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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

USA enters yet another Middle East war - Yemen ~ link ~ Another headline might read: Profit estimates for Military-Industrial Complex looking positive as new market opens up.   How did we allow ourselves to get to this point?  Sad, very sad.   Stirling    

Following repeated claims by US leaders that Yemen’s al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is the greatest threat on the planet,the US has dramatically escalated its drone strike campaign against Yemen, pounding southern towns under the control of Ansar al-Sharia several times a week. All this and the ground troops, nominally “trainers,” point to an ever increasing US military role in Yemen.

Despite this, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta insisted that there was “no consideration” that the training mission could be escalated into a full scale ground operation. Officials have also repeatedly “ruled out” boots on the ground in Yemen.

Even a regional  nuclear clash could starve the world ~ link ~ Recent ballistic missile tests by India, Pakistan and North Korea -- which has ominously threatened to "reduce to ashes" the South Korean military "in minutes" -- are once again focusing the world's attention on the dangers of nuclear war.

This concern was dramatically underscored in a new report released at the Nobel Peace Laureates Summit in Chicago. Titled "Nuclear Famine: A Billion People at Risk" (PDF), the study shows that even a limited nuclear war, involving less than half of 1% of the world's nuclear arsenals, would cause climate disruption that could set off a global famine. The study, prepared by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and its U.S. affiliate, Physicians for Social Responsibility, used a scenario of 100 Hiroshima-sized bombs exploded in a war between India and Pakistan. If there were such a war, the study estimated that 1 billion people, one-sixth of the human race, could starve over the following decade.

War with Iran would be madness ~ link ~ Yes, but the madmen have control of the ships of state in the West.   Stirling     

When False Flags Don't Fly - with video ~ link ~  Great video!  Stirling    

Jeff Gates on Living in Orwell's Dream - with video ~ link ~ Jeff Gates was the chief counsel to the US Senate Finance Committee. He is probably one of the most high ranking Americans to say that Israel is a Criminal State and that many US politicians are traitors though he does not explicitly say Israel did 911. Dr Alan Sabrosky, a former Director of Studies at the Army War College, and Dr Steve Pieczenik who served 3 American Presidents as deputy assistant secretary of state both say Israel did 911. As a lawyer and a Gentile, Gates probably wants to work within the system to save America from otherwise certain destruction at the hands of traitors who have joined forces with a multi-generational Jewish criminal syndicate. Gates has had positive feedback from Jews and from Gentiles at the highest levels of the government. These are responses he could not get if he flatly said Israel did 911 as do Sabrosky and Pieczenik who are of Jewish descent.

What Jeff Gates does do is to lend credibility to those of us who want to awaken others from the nightmare Israel is dreaming for us. This video explains in some detail how the Jewish Criminal conspiracy controls America I take a different and more blunt approach but we need both.

My approach is this: Israel and traitors inside the American government and media  took over America and the world in the coups of 11-22-1963 and 9-11-2001. They have stolen all of our pensions, savings and paychecks. They sent all of our jobs overseas to make sure we will lose World War III. They are hyperinflating our currencies to zero purchasing power to cover their massive thefts. We will see Hyperinflation by the summer of 2013. That is when they will start the Great Starvation which will kill half a billion people and afterwards the Plagues that will kill billions of human beings leaving only their most docile slaves to do their bidding.

Gerald Celente: The only way out for psychopaths is war - with video ~ linkIt’s hard to imagine an America where the fundamental laws of the land have been stripped away. Those founding principles that, for the better part of two centuries, made America the last bastion of true freedom in the world, so much so that millions of tired, poor, and huddled masses yearned to breathe free on our soil. These God-given rights, inherent to all men – the right to speak our minds no matter the unpopularity of our message, the right to carry a gun for personal protection, the right to be secure in our persons and possessions, and the right to be presumed innocenct and not robbed of life or liberty without fair trial – are and have been under assault for decades.

In his latest interview with the SGT Report, forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute warns of the multi-pronged attack on our liberty and suggests we are well on our way to living in a country not dissimilar to that of Hitler’s Third Reich. While the signs are all around us and as clear as day to those paying attention, a large portion of our population, like that of Germany in the 1930′s, simply doesn’t understand what’s happening, or they bury their heads in the sand so as to avoid ruffling the feathers of the all powerful and entrenched American Police State.

The New World Order: Mankind Is Under Attack ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this article at the's a GOOD ONE!  Stirling   

Oligarchical globalist eugenicists and fascists, who are in league with the totalitarian leaders of radical Environmentalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Zionism, are hell-bent on annihilating the majoirty of the human race through wars, disease, economic collapse, and other means. They are also creating an authoritarian global government based on a new religion, in which man is valueless and the Earth is regarded as sacred and holy. 

