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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Special Report: Syria the Backdoor to a General Middle East War and World War III
Turkey: All options on the table including 'right' to retaliation ~ link ~ The globalist and Netanyahu Zionists bastards, and their puppets, will do anything to move closer and closer to all out war, a General Middle East War and World War III.   Stirling     

The Turkish government said that all options against Syria were on the table, including the right to military retaliation, also vowing to keep its rights stemming from international law reserved.
A government spokesman also said it had been clarified that Syria had shot down a Turkish jet by a strong laser or heat-guided missile in international waters, and made an open call to all third parties with radar tracks to challenge Turkey if they had any other data.  
Turkey claims Syria fired on second Turkish jet - Has invoked NATO Articles 4 and 5 ~ link ~ At this point even those who have never heard of the Gulf of Tonkin know where this is headed:
And yet:
Just the tip, eh?
And finally this, which makes it all too clear what Hillary Clinton's endgame here is:
  • Turkish deputy PM says Syria has also fired on a Turkish search-and-rescue plane -AP
US and UK sharply escalates war threats against Syria over downed fighter jet ~ link ~ The War Whores just can't wait to get WWIII going!  Stirling   
After speaking to Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said on Sunday: “The United States condemns this brazen and unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms. It is yet another reflection of Syrian authorities’ callous disregard for international norms, human life and peace and security.”

UK foreign secretary William Hague echoed these threats, denouncing the incident as “outrageous.” He added, “The Assad regime should not make the mistake of believing that it can act with impunity. It will be held to account for its behavior.”

Shooting Down Turkey's Excuses ~ link ~ Good One...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     
Doesn't that just send your imagination reeling? What if they bailed out because they knew they had deliberately provoked Syria and knew what the response would be?  Or - what if the plane was unmanned and remotely controlled?

What if it wasn't "radar" they were testing, but the controls of a droned-up spy plane? What if they were actually trying to create an incident that would generate calls for a NATO "liberation" - like in Libya?


Ship with Russian helicopters for Syria re-flags with Russian flag - Expects to make another journey to Syria ~ link ~ Stopping or attacking this ship now, would be an Act of War under international law against Russia!   Stirling     

The Alaed cargo vessel dropped anchor at the main base of Russia's Northern Fleet near the city of Murmansk on Sunday after being forced to turn back when its British insurer dropped coverage on learning of the mission's true intent.
The Alaed has raised the Russian flag after sailing under the colours of the tiny Caribbean island nation of Curacao for apparent tax reasons, the Interfax news agency reported.
Russian helicopter shipment heading back to Israel ~ link ~ I would not be surprised if the 'other ship' is a warship and/or if a Russian nuclear 'hunter-killer' submarine goes along for protection.   Stirling     
A ship carrying Russian helicopters to Syria, which turned back after its insurance was cut, is expected to resume its journey accompanied by at least one other vessel, Interfax reported on Sunday, citing a military source.

The report is likely to reignite international criticism of Russia's arms deliveries to Syria which U.S. officials have called reprehensible and the Arab League has said should be stopped.
Turkey says Syria 'should pay for attack' ~ link ~ Turkey has found out that the order to down a Turkish jet was given by the Bashar al-Assad administration, while a ranking Turkish source said the Syrian regime “should pay” for the attack.
Tinderbox: Syria warns NATO over action ~ linkSyria described its shooting down of a Turkish warplane as an act of self-defense and warned Turkey and its NATO allies against any retaliatory measures. In shell-shattered districts of Homs, heart of a 16-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, rebels battled troops as aide workers tried to evacuate civilians. Turkish television reported the desertion of a Syrian general and other officers across the border.

Syria: A Precursor To War ~ link ~ Despite all of the efforts of the UN and Russia and other countries that have influence in the region, the West continues to do anything and everything that it can to facilitate and provoke an invasion of Syria, and it is clear that those beating the drums of war have no interest in the untold number of lives that will be snuffed out by the hell they are preparing to unleash on the people of Syria, who are already suffering, nor on the very distinct possibility that it will ignite a larger violent conflict in the region.

If you have been following the news I am sure that you have heard by now that over the weekend a Turkish F-4 Phantom Fighter was shot down over the territory of Syria. At first Turkey reported that the aircraft was flying in international waters and almost immediately called for an emergency NATO session under article 4. As Turkey is a NATO member it does have that right to do so. Article 4 states that member countries must meet, “whenever the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened.”

Foreign mercenaries commit another massacre in northern Syria ~ link ~ “Rebel” fighters allegedly carried out a massacre in the village of Daret Azzeh, close to the Syrian border with Turkey. The killings are the latest in a series of atrocities attributed to opposition fighters engaged in the protracted conflict with the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Anti-Assad forces, including the main armed opposition group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), control the area around Daret Azzeh. There have been reports of heavy fighting in the area, which is in the vicinity of the city of Aleppo, over the past two weeks.

