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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Russia moving troops to Port of Tartus, Syria - US Forces ready for War in Syria ~ link ~ A contingent of Russian special forces is on its way to Syria to guard the Russian navy’s deep-water port at the Syria’s Mediterranean coastal town of Tartus, Pentagon officials informed US NBC TV Friday, June 15. They are coming by ship. According to debkafile’s sources, the contingent is made up of naval marines and is due to land in Syria in the coming hours.

According to US military sources, in recent weeks, the Pentagon has finalized its assessment of what types of units would be needed and how many troops. The military planning includes a scenario for a no-fly zone as well as protecting chemical and biological sites. The U.S. Navy is maintaining a presence of three surface combatants and a submarine in the eastern Mediterranean to conduct electronic surveillance and reconnaissance on the Syrian regime, a senior Pentagon official said. 

Threat of War Grows in the Caucasus ~ link ~ This is all intimately connected to the coming attack on Syria and the regional General Middle East War...which will quickly become World War III.  [See this ~ flashback link ~ The Russian military anticipates that an attack will occur on Iran by the summer and has developed an action plan to move Russian troops through neighboring Georgia to stage in Armenia, which borders on the Islamic republic, according to informed Russian sources.]  If you want to understand what is really happening in the world now, you have to integrate the various events and that certainly includes the various War Theaters to WWIII that will pop up soon.   Stirling     

In the Caucasus, where US geopolitical interests collide with those of Russia and Iran, the danger of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh is growing. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who visited Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia on June 4-6, poured more oil on the fire. 

US exploits Syrian Situation for Showdown with Russia ~ link ~ Actually, it is the Global Banking Cartel who has created and is exploiting the 'Syrian Situation' to create the new world war that they desire as a key part of the End Game Strategy to implement their long-sought New World Order.   What this will really implement is the End Times of the Christian Bible ... Armageddon and the Return of Christ!  Stirling       

Unless a peaceful, cooperative and multipolar model based on the above and its underlying philosophy emerges soon, the ineluctable destiny the world faces is that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned of on May 17:  “The introduction of all sorts of collective sanctions bypassing international institutions does not improve the situation in the world while reckless military operations in foreign states usually end up with radicals coming to power.  “At some point such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, may well end in a full-blown regional war and even – I’m not trying to spook anyone – the use of nuclear weapons.”

In intensifying its progressively more dangerous confrontation with the world’s other major nuclear power by threatening it over Syria and expelling it from the Arab world and the Mediterranean while surrounding it with NATO partnerships and a global interceptor missile system, Washington is pushing the world closer to just such a – the ultimate – nightmare scenario.

The Battle for Syria: How World War III Will Begin ~ link ~ Russia is actively preparing a significant number of its best ground forces for a rapid intervention in Syria.  These forces include the 15th Division, the 76th Airborne Division, and Black Sea Spetznaz forces (link).  Additionally, the Russian Air Force in the South Military District has been rearmed with the latest fighter aircraft and helicopters for combat with American/Israeli/NATO air forces.  Russian Army forces in Armenia have been strengthened and additional attack and assault helicopters added and the families of its officers have been evacuated back to Russia (link).  According to Russian reports, the Russians expect to drive through Georgia into friendly Armenia to link up with Iranian forces northwest of Tehran.   
The Russian and Chinese armed forces will come prepared for full NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) warfare; tactical nuclear weapons are apt to be available to senior commanders but requiring Moscow's and Beijing's authorization prior to use.  Axis forces almost certainly will be supported by the deadly S-300 Air Defense System and the Russian forces may also use the even more advanced S-400 Air Defense System.  Top of the line Sukhoi fighter aircraft and AWACS type aircraft will be deployed.  Naval engagements may take place in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea between the Russian Navy and NATO navies, with additional naval clashes in the Caspian Sea.  

