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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Moody's Hammer to Fall 4:00 pm Eastern Time ~ link ~ From Bloomberg citing CNBC, which apparently is where Moody's leaked all its data
So... this leaves Morgan Stanley with the dreaded 3 notch cut which automatically springs up to $9.6 billion margin calls and memories of AIG? Assume crash positions.

Downgrade Watch: Five US Banks Will Be Hit In Moody's Cuts ~ link ~ This is a major story that could have major impacts on the global economy crisis.  Stirling  

The network says sources tell it Citi, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs will be hit with two notch downgrades.
Bank of American is expected to be cut one notch by Moody's.

Nine European banks are expected to be included in the downgrade, which earlier reports noted would include Barclay's, UBS, HSBC, Lloyd's, and RBS.

PM David Cameron considered ordering Special Forces to seize Russian ship heading to Syria ~ link ~ You know David, it is one thing to be a bought-and-paid-for political whore to the Rothschilds, but really, do you not have any sense at all?  You actually considered a military attack on a Russian ship on the High Seas!  Man, you need to get a grip on reality and take your nose out of the globalists behinds...damn!  Stirling     

David Cameron considered ordering British special forces to board and impound a Russian ship suspected of carrying arms to Syria, it has emerged. 



More Russian ships on way to Syria ~ link ~ The  United States says the Russian military was preparing to dispatch three more ships to Syria after a separate transport carrying attack helicopters turned back when its U.K. insurer removed its coverage. 



NATO 'Winter' in Syria increases risk of World War III ~ linkI can't believe how insane Washington has become. The NATO winter in Syria is causing the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrians. The conflict could easily turn into a global catastrophe. A chaotic and unstable Middle East is unwanted by every rational and respectable geopolitical analyst.

It couldn't be more obvious that Washington is triggering World War III in Syria and setting the stage for a USraeli attack on Iran. A lot of people believe WWIII has already begun. The false flag 9/11 events were the opening shots, fired by the insane leaders of America and Israel.

Libya was shallow waters. But Syria is different. Washington is jumping into the deep end of the Middle East pool and it will drown. U.S. and Israeli nuclear bombs will not serve as life jackets. America and Israel will destroy themselves by continuing to wage wars of aggression based on lies. 



US implementing Afghanistan and Kosovo models for Syria ~ link In a feature entitled The ‘Kosovo Road’ to Syria in The Gulf Today, a website based in the United Arab Emirates, author Hichem Karoui succeeded in identifying the template being employed by the U.S. to effect the overthrow of the Syrian government through the time-tested combination of supporting armed insurgents on the ground while plotting a concomitant air war. 

The two go hand-in-hand and the first is the necessary precondition for implementing the other. The writer also detailed the precise models being used: Those in Afghanistan from 1978-1992 and in the Serbian province of Kosovo in 1999.



Congress's Risky Chest-Thumping ~ link A dangerous provision that was slipped into the annual defense spending bill by House Republicans requires the Obama administration to consider deploying tactical nuclear weapons to Asia to “deter” North Korea. It’s a classic example of Congressional chest-thumping, intended to present a facade of toughness and savvy despite its imprudence.

The committee’s passage of the Dr. Strangelove-esque language provoked an immediate and sharply negative reaction from the South Korean government and forced our State Department to clarify that no redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula is under consideration.



German Constitutional Court rules Merkel cannot bailout Europe and not give details to Parliament ~ link It says the Parliament is superior  in rulings than Merkel.   It looks like the ruling has possibly put the ESM at risk of being ratified in Germany too.

This is going to throw Europe into chaos, in my opinion.  There will be no more free flowing money from Germany which has been the country that has provided the bailout money.  Considering Spain and Italy are just going into crisis mode and needing money fast, there are going to be some wild rides coming up.



Spain's debt cost at Euro-era high ~ link ~ Spain's borrowing costs hit a new euro era high at a debt auction today, hours before an independent audit was due to reveal how big a capital hole in Spanish banks needs to be filled by a euro zone bailout.