Congressman Ron Paul: Hands Off Syria!  Let's not fall for the Same Old Lies Again ~ link ~ Since the constitutional/fascist coup and False Flag event of 911 we have gotten ourselves and NATO and other allies into so many foreign wars that most of us can no longer keep track of all the places we, or our drones, are fighting in for the globalists and Netanyahu Zionists.  This is leading us to the darkest place imaginable, World War III/Armageddon.   Stirling     

The Last Critical Mile: Turkey and Syria differ on plane's downing ~ link ~ If you buy all the bullshit coming form Turkey/USA/UK/France/NATO/Israel and the GCC nations on Syria you are either brain dead or willfully ignorant!  They are sending vast numbers of foreign mercenaries into Syria, committing horrific massacres of women and children and trying to blame it on the Syrians, and in general following the 'play book' used in Libya and so many other places to create a war.  They are acting in a way that can only be described as satanic.   Stirling   
The Turkish version is perplexing on a few fronts, not the least of which being that the warplane, which has a top speed about about 1,400 mph, having “accidentally” crossed the border, was still milling about just one mile outside of Syrian airspace 15 minutes later to get hit with a missile. Another is that Turkey maintains it is positive exactly where the plane went down, just barely outside Syrian airspace instead of just barely inside it, but still hasn’t been able to find the plane’s wreckage days later. 

Israel threatens escalation in Gaza if "truce" fails ~ link ~ Gaza is a giant open air prison.  If any state, other than tiny Israel, were to act in the way Israel does against the civilians of Gaza, there would be such a massive outcry from the world that the nations would intervene to protect the civilians there.  The Israelis show their true colors in Gaza and in Palestine by their total and utter contempt for the poor people there.  The Israeli actions are sadly reflective of the hyper-racist attitudes of many in Israel, that unless you are born of a Jewish mother you are but a soulless two-legged animal and murdering you is not murder, stealing from you is not stealing, and raping you is not rape.  Stirling     

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to “act more forcefully still,” after a week of pounding the Gaza Strip, saying massive escalation could be seen if the current truce, brokered by the Egyptian government, fails.

For Gazans, the Israel strikes are a comparatively secondary issue, as a growing shortage of drinking water leaves a large portion of the civilian population in dire straits and the public hopes the election in Egypt will lead to open trade with their much larger neighbor.

Syria puts double whammy on Turkey ~ link ~ The NATO countries would know that Turkish aircraft have been repeatedly violating Syrian airspace in the recent weeks and Damascus has now retaliated. 

Fourth, the painful reality is that Turkey's most ardent allies in the present situation, who have encouraged Ankara on the path of intervention in Syria, are of absolutely no use today - Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They are nowhere in a position to engage Syria militarily. Turkey, in short, is left all by itself to hit back at Syria. 

The Myth of the 21st Century: Israel Uber Alles  ~ link 

US deploys four minesweepers to Iranian Hormuz oil shipping lane - video ~ link ~ Another step in preparing for THE NIGHTMARE that is coming.   Stirling       
In Times of War: A Prayer for Peace - video ~ link  
Romney to Jewish donors: I get Israeli briefings ~ link ~  Tiny Israel, maybe the size of Wales or Nova Scotia, and the tiny minority that constitutes American Jewish voters, have no shame about their in-your-face to Americans of their total control of American Foreign Policy and War Policy.  It is beyond shameful that the American people have allowed this; they have paid a high price for such nonsense to this point in time but with the Third World War on the horizon the price is about to become their very lives.   Stirling    
US Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told donors attending his campaign's Utah retreat this weekend that he is briefed on the Middle East by Israeli government officials.

Nuclear talks with Iran end with "no progress" made - More sanctions and potential war looms ~ link ~ After three rounds of talks between Iran, the United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany (known as the P5+1), on the Iranian nuclear program, no visible progress has been made.

This is likely because one side – particularly the West – came to the table with unreasonable expectations which reflect the wishes of extremist, delusional Israeli politicians who have expressed concerns over the nuclear talks blocking Israel’s ability to conduct a unilateral strike.
  It is worth restating that Iran does not have nuclear weapons and is not even pursuing them as stated by none other than U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (twice), Israeli military chief Benny Gantz, and the U.S. intelligence community, to name a few.

Syria warns NATO of conspiring against Damascus ~ link
Turks oppose Syrian intervention says poll ~ link ~ The Turkish population does not control its politicians any more than the American or British or French/etc. populations control theirs.  Stirling    
The majority of Turks believe President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should adopt a more neutral approach to the crisis in Syria, a new poll has found.

The opinion poll, which was conducted before the downing of a Turkish plane by Syrian forces on Friday, found that more than two-thirds of Turks opposed any intervention by Turkey in Syria. 

NATO in Syria: Will Turkish warplane become the New Excuse? ~ link ~ The details of the shoot down aside, the meeting gives the alliance what many of its members have been seeking, an opportunity to argue a plausible reason for a military invasion of Syria and a NATO-imposed regime change.

The facts of the incident are likely to be extremely secondary, however, as nations like Britain and France, which have made no bones about seeking NATO regime change in Syria, look to spin the incident as proof they need to start a war.

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