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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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As a massive 17 nation War Game is on-going in Jordan next to the Syrian border, and the massive call-up of Israeli military reserves continues under a press blackout, events continue to move towards war.  Stirling    

US Ambassador to Israel: US ready to strike Iran ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ We are very close now to beginning the Third World War.   Stirling    

Editorial by ex-Mossad and ex-CIA chiefs and other top global intelligence/military/diplomatic leaders: Say NO to War - Yes to Sanctions on Iran ~ link ~ This is a last ditch effort to stop what will become the Third World War.  It is not likely to succeed.   Stirling    

The article was written by former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, former head of the CIA James Woosley, German intelligence chief August Hanning, former chief of the United Kingdom's defense staff General Charles Guthrie and two American diplomats – Kristen Silverberg and Mark D. Wallace. 
According to the article, it is possible to avoid a military conflict with Iran, or a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, by passing the "most robust sanctions against Iran in history." Such sanctions, the officials claimed, "would truly isolate" Tehran.  
Israeli military intelligence chief: Israel wants Assad toppled ~ link ~ Is he (or someone) trying a backdoor attempt to help the former intelligence chiefs who are trying to stop WWIII by leaking his remarks?   Stirling    
Israel's military intelligence chief says Tel Aviv would be better served by the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Major General Aviv Kochavi made the remark during secret talks with senior officials at the White House during a visit o the United States two weeks ago, Ha’aretz quoted an informed European diplomat as saying.

In Washington, Kochavi also reportedly met with officials from the US State Department as well as the Defense Department and the CIA.

The Israeli official also visited the United Nations headquarters in New York, where he briefed several ambassadors from the Security Council member states.
Turkey scrambles fighter jets after Israeli warplanes enter North Cyprus airspace ~ link ~ An Israeli aircraft repeatedly violated the airspace of Turkish Cyprus earlier this week near the site of a controversial gas exploration field, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Thursday, citing Ankara military officials.

The reported incident is just one in a long line of apparent scuffles between Israel, Cyprus, and Turkey over the rights to explore the eastern section of the Mediterranean for gas and oil.
Turks accuse Israel of violating North Cyprus airspace ~ link 
Tokyo newspaper: 6 in 10 Fukushima children tested have diabetes ~ link 
The Pacific Ocean Is Dying ~ link  

It's Romney's to Lose to Ron Paul: Here's how he does it ~ link 
Bee Kills in the Corn Belt: What's GE got to do with it ~ link ~ In the last few weeks beekeepers have reported staggering losses in Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio after their hives foraged on pesticide-treated corn fields. Indiana too, two years ago. What's going on in the Corn Belt?

No farmer in their right mind wants to poison pollinators. When I spoke with one Iowa corn farmer in January and told him about the upcoming release of a Purdue study confirming corn as a major pesticide exposure route for bees, his face dropped with worn exasperation. He looked down for a moment, sighed and said, "You know, I held out for years on buying them GE seeds, but now I can't get conventional seeds anymore. They just don't carry 'em."

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