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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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Breaking News: UN Secretary-General Ki-moon: Assad has lost all legitimacy ~ link ~ See related stories ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ linkKi-moon is the puppet of the globalists placed in power to do their bidding.  They are now playing the 'Ki-moon card'.  The False Narrative, with much based on the recent False Flag mass murders of large numbers of innocent civilians including young children and women, and with much 'crocodile tears' shed by the likes of that witch Hillary Clinton, is moving into its terminal stage.   As Syria is the backdoor to war with Iran and war with Iran/Syria/Lebanon is the door to World War III, there should be little doubt in any intelligent person's mind as to where this is taking us and taking us soon.   Stirling       

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has condemned the massacres in Hama and Houla, where over 170 people died, in his strongest ever dressing-down of official Syria. The Assad government has lost its legitimacy, said Ban.
"Each day seems to bring new additions to the grim catalogue of atrocities: assaults against civilians, brutal human rights violations, mass arrests, torture, execution-style killings of whole families," thundered the UN Secretary General addressing a special session of the UN General Assembly.

On May 25, 108 people were killed in the village of Houla in western Syria, nearly half of them children. Activists said the atrocity was carried out by a pro-Assad militia known as Shabbiha. Syrian authorities blamed Islamist militants for the massacre.

"Men, women, even children were executed at a point blank range; some had their throats slit or their skulls crushed. Any regime or leader that tolerates such a killing of innocents has lost its fundamental humanity," said Ban.

US post-Assad Syrian plan: Intervention in the cards ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this is a plan to begin the Third World War for the globalists and a regional war with WMD for the Netanyahu extremists!   Stirling     

Hillary Clinton has put forward a new plan to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power. Echoing recent US threats to take action on Syria independently of the UN, the plan’s announcement coincides with yet another tragic massacre.

As the violence in Syria worsens, Washington has been ramping up threats to intervene without UN approval in the absence of international consensus. US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, speaking to reporters after the Houla massacre, bluntly called on the UN Security Council to “assume its responsibilities”, saying that if the violence continues, “then members of this council and members of the international community are left with the option only of having to consider whether they’re prepared to take actions outside of the Annan plan and the authority of this council.”

Syria: The Houla Massacre and the Subversion of the Peace Plan ~ link Why are they hell-bent on wrecking the Peace Plan?  They fear that if the Plan works, it would undermine their agenda, which is regime change in Damascus.  It is because these and certain other governments are set on regime change that the earlier Arab League Observer Mission to Syria which exposed the lies fabricated by the opposition about so-called government initiated violence was also sabotaged.  For the proponents of regime change, the government has to be tarred and tarnished with whatever violence that occurs as a way of destroying its legitimacy and convincing both domestic and international public opinion that it should be ousted.

If there is so much obsession with regime change it is because it serves the interests of different actors in different ways. For Paris, London and Washington, the Bashar government is that critical conduit that connects Iran to the Hezbollah in their common opposition to Western dominance of the world’s most important geo-economic and geo-strategic region. This triumvirate of resistance to Western hegemony has to be broken for yet reason: to enhance the so-called security of its surrogate in West Asia, namely, Israel.  Israel in turn is implacably hostile to Bashar Assad mainly because he continues to oppose Israel’s 45 year-old occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, which incidentally supplies one-third of Israel’s water needs. Israel has also been trying to exploit Golan’s oil and gas reserves. 
The Saudi and Qatari elite, both Sunni, view Bashar as a Shia (Allawites being a branch of the Shia sect) leader allied to Shia Iran and since the Saudi elite in particular abhors Shia identity and Iran’s growing power, there is no love lost between them. Besides, both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are intimately linked to the US and its other allies.  Turkey is yet another Washington ally and   NATO member, attempting to spread its influence in the region which now realises that an anti-hegemony neighbour like Bashar’s Syria linked to a formidable regional player like Iran can be a major obstacle to its ambition.  

Syria to militants: Lay down arms or face military offensive ~ link ~ Syria has reportedly given anti-government militants 24 hours to turn in their weapons, warning of a military offensive against the foreign-backed armed gangs after the deadline expires, Press TV reports.

An informed source, speaking on condition of anonymity, noted on Thursday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has informed the UN-Arab League envoy, Kofi Annan, of the warning in a letter.

Reports say about 280 UN observers are currently in Syria to monitor the implementation of cease-fire, which is part of a six-point peace plan presented by Kofi Annan in March.

The letter has made it clear that a military offensive against militants will follow the 24-hour deadline. The UN has given no response to the letter yet.

On June 3, President Assad said in a televised address to the parliament that Syria is “facing a war from abroad,” vowing to “stand up against the conspiracy” despite all odds.  

Use of Force Against Iran Unacceptable says SCO Alliance ~ link ~ The 'lines in the sand' are being drawn for the outbreak of WWIII!  Stirling     

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has issued a statement dismissing as “unacceptable” any use of force against Iran, saying that such a measure would threaten regional and global stability and security.

"Any attempts to solve the Iranian problem with force are unacceptable and could lead to unpredictable circumstances that threaten stability and security in the region and the entire world," said the statement signed at the end of the 12th SCO summit in Beijing Thursday.

