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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Russia Preparing Two Army Divisions and Spetsnaz Brigade for Deployment to Syria - Mini-Goebbels Ben Rhodes of Obama White House runs colossal Black Progaganda Op to assist NATO Coup - Massacre of Alauites and CHRISTIANS looms - Cass Sunstein destabilizes Vatican to muzzle protest - video ~ link

Syrian Army recaptures rebel-held areas in Homs ~ link ~ What is happening is that after trying to honor the UN ceasefire and having no success in the so-called 'rebels' returning the favor, the Syrian Government is now re-engaging the foreign mercenaries in force-on-force military engagements.  This will be bloody.  But Syria has the support of Russia and China and other nations and it is Syrian land and Syrian people that are being attacked and they intend to do what they have to to wipe out the foreign mercenaries.  They have had success in this before and it was a Western scam that imposed the UN Truce on them, in order to save the 'rebel' offensive from destruction by the Syrian Army.  Now, after having given the mercenaries 24 hours to honor the Truce without success, Assad is sending the full force of his army after them.  This means that the US/UK/France/Turkey/Israel/GCC foreign mercenaries are in big trouble.  Hence, the push by the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media, to paint Assad as a monster sending goons to kill women and children.  The 'West' has to send NATO military forces in soon or the war will be lost, so the hype is to send troops in "to save the people"/etc.   Russia and China will not just stand by and let NATO troops invade sovereign Syria.  So we are in a very dangerous place because the globalists want their World War III to usher in their long-sought New World Order and the Netanyahu nuts want their regional war to gain ever more land for a Greater Israel.   Stirling  

The Syrian army on Monday regained control of the rebel-held areas in Homs, a central province which has emerged as a major battleground between Syrian government forces and armed rebels in recent months.
As more people fell victim to escalating conflicts in the country, the UN observer mission expressed its "deep concerns" over the latest deadly clashes and again asked all parties to exercise maximum restraint.

Syria's pro-government media outlets described the recapture of Khalidieh and Bab Sba'a by the government forces as a sign that "it has become more impatient with the bold and brazen attacks by armed rebels."

Syria now in a State of Civil War says UN - with video ~ link ~ More PsyOps spin from the globalists/Zionists.   Stirling    

Syria NOT in Civil War but fighting foreign mercenaries ~ link ~ The 'West' wants to call the horror that is happening in Syria a 'Civil War'.   That puts both sides as being Syrian in nature and that is a lie!  The reality is that the so-called 'rebels' are overwhelming foreign mercenaries paid for by the GCC nations, controlled/led/armed/supported by the US/UK/France/Israel/Turkey/GCC.  The reality is that the Assad regime has broad support in Syria and the 'rebels' do not.  This is a case of aggression by the globalists and Netanyahu Zionists.   Stirling      

"Talk of civil war in Syria is not consistent with reality... what is happening in Syria is a war against armed terrorist groups plotting against the future of the Syrian people," the ministry said in a statement. The ministry also expressed surprise at statements made the day before by UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous. It criticized Ladsous for saying on Tuesday that Syria was now in a civil war and said UN officials should remain "neutral, objective and precise." "It is the duty of the Syrian authorities to address these crimes and assert control throughout the country," the ministry said.

Syria "has not descended into civil war, but rather is witnessing a struggle to eradicate... murders, kidnappings and bombings against state institutions and the destruction of public and private property," it added. The ministry also reaffirmed Syria’s respect for UN envoy Kofi Annan plan and “its readiness for its implementation.”

CIA and MI6 Orchestrating Massacres in Syria - with video ~ link ~ Let’s point fingers the right way. Assad is the victim. Washington, NATO, their criminal Arab League partners, they are the villains. The only way to beat them is to expose them and spread the word and get as many people as possible to understand what is going on. Truth is the weapon to defeat them. We do not have the military might. We are not violent but we can beat them through truth and that is why Press TV is so important and [so are the] programs like News Analysis and everything else that Press TV does. All of us can play some role; I try to do it on my own, on my own radio program. This is the vital thing. So, let’s point fingers where they belong.

Russia accuses US of arming Syrian rebels ~ link ~ In other news, park rangers accuse bears of crapping in the woods.   Stirling    

Russia and US nearing Proxy War in Syria ~ link ~ Actually, it could be augured that we already are in a type of Proxy War.  What is coming is World War III unless the bought-and-paid-for political whores in the West decide NOT to allow the globalists to drive the entire planet into a global 21st Century war.   Stirling      

France has called on the United Nations to authorize using "all means" necessary to end the carnage in Syria, bringing the civil war closer to the edge of a proxy war between Russia and the Western alliance.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday accused the United States of supplying weapons to Syria's opposition, hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton charged that Moscow is sending a new shipment of attack helicopters to Damascus.

Israeli strike on Iran means new war for US - with video ~ link ~ If Israel strikes Iran on its own accord it would involuntarily drag the US into a new war in the Middle East - one that America is very reluctant to fight, Yiftah Shapir, the head of the Middle East Military Balance Project, shared with RT.

The expert from the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Israel does not believe a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities will force Iran to abandon its nuclear program.

