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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist. 

The size of the coming global war will equal the size of the global debt, and the global debt is the largest in human history.  

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My best estimate of what is about to happen is that firstly the global economic collapse will be triggered by the current expanding Eurozone crisis, followed quickly by the beginning of a all-out NATO/GCC/Israel war against Syria which will include war with Iran, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Palestine/Gaza.  Additionally, we are apt to experience a collapse of the Fuel Storage No. 4 Pool at Fukushima.  World War III will see the release of multiple types of weapons of mass destruction, including some secret ones unknown to the world at large.  The resulting radiological, biological and political/economic catastrophic nightmare will be right out of the last book of the Christian Bible.  It will be the Armageddon that the Book of Revelation speaks of.  Only the return of Jesus Christ Himself will save the remaining third of the Human Race, the first two-thirds being wiped out by radiological and biological based warfare. However, when Christ returns, He will make things right and there will be a New Earth, a New Jerusalem and a new Heaven.  The time for this final sequence of events is rapidly approaching.  Get into cash and physical gold/silver, have all the food/water/supplies that you will need for a few months, secure self-defense weapons, and get right with the Almighty.  
Tim Earl of Stirling   

UK Foreign Secretary talks of 'greater than Libya' military intervention in Syria ~ link ~ will be "greater than Syria" for damn will begin a regional General Middle East War and a minor side-show WORLD WAR III!  Britain, like America and France, changes parties and political "leaders" but the real power remains the same...the Rothschild headed Global Banking Cartel families...and they want a Third World War and their bought-and-paid-for whores are going to give it to them!  Stirling       

Iranian lawmaker:  Syrian crisis will spread to Israel ~ link ~ The globalists are counting on it!  They intend to sacrifice the Jewish mini-state to get their WWIII.  Stirling     

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Gulf of Mexico censored by USGS - video ~ link ~  What in the Hell is going on???   This earthquake was located on the edge of the salt domes...was this deliberately set as part of a population reduction program by the globalists?  We know that the BP Oil Disaster was NOT an accident and that Goldman Sachs and BP top insiders sold off vast amounts of stock shortly before the "accident" and that they knew NEVER to drill at the salt domes!  We know that the Obama Administration allowed BP to use millions of gallons of Corexit and other dispersants to sink the oil and thus kill the Loop Current causing going on 2 years of global weather disruption.  Many experts confirm that Israel and the US created the software worm that caused the Fukushima disaster to get out of hand, and some say that HAARP or a nuke caused the super-earthquake there.  Did someone set off a mini-nuke designed to cause a MAJOR PROBLEM in the Gulf of Mexico???  Why is the United States government covering up yesterday's 5.1 earthquake???   Stirling     

Foreign mercenaries attack Syrian Air Force Base with mortars - Destroy jet fighters and helicpoters ~ linkTaking out some key air assets before the main attack!  This strikes me as the work of well trained commandos, like some of the several thousand near the Syrian border in Jordan from NATO and GCC states, not a operation that the foreign mercenaries are apt to have put together themselves.  Which means that the allied powers have taken the war on Syria from phase one - economic and mercenaries - to phase two - direct military action by NATO/GCC military service  commandos.  That is a major escalation and indicates things are coming to a head reasonable soon.     Stirling     

As Syrian ruler Bashar Assad stood before parliament in Damascus Sunday, June 3, declaring, “Not even monsters could have carried out the Houla massacre,” rebels attacked a Syrian Air Force base east of the southern town of Deraa opposite the Israeli Golan border – their first such attack in the 14-month uprising,
debkafile’s military sources report. Several rebel bands firing mortars set fire to fighter aircraft and assault helicopters in their hangars and ripped up runways at the As Suwayda air base.

Report: Turkey ditches Syrian "rebels" - Will Israeli IDF attack Hezballah's Scuds?  ~ link ~ If, and I repeat "if", this report about Turkey changing sides is true, it is one hell of a story!!!  I have serious questions if any of this is true.  The movement of Hezballah's Scuds sounds rather like a made-up narrative...something the Zionists do all the "justify" an Israeli strike.   Stirling     

Two radical developments arising from the Syrian conflict are revealed by debkafile: In an astonishing about face, Turkey has just turned away from its 14-month support for the anti-Assad revolt alongside the West and made common cause with Russia, i.e. Bashar Assad.  Further exacerbating fears of a “proxy war” involving Israel, Iran and Syria, the Lebanese Hizballah is getting ready to bring its Scud D missiles, which can reach any point in Israel, and other advanced weapons, including anti-air missiles, out of secret storage in Syria and transfer them across the border to Lebanon. Two years ago, Israel issued an ultimatum through Washington that the Scuds would be destroyed if they were moved over to Hizballah’s launching pads in Lebanon. 

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