Israeli and NATO forces may seek to do an 'end run' around any Russian/Chinese/CSO-CSTO counter-intervention by a quick coup de main utilizing rapid commando attacks on key Syrian and Iranian leadership targets and missile/air attacks on guided missile launch sites in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza-Palestine.  This will not prevent Russian and Chinese forces from entering the war but may trigger a massive Iranian and Syrian use of Advanced Biological weapons against the NATO homelands in Europe and North America and against Israel and certain GCC states (link).   

The World at large has entered the most dangerous time in Human History as events continue to unfold in the Middle East and enter their climax phase. 

The New Obama Doctrine: A Six-Point Plan for Global War ~ link ~ History demonstrates that the U.S. is not very good at winning wars, having gone without victory in any major conflict since 1945.  Smaller interventions have been a mixed bag with modest victories in places like Panama and Grenada and ignominious outcomes in Lebanon (in the 1980s) and Somalia (in the 1990s), to name a few. 

The trouble is, it’s hard to tell what an intervention will grow up to be -- until it’s too late.  While they followed different paths, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq all began relatively small, before growing large and ruinous.  Already, the outlook for the new Obama doctrine seems far from rosy, despite the good press it’s getting inside Washington’s Beltway. 

What looks today like a formula for easy power projection that will further U.S. imperial interests on the cheap could soon prove to be an unmitigated disaster -- one that likely won’t be apparent until it’s too late.


Cairo in turmoil: Generals assume legislative powers as Parliament is dissolved by court order ~ link ~ It may very well be the case that the generals have arranged this court move because they know that the Middle East is on the verge of a massive regional war and they do NOT want Egypt to get involved ... something that could happen if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over.   Stirling    

Egypt’s transitional military government assumed legislative powers after the supreme constitutional court Thursday, June 14, declared invalid rules governing the parliamentary elections earlier this year which handed control to the two Islamist parties. Because one-third of the seats were elected illegally, the entire chamber is illegal and must dissolve. Egyptians therefore found they faced a new general election for all 498 seats in parliament two days before they vote in the presidential runoff. The Muslim Brotherhood announced it accepts the court’s ruling although it represents a major setback to its political aspirations. 

Egyptian Junta Stages Coup Against Egypt's Parliament ~ link ~ The generals will not allow control to pass from them on the verge of the most massive regional war in the history of the Middle East!  Stirling     

With their counterrevolutionary offensive, Mubarak’s generals are signaling that they are not only willing to fully reinstate the Mubarak regime, but are preparing to eliminate all potential centers of opposition inside the state machine and official politics.

The day before the court rulings, the Ministry of Justice issued a decree allowing police, military police and state intelligence officers to arrest civilians. The decree was, in fact, a reintroduction of a stricter version of the emergency law that officially expired two weeks ago.

Greyerz: Governments stand ready with Massive Packages ~ link ~ I still firmly believe that the globalists are planning a one-two punch on the Human Race.   They are planning a total global economic collapse - something that they have invested years in setting up - to be very quickly followed by a new global World War III.  They need WWIII to control the masses when the global economy shatters and to cover the mass killing off of a large part of the human race that they desire.  Both events are most likely to happen in the very near term!   Stirling     

Here is what Greyerz had to say about the unfolding crisis:  “In Spain, the interest rate is now 7%, which is totally unsustainable for them.  They can’t afford to pay 7% or even 5%.  Sales and other economic figures in Spain are collapsing.  Retail sales are down 10%.  Slovenia is the next country that some are predicting will collapse.”

“Italy is not far away from it (collapse).  Now even countries like Holland, retail sales dropped 11%, but it’s spreading everywhere.  It’s incredible that the Mayans forecast 2012 would be the end of a major era.  It looks, today, like we are standing on the eve of massive changes in the world that will have consequences for a long, long time to come.  

