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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague seeks "united coalition" for war on Syria ~ link ~ See how the war whores are using the False Flag massacre to lead the entire world into the Third World War.  There will be more False Flag bloody massacres to convince the sheeple that "we have to act to save the civilians from this murderous madman"...all so much bullshit from the real murderous bastards!   Stirling      
William Hague urged Syrian opposition groups to build a united coalition against the "murderous" Assad regime, hours after failing to rule out an international military intervention.

The Foreign Secretary warned the country stood "on the brink" of all-out civil war in the wake of the massacre in Houla and the failure to implement international envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan.

A Glimpse of the Future ~ link ~ I believe that we are headed toward an orchestrated climax, that has been set in motion thousands of years ago by dark Luciferian forces.   Here’s why.

We are now linked together as never before as the world is wired together.  We see and hear news at the speed of live thus, we are bombarded as never before, with a complex barrage of information.  With that in mind we are able to track what Jesus warns us will be the birth pains in ways that were not able to do it let’s say a hundred years ago.   Who could have imagined telecommunications network that would bounce news off of satellites orbiting our planet; so that what happens in Japan is seen live half a world away in real-time?  With that in mind here are some thoughts:

1.  The Middle East is the game changer and it is primed to erupt.  More than likely this will happen in July or September of this year.  When it does it may escalate rapidly into WWIII.  Look for soaring oil prices and a sharp rise in commodities when it does.

The End Game: 2012 and 2013 Will Usher In The End ~ link ~ Remember, this is all in the last book of the Bible, and that Jesus Christ Himself will return and make a New Earth that will be beautiful, peaceful and Godly in nature...that Satan will be thrown into the bottomless pit for a thousand years.   So after the horrors of the present time will come a really great time for us human beings.   Stirling     

Pakistan successfully tests nuclear-capable cruise missile ~ link ~ The globalists desire that Pakistan and India wipe one another out using their nuclear weapons and create a nuclear winter for the entire Northern Hemisphere.   Stirling     

Bilderberg 2012: Bigger and badder and better than ever - with video ~ link ~ Also see official attendance list ~ link ~ Some of the people here are first string real power players, but most are just high level employees (and that includes the political ones).  Stirling     
Global markets meltdown: Unemployment surges to record highs across Eurozone ~ link ~ Never for even a minute doubt that this is not all planned.  A great deal of effort and expense has gone into the coming global collapse over the last couple of decades.  All planned for the End Game Grand Strategy to usher in the satanic high-tech global slave state, with a dramatically reduced population level, the New World Order.    Stirling       
Baltic Dry Index signals renewed market collapse ~ link ~ Bad sign, really bad sign.   Stirling     

Acceleration of Financial Meltdown Can't Be Stopped ~ link ~ Yep, it's designed that way.   Stirling      

The Iron boot has been firmly planted to the pedal of this runaway tractor trailer that is heading off the cliff. All of the Euro banks including my former associates at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)  are all prepped and ready for the Euro collapse. What we in the inside are calling "Spanish Flue" is now running hot with temperatures that are setting ten year yields sky high. What many do not realize is that Bankia's demise has started a breach in all the firewalls and safety measures that are in place in the Eurozone. This had an immediate effect on the Italian markets as you can now see the pandemonium that is there.
We keep hearing reports of massive bank runs that are occurring across many of the PIIGS but is not just limited to them. As I stated many times the UK and France are the most vulnerable to the Eurozone collapse, many of their populace are cashing out of their equities though there is a massive media blackout about this. European contacts report that there is a flight to German bonds, UK and a mass migration to the US dollar. But these currency life preserver jumps will not help as the contagion in all FIAT markets are affected. It is a game of hot potato that the investors are playing, jumping from one asset to the next and again before the one that they just jumped to burns. A juggling act with fire that cannot be quenched. Gold jumped over $40, it is telling us something.