Euro zone finance ministers will discuss later in the day how to channel up to €100 billion in rescue loans to Spanish lenders weighed down by bad loans from a burst property bubble. Many in the markets see the package as a mere prelude to a full programme for the Spanish state.



'New Democracy' heads harsh austerity coalition in Greece ~ linkGreece is once again headed by a government comprised of the two parties—ND and PASOK—that have reduced workers and youth to penury over the last five years. And all three coalition partners are committed to further draconian austerity measures under the €130 billion bailout memorandum signed with the troika—the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund—in March.

While final details of government posts are to be outlined, the announcement that National Bank Chairman Vassilis Rapanos is to be finance minister is a statement of intent.


Egypt braces for confrontation with military ~ link The political scene in Egypt nowadays is pretty tense and rather precarious; SCAF is reluctant to cede power; Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is desperately trying to grab the seat of presidency especially that the parliament it controlled 75% of its seats has been legally disbanded by the supreme constitutional court.

Forces from the old regime supporting the presidential candidate Mr. Ahmed Shafik are eyeing to catch what they consider the last train to the presidential palace.



Egyptian military threatens crackdown over the disputed presidential elections ~ link ~ Egyptian military sources signaled plans for a crackdown against popular opposition to army rule yesterday evening, amid an escalating dispute over the outcome of this weekend’s presidential elections.

The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) announced they would delay the announcement of the election result, previously planned for today, until the weekend.


Generalissmo Fransisco Murburak is a Zombie - with video ~ link ~ I do not believe that Murburak is ill at all.  I also believe that he is not in a military hospital, but living at some nice compound.  Stirling    



Third Storm of the Year: Tropical Stom Chris forms in Central Atlantic ~ link ~ Hurricane season does not normally start until August.  Normally one does not see named storms until the middle of July at the earliest.  In addition to Chris, there is a big storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico area.  The driver for all of this is the continuing effects of the deliberate Globalist population reduction op known as the BP Oil Disaster and the use of millions of gallons of dispersants to keep the oil in the Gulf (subsurface).  This is killing the Loop Current in the Gulf, which is a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System which regulates global temperatures and weather patterns.   Stirling      



Top four causes of degenerative diseases ~ link ~ Some people might say that the greatest threat to human health is fear, an inability to forgive and a lack of love in our heart. In addition, many health experts simply warn us about the dangers of genetically-engineered foods, chemtrails and over-exposure to radioactive isotopes. Today, let's look at four (basic) areas that could be putting you at risk for disease.


Sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by nearly 50% ~ link ~ The health benefits of vitamin D are almost becoming too numerous to count, with yet another new study presented at the recent American Association for Cancer Research Pancreatic Cancer Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nev., shedding light on the hormone's specific anti-cancer benefits. According to the groundbreaking research, individuals exposed to natural sunlight, which is the most abundant source of natural vitamin D, are nearly 50 percent less likely to develop pancreatic cancer than others who are not exposed.

Behind the UK GM Wheat Trial ~ link ~ Rothamsted Institute in Hertfordshire, UK, has begun an open-air GM wheat trial that is re-energising the country’s debate on genetically modified (GM) crops. The crop has been engineered to produce an aphid ‘alarm’ pheromone that aims to repel the aphid pests from the crop and/or attract aphid predators.

Despite the media hype, there has been no critical analysis of the scientific or political rationale behind the project. The huge PR campaign headed by the lobby group Sense About Science has successfully confused the public and obscured the facts. Meanwhile, Rothamsted is pressing for debates with GM sceptics in an attempt to convince the public that the GM technology is based on environmental principles, and is needed to feed a starving world. But evidence of the technology’s effectiveness, safety and potential non-private beneficiaries is conspicuously lacking. The inclusion of a herbicide tolerance (see below) trait in the crop – not disclosed to the public – also discredits the institute’s claims of being “environmentalists” with aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices and reduce chemical use.

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