Spain's Banking Crisis: The Destructive Impacts of the Financial Meltdown ~ link ~ According to the prevailing rhetoric, the mounting fear stems from the over-indebtedness of countries, a possible default by Greece, and the adverse effects it would have on Spain and Italy. As far as the banks are concerned, the rehabilitation is supposed to be going forward, and the ECB has everything under control. From January to the early May 2012, the following general message was repeated ad infinitum: “Thanks to the 1000 billion euro loan banks have been given by the ECB in two phases (December 2011 and February 2012) for 3 years at 1% interest, private financial institutions are now in a good position to handle the difficulties facing countries in terms of sovereign debt. The financial markets have been stabilized, and the stock markets have risen after a particularly bad year. Public finances are being cleaned up thanks to the golden rule, which is being adopted everywhere, the efforts made by countries to reduce expenditures, and the reform of the labor market to make it even more flexible and of retirement regimes to cut costs. Some additional efforts must be made, but the end of the tunnel is in sight. Sweet dreams, dear friends!”

In May 2012, this rosy message was strongly refuted. It had become clear that private banks have not fundamentally cleaned up their accounts, have not modified their high-risk behavior, and their Directors have not lost their thirst for hefty bonuses and golden parachutes. Bankers consider that public authorities will always be there to save their skin. Bank bailouts with public funds continue. The depression is deepening, and public debt is increasing due to the combined effect of the bailouts and the depression. Meanwhile, the financial markets are blackmailing the weakest members in the euro zone more than ever before.

The banking system is in the eye of the cyclone, which is continuing along its path, hitting all major private banking institutions one at a time as it hums along, and paying no heed to national borders. Contrary to a real hurricane, which is a natural phenomenon, the financial cyclone is 100% artificial: it is the direct product of the cyclical nature of capitalism, worsened by 30 years of neo-liberal deregulation.

FED Impotent - Depression - China's Crash Landing ~ link ~ When asked about the Fed providing additional stimulus, Yamarone responded, “The Fed stands ready, but unfortunately I believe the Fed policy is impotent.  It’s pushing on a string.  We are in a liquidity trap.  I believe it’s been that way for a very long while.  They are shooting blanks.  They are trying to restore the two most interest rate sectors of the economy, construction and manufacturing.”

“Construction and housing is flat on its back.  Conditions are getting awful.  Unfortunately, the only job creation we are getting are the less than desirable burger-flipping jobs.  These are minimum wage type jobs and you don’t get the economy coming back with that type of hiring.

State and local governments are shedding jobs continually by 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 jobs each month because they don’t have the revenues coming in from the commercial real estate.  There are widespread vacancies.  They don’t have enough revenues and incomes taxes coming in.  They also don’t have enough revenue coming in from the housing sector, which as I said is flat on its back.

We will now see extreme turbulence in global markets ~ link ~ These comments are based on the Greek and Spanish crisis, just wait till all hell begins to break loose in the Middle East.   Stirling     

Max Keiser: Greek Government turned over ALL assets of Greece to IMF and bound the people as debt slaves - Obama's Secret Treaty taking away US Sovereignty - with video ~ link Max Keiser went to Greece last year. I believe this is very important to get out to more people. Jim Sinclair has this up on his site to help people understand all that is happening. Max reveals the absolute truth about Greece and their IMF loans. Greece handed over every single asset of the country, including bounding the people of Greece to be slaves to the banks and IMF.

This weekend the Greek elections are happening. But what is even more important that is happening also is the Egyptian election. We already know that both will be most probably fraud. The Egyptian court yesterday dissolved the parliament, which the Muslim Brotherhood had 1/3 of. They have given control back to the military. They are going to make sure the Mubarak man will win and that way everything will continue as it was before.

American Narcos: The real 'Masters of Paradise' ~ link ~ As the body count climbs across Mexico, the drugs continue flowing across the border by the ton.

Despite the evident disconnect--a "war" on drugs that increases the supply while lowering the price, in the best tradition of our reigning "free market" ideology--the American media regales the public with fairy tales of heroic "warriors" doing battle with murderous gangsters named "Joaquín," "Jorge" and "Amado."

The fact is, more likely than not, the real narcos taking the biggest cut from deep inside the reeking abattoir of the grisly trade have far less prosaic names like "Brett," "Ethan" or "Jason."


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