Many banks in the Eurozone are stuffed with US Bonds/TBills as a hedge, this will not work for them for the following reasons:
The Collapse is the Easy Part ~ link 
How the Super Rich avoid taxes as they demand that the rest of us pay more ~ linkThe way that we tax people in the United States is fundamentally broken and should be completely discarded.  The U.S. tax code is absolutely riddled with loopholes that allow the super rich to legally avoid taxes while many of the rest of us are being taxed into oblivion.  In our system of taxation, middle class families that work hard and try to play by the rules are deeply penalized while those that are willing to abuse the system make out like bandits.  There is something fundamentally wrong with a system that enables wealthy politicians such as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to pay a smaller percentage of their incomes in taxes than millions of middle class families.  Mitt Romney has millions of dollars parked down in the Cayman Islands and in other tax havens.  He does this to avoid taxes.  Unfortunately, most Americans do not have the resources to funnel money through offshore tax havens.  Most Americans just automatically have their paychecks shredded by taxes and then try to live on whatever is left over.  Most Americans are just trying to survive financially from one month to the next.  But the super rich have options.  Thanks to technology, they can live almost anywhere they want and they can run their companies and manage their investments from anywhere in the world.  The truth is that the wealthier you are the easier it is to avoid taxes.  But even as the ultra-wealthy do their best to avoid taxes, many of them still feel free to demand that the rest of us be taxed more.

So what are some of the ways that the super rich avoid taxes?
Well, let's start with those that are just "somewhat wealthy".  Many millionaires still want or need to be U.S. citizens, so they are subject to the U.S. tax code.  Fortunately for them, their tax lawyers know of thousands of loopholes that have been designed to help the rich avoid taxes.

Stealth Turkey ~ link ~ Congressman Paul Ryan’s laudable if sometimes misguided efforts to trim the federal deficit deserve support. So here’s an idea for him. Want to lose a trillion dollars in ugly budget fat? Cut off the F-35 fighter/bomber.

$1 trillion is now the estimated life-cycle cost of the F-35. Some calculations place the figure even higher, closer to $1.5 trillion.

Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet and "lost control of it" ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  It was the Stuxnet virus that make the events at Fukushima a total out-of-control nightmare that will kill untold millions and millions.  Stirling      

Negotiations collapse in Quebec protesters take to streets ~ link ~ The Quebec Government needs to reconsider its position.   Stirling       

Nothing is working anymore in Quebec City."
So began the report on Radio-Canada (French language CBC) regarding the collapse of negotiations between the Quebec government and the four associations of post-secondary students on strike. At 7pm on Thursday evening, Minister of Education Michelle Courchesne walked out of the talks.
Both sides held press conferences following the collapse. The government explained the sole, effective offer it made (varying only in form) over the four days of talks - to reduce its proposed hike in tuition fees by $35 to $219 for each of the coming seven years and to also reduce proportionately tax credits available to students and their families.

The last of a series of counter-proposals by student representatives was a freeze on tuition fees for two years and a reduction in tax credits such that the government would recuperate the funds it sought to obtain from its tuition hike.

Upcoming Mubarak verdict already dividing Egypt ~ link ~ Mubarak was a crook, but he also did some good and protected the Christians.   Stirling    
The verdict in the corruption and murder trial of deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected Saturday, but it already is dividing citizens here between those demanding change and those seeking stability nearly 16 months after the dictator’s ouster.

Many Egyptians say they want retribution for crimes committed by Mr. Mubarak during his 30-year rule, while others express pity for the 84-year-old, cancer-ridden man who could face the death penalty or years behind bars.

Britain gets ready to honour the Queen ~ link ~ National celebrations to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee have begun as the country gears up for a weekend of pomp, pageantry and fun in honour of its monarch. 

Events staged in tribute to the Queen's 60-year reign will be held across the UK during the extended four-day Bank Holiday, with spectacular public activities planned for the capital.

First Footage of Queen taken after her father, King George VI, died released for first time ~ link ~ This was released as part of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen.  (The Treetops Hotel in Kenya, where the Queen was when her father died and she became the Sovereign, was developed and partly owned by a native of my home city, Evansville.  I use to sit in a hot tub with him and others at a gym that we both belonged to.  One day, he was killed in a explosion at the very gym's parking lot just about a minute after my late wife had driven past.)  Stirlin   

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II's Reign - photos ~ link ~ Best of wishes to Her Majesty on her Diamond Jubilee.  Stirling          
Diamond Jubilee Weekend: The Full Schedule ~ link SATURDAY, JUNE 2

The Queen will begin a long weekend of Jubilee celebrations at the Investec Derby Day at Epsom Downs racecourse in Surrey.

She will arrive by carriage for the event, which is expected to start at 1pm. The mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins will perform the national anthem. Tickets are available online at


Venus 'transit day' is Tuesday - with video ~ link
Aspirin's Triple Whammy Against Cancer ~ link
ASPIRIN has “triple whammy” cancer-busting properties, two ground-breaking studies have found.
Not only does it protect against the disease, it can also trigger a “double hit” on existing cancer cells.

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