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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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No-Fly Zone on the horizon in Syria? - with video ~ link ~ World War III on the horizon?  The Syrians will launch their missiles, as will Hezbollah and the Iranians, taking out Israel when this happens.  Of course, Israel will launch its nukes and return the favor.  Which will cause the Iranians to launch their Advanced Biowar Terrorism against their enemies in the Middle East, in western Europe and in North America.   That would be the beginning of World War III and what the Bible calls Armageddon.  Stirling     

Targeted by Opposition Terror Campaign: Christians Exodus from Syria ~ link ~ If you are a Christian you need to know that the governments of America, Britain and France are supporting mercenaries that are prosecuting Christians!!!  This is something that pastors in Churches throughout NATO nations should be speaking out about during their Sunday services...I wonder how many are?   Stirling       

The Christian minority in Syria is facing a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition.

At least 9,000 Christians from the western Syrian city of Qusayr were forced to seek refuge after an ultimatum from a local military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba, Fides news agency reports.
In the latest outburst of violence a Christian man was shot dead by a sniper in Qusayr, which neighbors the restive city of Homs.

There have been reports last week that some mosques in the city have announced from the minarets: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, which expires this Friday."
Two Catholic priests who fled Qusayr confirmed to the news agency that they heard the ultimatum "with their own ears" repeated from the minarets. "The situation is unsustainable in the area and exposed to total lawlessness," Fides sources on the ground say. They also fear that the fate of Christians in Qusayr could soon affect the 10,000 believers who live in other villages in the area.

The areas controlled by the opposition are witnessing the rise of radical forms of Sunni Islam with the extremists not willing to live in peace with the Christians. Many of these gangs and armed groups operate independently of the Free Syrian Army, which rejects such kinds of discrimination against minorities.

Iran looks to Russia and China for Military Support ~ link ~ Beset by rising rhetoric about a possible Israeli attack against its nuclear facilities, Iran is seeking full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an additional layer of international diplomatic "life insurance." On 12 November 2011 Iranian Supreme National Security Council's Secretary Assistant Ali Bageri said that Iran is seeking full membership in the SCO, upgrading its current observer status, telling journalists in Moscow, "We have already submitted a relevant application."

The leaders of SCO members China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan said in a joint statement signed at the end of a two-day summit on 7 June that "any attempts to solve the Iranian problem with force are unacceptable and could lead to unpredictable circumstances."

Gaza water too contaminated to drink ~ link ~ It is crap like this that causes Israel's neighbors to detest the Jewish State!   Stirling    

They say Israel's five-year blockade of the territory is preventing crucial sanitation equipment from getting in.

The blockade must be lifted "in its entirety", they say.

9/11 Explosive Evidence - video ~ link ~ Anyone who still believes the 'official conspiracy theory' that some CIA paid 6'6" Arab set on his ass in a cave in Afghanistan and ran the 9/11 operation (and managed to change the Laws of Physics and cause the USAF to stand down) is either BRAIN DEAD or WILLFULLY IGNORANT!    Stirling     

All Political Power Comes From The Barrel Of A Gun ~ link ~  Good One!   Stirling    

"Conspiracy Theorists" oppose planned UK Government Big Brother Internet Surveillance says Home Secretary ~ link ~ She is shameless.  Where do the globalists dig up these people to place in high office?   Sad!   Stirling      

The British home secretary Theresa May has described those opposed to the introduction of hugely intrusive telephone and Internet surveillance measures as "conspiracy theorists".

On Thursday the government will publish in draft form details of a bill called the
Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP) which, if passed, will allow the police and intelligence services real-time access to details of all British phone calls and Internet activity.

The bill will therefore allow the state total surveillance of all British communications - including phone numbers and email addresses of people you have been in contact with, as well as exactly where and when the contact took place - without the need for a warrant, or even any suspicion that you have been involved in criminal activity.

Bipartisan US Effort to Pass Internet Bill of Rights - video ~ link 

Spain: The Latest Shoe to Drop ~ link ~ This one won't be the last. The late Bob Chapman warned years ago about what's unfolding now in real time. He explained what this writer calls bad policies assure bad results. It happens every time.

They've simmered for decades. They continue now. They're worse than ever. Gresham's Law explained that bad money drives out good. So does bad behavior.