Deep cracks threaten UK coalition government ~ link ~ What helped the LibDems to become a really major player was the fact that the Tories and the Labour parties were seen as two-sides-of-the-same-coin by so very many British voters sick of the unnecessary wars and crappy mega-rich centered economy.  The trouble is, the LibDems sold their souls by embracing continuing wars and more and more austerity fascism for the mega-rich in the coalition government.  Now the LibDems leaders are waking up to the fact that they will likely return to minor party status in the next election and they don't want that, so they are seeking some issue/s to distance themselves from the Tories.  Damn shame that they don't wrap themselves in doing the correct thing by opposing all the globalist/Zionist driven wars and taking control of the British economy back from the Rothschild central bankers.  But they don't have the balls for that.  Of course, that means that their efforts to reform their image will fall flat on its face with the voters.   Stirling   

British lawmakers have voted down a Labour demand for Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to be referred to the Prime Minister's independent adviser on ministerial standards for investigation over his handling of News Corporation's bid to buy satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Despite Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's decision that Liberal Democrat MPs would abstain, Conservatives easily saw off the challenge by a majority of 290 to 252. The Liberal Democrats refused to support David Cameron, the Prime Minister

Greeks withdrawal $1 Billion A Day ahead of new vote ~ link ~ Greeks pulled their cash out of the banks and stocked up with food ahead of a cliffhanger election on Sunday that many fear will result in the country being forced out of the euro. 
Bankers said up to 800 million euros ($1 billion) were leaving major banks daily and retailers said some of the money was being used to buy pasta and canned goods, as fears of returning to the drachma were fanned by rumors that a radical leftist leader may win the election. 

Do the Parasitic Elites Pay Any Taxes ~ link ~ Good point!   Stirling    

Do the Parasitic Elite Pay Any Taxes?
The parasitic financial Elite don't do any "work" in the sense of something beneficial for society, as no voluntary payment for their services exists.

If a parasite's entire income is leeched from the productive, then isn't their entire income a tax on those creating value? In this sense, the share of the parasite's income which is carved off by the Central State as tax revenues is a secondary tax: the parasite's entire income is a tax on the economy.

This distinction between legitimate wealth derived from value creation (think Steve Jobs/computer industry) and parasitic wealth skimmed from the productive (think Mitt Romney/investment banker) is the heart of Correspondent James B.'s insightful inquiry into the question: can the parasitic Elite be said to pay taxes at all, given that their income is itself a tax on legitimate wealth creation?

New law in Indiana gives citizens the right to shoot police - video ~ link ~ OK, everyone take a breath...this is a case of hype.  I live in Indiana and went to school with the just retired Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court and know the background.  What really happened is that the Indiana Supreme Court make a really bad ruling that citizens could not defend themselves (including using lethal force) from the police even in cases where the police were acting illegally and unconstitutionally.  The Indiana State Legislature had thousands of complaints about this crappy ruling and they passed a law clearing stating the time honored position that police are NOT above the law and that they have no special rights if they are acting outside of the law and US/Indiana Constitutions.  That means that a citizen has the normal rights to self-defense against anyone, including police, who are acting outside of the law.  Same as in any state in the American Union.   Stirling      

White House throws Cold Water on Pollard clemency ~ link ~ WOW Obama did the right thing for once...good for him.   Stirling    

Hours ahead of meeting with Obama where Peres is expected to request the convicted Israeli agent's release, White House spokesman says the administration's position "will not change today."


GMA labeling victory: Measure accepted onto California ballot ~ link ~ California is one of several states that allow citizens to raise petitions to place proposed laws before the voters.  Too bad this is not the case throughout America.   Stirling     

In this breaking news for the food-conscious community, the California Secretary of State has just announced that the GMO labeling ballot measure has met and exceeded the requirements to be placed on the November ballot. 

This measure, which has been strongly pushed by the Organic Consumers Association, the Institute for Responsible Technology, and a large number of dedicated volunteers and donors, would require genetically engineered ingredients to be indicated on food labels. This is an honest labeling issue that would allow consumers to make informed decisions about what they choose to purchase and consume.

120+ Dolphins washing up on shore, dead in Texas - Trail of deception and lies from BP and US Government - with videos ~ link ~ This is one of those, "You don't think we are that stupid, do you?" articles.   The U.S. NOAA must think people are that stupid to make up the most lame excuse (reminds me of the 'swamp gas' excuses) regarding 120+ dead dolphins so far, washing up on the shores of Texas.  U.S. NOAA are saying they are not related to anything but are simply "Unusual Mortality Event."

I remember last year when hundreds of dolphins washed up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico states.  Those stories went away fast.

The Cat-and-Dog life of the Vatican ~ link 

The amazing ability of curcumin (turmeric) to fight chronic disease ~ linkFor thousands of years, ancient cultures throughout Asia have been using turmeric, also known as curcumin, to spice up food -- and today, curcumin is used throughout the world. But this relative of ginger is hardly just a flavor enhancer, as studies continue to show that curcumin contains powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and even anti-cancer properties that render it a powerful, disease-fighting medicine in addition to being a culinary spice.

A mixture of natural resin and turmeric oil, curcumin and the science behind its effects on the body continue to captivate the attention of scientists who have unveiled quite a bit about its healing capacities. Though it has long been used in traditional medicine, scientists have only recently within the past several decades uncovered the specifics of how curcumin works in the body to prevent and treat disease.

Dark chocolate shown to protect against heart attack and stroke in at-risk individuals ~ link ~ Heart disease and stroke continues to rank as the leading, preventable cause of death in most Western societies, killing three-quarters of a million people combined. Any natural compound that can significantly lower the death rate from vascular diseases should be embraced by natural health advocates and the medical profession alike. Yet allopathic physicians continue to prescribe a host of ineffective and dangerous prescription medications that do little to combat this epidemic.

The result of a study published in the British Medical Journal shows that dark chocolate consumption can reduce cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, in people with metabolic syndrome (physical biomarkers that significantly increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes). Past studies have suggested that eating small amounts of dark chocolate (containing at least 60 percent cocoa solids) provides short-term heart protective effects. Australian researchers wanted to further determine if dark chocolate could provide long term benefits in an at-risk population.

Coconut Oil: Here's what you need to know about this amazing rejuvenation and healing oil ~ link

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