers test US air defenses in Arctic war games during chilly Obama-Putin Summit ~ link ~ Russian strategic nuclear bombers threatened U.S. airspace near Alaska earlier this month and F-15 jets responded by intercepting the aircraft taking part in large-scale arctic war games, according to defense officials.

The Russian war games began the same day President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a frosty summit meeting in Mexico June 18.

World War III (2012): The Horrors - video ~ link 

A look at a 21st Century American decaying city - with photos ~ link ~ This is what happens when the public allows themselves to become TV mesmerized Sheeple instead of taking back their country from the criminal elements (central bankers, Wall Street crooks, politicians).  It is getting worse all the time now, and soon will become really really BAD but by then we will have WWIII to distract us.   Stirling    

On the eve of the EU Summit, EU at loggerheads as crisis spreads ~ link ~ The Rothschild plan is working as scheduled.   Stirling      

On the eve of a much anticipated European Union summit Thursday and Friday, the European debt crisis has taken a turn for the worse, while the major powers remain bitterly divided.

On Monday, Spain formally requested the bailout for its banks of up to €100 billion ($125 billion) that had been informally agreed upon on June 6, and Cypress officially asked for its own bailout, bringing the number of EU states on life support to five. Cypress’s resort to a bailout took on added symbolic significance because the country will assume the rotating EU presidency on July 1.

China proposes $10 billion loan for Latin American nations ~ link ~ China has offered to set up a $10bn (£6.4bn) credit line for Latin American countries to support infrastructure projects in the region. The proposal was made by China's Premier Wen Jiabao as he wrapped up his visit to the region. He also proposed a free trade pact between China and South American trade bloc Mercosur, which includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Conflicts emerge in the Formation of new Greek Government ~ linkThe resignation of Finance Minister-designate Vasilis Rapanos and the appointment of Yannis Stournaras have brought to light conflicts in the formation of the new Greek government. One week after the elections, in which a clear majority once again voted against the austerity measures prescribed by the EU, coalition partners cannot agree on how to enforce further social attacks. At the same time, the EU is also increasing its pressure to implement the agreed cuts quickly.

The conservative New Democracy (ND) had the highest vote total at just 29.6 percent, but because of the undemocratic electoral system it was awarded 129 of the 300 parliamentary seats. Although a coalition with the social democratic PASOK would have been enough to form a government, the new Prime Minister Andonis Samaras decided to include the small Democratic Left (DIMAR) in the government.

The American Delusion of Constitutional Rights ~ link ~ Americans have long labored under the delusion that they have certain rights protected by a piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution, which is enshrined in The D.C. (Den of Corruption). Sadly, they are mistaken.

Americans are increasingly finding out that they are allowed certain freedoms and liberties–whatever freedoms five guys in robes sitting in that same D.C. decide to grant them. That then is the extent of American Constitutional “rights.”

Confrontation with TSA Agent leaves Grandpa's ashes on floor as TSA Agent laughs about it ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this crap up!   Stirling    

Egypt's new president works toward unity government ~ link ~ Dina Zakariya, a Morsi campaign spokeswoman, said the only way forward is to create a national unity government that represents all political forces and all Egyptians.

“The country lived for so long in corruption. No single party can take full responsibility” for tackling the nation’s problems, she said, adding that Morsi is serious about appointing a Christian and a woman as vice presidents and including a range of political factions in the Cabinet.

Junta must go, Egyptians say ~ link ~ Thousands of Egyptians have kept up their protest at Cairo's Tahrir Square to call on the ruling generals of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to relinquish power, Press TV reports.

The protesters, who have been on Tahrir Square since Tuesday, are also calling for the reinstatement of the parliament, which was dissolved by SCAF on June 16 following an earlier Supreme Court ruling. They also demand that President-elect Mohamed Morsi be granted full powers.

Under a constitutional declaration issued late on June 17, the junta took control of the state budget and gave itself veto power over a new constitution, making the new president almost powerless.

Import or die: Taiwan's (Un)Stalled Force Modernization ~ link ~ Despite China’s ominous military buildup across the strait, key weapons sales of P-3 maritime patrol aircraft, Patriot PAC-3 missiles, and diesel-electric submarines to Taiwan had been sabotaged by Taiwanese politics for years – in some cases, since 1997. The KMT party’s flip-flops and determined stalling tactics eventually created a crisis in US-Taiwan relations, which finally soured to the point that the USA refused a Taiwanese request for F-16C/D aircraft.

That seems to have brought things to a head. Most of the budget and political issues were eventually sorted out, and after a long delay, some major elements of Taiwan’s requested modernization program appear to be moving forward: P-3 maritime patrol aircraft, UH-60M helicopters, Patriot missile upgrades; and requests for AH-64D attack helicopters, E-2 Hawkeye AWACS planes, minehunting ships, and missiles for defense against aircraft, ships, and tanks. These are must-have capabilities when facing a Chinese government that has vowed to take the country by force, and which is building an extensive submarine fleet, a large array of ballistic missiles, an upgraded fighter fleet, and a number of amphibious-capable divisions. Chinese pressure continues to stall some of Taiwan’s most important upgrades, including diesel-electric submarines, and new American fighter jets. Meanwhile, other purchases from abroad continue…

Research: Gulf shrimp widely contaminated with carcinogens ~ link ~ Sadly, it is simply NOT SAFE to eat anything out of the Gulf of Mexico since the deliberate globalist depopulation event known as the BP Oil Disaster.   Stirling       

Conservative estimates indicate that the 2010 BP oil disaster released over 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf, followed by at least 1.8 million gallons of dispersants.  While the use of dispersants helped mitigate the public relations disaster by preventing the persistent formation of surface oil, as well as keeping many beaches visibly untouched, they also drove the oil deeper into the water column (and food chain) rendering a 2-dimensional problem (surface oil) into a 3-dimensional one. Additionally, research indicates that dispersants prevent the biodegradation of toxic oil components, as well as increasing dispersant absorption into fish from between 6 to 1100 fold higher levels.

Since the event, both the mainstream media and the government have acted as if the oil disappeared, and that no significant health risks remain for the millions still consuming contaminated seafood from the Gulf.*

Second boat sinks off Christmas Island ~ link ~ A boat carrying an estimated 150 people has capsized north of Christmas Island, Australian officials say, a week after an asylum-seeker boat sank in the area.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said the boat sent a distress call early on Wednesday.

Pair of metal detector friends discover 3/4 of a ton of Iron Age coins worth £ 10 million UK pounds ~ link ~ The two amateur metal detectors kept up their search of the same area throughout the decades and have finally struck gold – or rather silver.

They have unearthed the largest hoard of Celtic coins ever found. Each one of the 30,000–50,000 coins is estimated to be worth around £200 each, putting the value of the haul at up to £10milion.

Instead of TV, you should watch...the birth of a Solar System - video ~ link ~ Cool!

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