Money power in private hands assures it. Throughout its history, the Fed bears direct responsibility for monetary debasement and decline of American living standards. A 1913 dollar isn't worth a plug nickel today. Ahead perhaps it'll be worthless.

Cover over Fukushima Reactor # 1 is only cosmetic ~ link ~ Yes and all the pronouncements from the Japanese Government and those of most major governments around the world on Fukushima are 'only cosmetic'.  The 3-Ton flaming pink elephant in the living room that no one is talking about is the question: "Why has NOTHING been done in 14 months to improve this horribly dangerous situation?"   Stirling    

Labeling GMOs Proposal in California set to change the American Food Supply ~ linkSoon, GM food may be labeled for consumers by mandate of the State of California legislators.

Over half a million signatures have been collected by advocates supporting the requirement of labeling of genetically modified foods. Several county registrars in California have received the measure called The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act . California would be the first state to demand detailed labeling of these foods in such a wide range of processed foods containing GMO.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Please study this article by DebkaFile:
"Big powers move in on Syria: Russian troops for Tartus. US forces ready to go
DEBKAfile Special Report June 15, 2012, 7:39 PM (GMT+02:00)
Tags: Syria US military action Russian military

A contingent of Russian special forces is on its way to Syria to guard the Russian navy’s deep-water port at the Syria’s Mediterranean coastal town of Tartus, Pentagon officials informed US NBC TV Friday, June 15. They are coming by ship. According to debkafile’s sources, the contingent is made up of naval marines and is due to land in Syria in the coming hours.

In a separate and earlier announcement, US Defense Department sources in Washington reported that the US military had completed its own planning for a variety of US operations against Syria, or for assisting neighboring countries in the event action was ordered – a reference, according to our sources, to Turkey, Jordan and Israel.
The Syrian civil war is now moving into a new phase of major power military intervention, say debkafile’s military sources. Moscow, by sending troops to Syria without UN Security Council approval, has set up a precedent for the United States, the European Union and Arab governments to follow. They all held back from sending troops to Syria because all motions to apply force for halting the bloodshed in Syria was blocked in the UN body.

According to US military sources, in recent weeks, the Pentagon has finalized its assessment of what types of units would be needed and how many troops. The military planning includes a scenario for a no-fly zone as well as protecting chemical and biological sites. The U.S. Navy is maintaining a presence of three surface combatants and a submarine in the eastern Mediterranean to conduct electronic surveillance and reconnaissance on the Syrian regime, a senior Pentagon official said".


On Sunday we'll have the election in Greece.

Will there be a Grexit?

I've got some bank notes at home now. My food, water and medicine supply is sufficient.

I am prepared.

ARE YOU PREPARED? my dear fellow European citizens?

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and the Holy Spirit,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Please study this interesting article on starvation (wikipedia):

Starvation response

Starvation response in animals is a set of adaptive biochemical and physiological changes that reduce metabolism in response to a lack of food.[1]

Equivalent or closely related terms include famine response, starvation mode, famine mode, starvation resistance, starvation tolerance, adapted starvation, adaptive thermogenesis and metabolic adaptation.

1 In humans
1.1 Magnitude and composition
1.2 Process
1.3 Timeline
1.4 Biochemistry
2 See also
3 References
4 Resources

In humans

Starvation mode is a state in which the body is responding to prolonged periods of low energy intake levels. During short periods of energy abstinence, the human body will burn primarily free fatty acids from body fat stores. After prolonged periods of starvation the body has depleted its body fat and begins to burn lean tissue and muscle as a fuel source.[2]

Ordinarily, the body responds to reduced energy intake by burning fat reserves first, and only consumes muscle and other tissues when those reserves are exhausted. Specifically, the body burns fat after first exhausting the contents of the digestive tract along with glycogen reserves stored in muscle and liver cells.[3] After prolonged periods of starvation, the body will utilize the proteins within muscle tissue as a fuel source. People who practice fasting on a regular basis, such as those adhering to energy restricted diets, can prime their bodies to abstain from food without burning lean tissue.[4] Resistance training (such as weight lifting) can also prevent the loss of muscle mass while a person is energy-restricted.
Magnitude and composition


The END is near, start praying and praising our Lord, Maria, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and the Holy Spirit,

Joaquin, Germany