The SCO statement expressed "serious concern about the situation around Iran."

On Wednesday, Russia and China, two veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council, opposed any use of military force and threats to do so as well as unilateral sanctions against Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program.

"Russia and China are against using military force or the threat of force against Iran, and do not approve of directing unilateral sanctions against it," said the two countries in a joint statement.

Collapse of the Euro? ~ link ~ The result is today’s unsustainable continent-wide crisis: rising unemployment, top-heavy pension systems, extreme hardship for the young and the poor, which is leading to increasing social disorder,  constant emigration from Greece, Spain and Italy that presses into northern Europe…

Europe today stands at a cross-roads: in the coming weeks and months it may be living its “To be or not to be” moment.  It has been the European Union bureaucrats allied to the global banking mafia that led Europe to its present woes, so, Europe: don’t look to them for “transnational” crisis leadership and “global solutions”.  They won’t deliver!!

The more angry and furious Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy make the global private mega-bankers – and the IMF, ECB, Fed, and global rating agencies – the more certain you can be that you’re on the right track. Woe to Greece, woe to Spain, Italy and others if the day dawns when these mega-bankers applaud you saying they’re “satisfied that you are doing the right thing”.  That will undoubtedly mean you’ve put the noose around your own necks.  For the love of God, don’t do that!  

Greece and the Euro: Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover - Alternatives to an 'Ugly Divorce' ~ link ~ This is an excellent article by Ellen Brown.  It is important to note that all the current economic troubles are created problems that usually can be solved in short order, just as the monster Hitler solved Germany's grave economic woes when he first came to power...he got rid of the Central Banker overlords and created a new currency.   The Global Banking Cartel families have spent years and much money to create the current global economic crisis and the coming global economic crash.  They use the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis - anti-thesis - synthesis or problem - reaction - solution) to drive the human race to the synthesis/solution that they want, which is ALWAYS against the real self-interests of humanity but in their evil narrow self-interest.  The economists, bankers, news media, politicians that are in their pocket...which is most of them...will never admit that any rational and easy solution exists, for they must toe the line and maintain the false narrative that the Cartel creates.  Since war is the greatest driver of deficit spending...which is profit to the Cartel...and since the Cartel members tend to be so evil as to be actual devil worshipers and Satan desires the 'blood orgy' of hate, destruction and evil that is war...the Cartel always manages to bring on every larger wars.   However, a new global war with 21st Century warfare is simply not survivable.  Satan knows that and is counting on it as he knows that his time on this planet is almost up and he has not accomplished his goals of destroying all faith in God.  Hence he desires the total destruction of the human race.  Scripture (Book of Revelation) has outlined these times and tell us that while Armageddon will be horrific beyond description, it will end with the Return of Jesus Christ Himself and the creation of a beautiful New Earth.  Christians for two thousand years have wanted to live in these times, so prepare for the worse but don't worry...He is coming back to save us once again, and even if you lose your life in these times you will share in the coming future New Earth and New Heaven.   Tim Earl of Stirling    

Greece's unemployment rate hits new official high at 22% ~ link ~ The 'masters of hurt', the Global Banking Cartel, are really pouring it on the Greek people.  Remember that the official rate is apt to be well below the real rate of unemployment.  In America the government talks of somewhere in the 8% range, when in reality, there are approximately 100 million Americans of working age (not in prison or in the military) who are without jobs!!!   Stirling   

Greek 'Golden Dawn' Party MP attacks communist politicians on live TV - with video ~ link ~ During a heated discussion on a political talk show, Ilias Kasidiaris threw water over Rena Dourou, a member of the radical left Syriza party, after she referred to a pending court case pending against Kasidiaris (in which he is accused of being an accomplice in the mugging of a student). He then jumped out of his seat to slap Communist Party member Liana Kanelli, after a disagreement about whether there were oil reserves south of Crete. The show quickly went off air after Kasidiaris hit Kanelli, but some reports suggest that scuffles continued after the cameras were off.

Greek election campaign heats up ~ linkAnother of the parties that did well on May 6 was Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn), a neo-Nazi party whose leader Nikos Michaloliakos has said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and has whipped up anti-immigrant feeling. Six days after two of its MPs were briefly detained by police over an assault on a Pakistani man, television images showed its spokesman and lawmaker Ilias Kasidiaris assaulting two leftist MPs during a live debate on Thursday.

Kasidiaris later phoned the television channel, accusing Kanelli of having assaulted him first and saying that the channel had doctored the images.

Arab Spring benefited only Israel - Lebanese Interior Minister - with video ~ link ~ Yep!  The so-called Arab Spring was cooked up at a meeting in New York City by the CIA, Mossad, and several Jewish heads of social networking sites to do exactly that, about a year before it 'happened'.   Stirling      

The Arab Spring has borne no fruit for any of the affected countries, so the ongoing process should rather be called the Israeli Spring, since no country now poses a threat to Israel, Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told RT.

External forces seek to divide and weaken all the countries surrounding Israel in order to ensure that state’s security, he said to RT in an exclusive interview.

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