Oligarchical globalist eugenicists and fascists, who are in league with the totalitarian leaders of radical Environmentalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Zionism, are hell-bent on annihilating the majoirty of the human race through wars, disease, economic collapse, and other means. They are also creating an authoritarian global government based on a new religion, in which man is valueless and the Earth is regarded as sacred and holy. 

How can we counter these maniacs and monsters when they completely control the mass media, banks, corporations, political parties, academic institutions, medical establishments, intelligence agencies, the most powerful militaries, and the world of entertainment?

Mankind is under spiritual siege.
The mass murderers in power are seeking to destroy man by first suffocating him through thought-control. But the oxygen of truth is still reaching many brains around the world. The global 9/11 truth and justice movement grows larger every day. There is always reason to hope. Maybe the global political awakening will defeat the evil global conspiracy to bring man down to the status of insects and annihilate him.
We were not made to be powerless and submit to evil, but to resist and expose evil.

Plume-gate: Secret documents prove global cover-up of continued Fukushima radiation pollution ~ linkYou know, this crap has been going on for a long time now.  WHY is the Japanese government NOT taking the steps to (1) prevent the fuel rod pools from becoming a potential human life extinction event??? and (2) not making any real progress on encasing the sites or solving the overall problems???   Something is very seriously wrong here and I am not just talking about the grave global dangers from Fukushima.  I am speaking of WHAT COULD FORCE JAPAN TO SIT ON ITS HANDS THIS LONG AND WHY HAVE THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA STAYED QUITE ON THE REAL DANGERS??? This article ~ link ~ may have the answers.   Stirling   

Fukushima Threatens The Continuation Of Life As We Know It - videos  ~ link ~ Mike Adams presents a Fukushima mega-meltdown special on the Friday, May 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Adams talks with Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive. Mr. Gundersen continues to warn about the cataclysmic potential of the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant and is now warning about serious problems at the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego.

The Perfect Cornucopia from Hell is about to dump its rotten fruit upon the Earth ~ link ~  If you have not read my latest article, please take the time to do so.   Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling    

Former Ambassador: No. 4 reactor a top national security issue for entire world - Could start "the ultimate catastrophe" ~ link 

The vital importance of Coenzyme Q10 for health and longevity ~ link  ~ Do yourself a favor and take the time to read this on at the link.  Stirling     

Use Selenium to protect against cancer ~ linkSelenium disrupts the carcinogenic process early and helps prevent tumors from forming. It inhibits DNA mutations and functions as an antioxidant.

Though recognized only recently (1957) as an essential trace mineral, it has also been discovered to promote thyroid functioning by converting stored thyroid T4 hormones into active T3 hormones, something a properly functioning endocrine system requires.

Endocrine balance is also part of cancer prevention, especially for breast and prostate cancers. So it's obvious why selenium has shown the greatest promise as a preventative for both types.

Incoming CME from Sun to glance Earth on May 14th ~ link  

The Political Party Illusion ~ linkThe truly sad thing is that most people just can't seem to figure out that the main parties are simply the 'flip side of the same coin'.   Stirling      
What voters seem to miss is that, along the way, far from increasing one type of freedom under one party, then increasing the alternate type of freedom under the other, the net effect is the exact opposite. Under a liberal government, economic freedom is diminished, and under a conservative government, social freedom is diminished. Freedom, in general, therefore, ratchets downward with each term.

It does seem that voters throughout the First World are beginning to recognize that they are getting short shrift no matter which party is in power, and that their country is headed inexorably downward (while the leaders seem to be doing rather well.)

The $2 billion loss by JP Morgan is just a preview of the coming collapse of the Derivatives Market ~ link ~ All the major markets are but a scam by the globalist insiders.  Stay away from them and be aware that the insiders intend to totally collapse the global economic and political systems so that they can give us the "solution" to the horrific chaos ... their satanic New World Order.   Stirling    

When news broke of a 2 billion dollar trading loss by JP Morgan, much of the financial world was absolutely stunned.  But the truth is that this is just the beginning.  This is just a very small preview of what is going to happen when we see the collapse of the worldwide derivatives market.  When most Americans think of Wall Street, they think of a bunch of stuffy bankers trading stocks and bonds.  But over the past couple of decades it has evolved into much more than that.  Today, Wall Street is the biggest casino in the entire world.  When the "too big to fail" banks make good bets, they can make a lot of money.  When they make bad bets, they can lose a lot of money, and that is exactly what just happened to JP Morgan.  Their Chief Investment Office made a series of trades which turned out horribly, and it resulted in a loss of over 2 billion dollars over the past 40 days.  But 2 billion dollars is small potatoes compared to the vast size of the global derivatives market.  It has been estimated that the the notional value of all the derivatives in the world is somewhere between 600 trillion dollars and 1.5 quadrillion dollars.  Nobody really knows the real amount, but when this derivatives bubble finally bursts there is not going to be nearly enough money on the entire planet to fix things.

Sadly, a lot of mainstream news reports are not even using the word "derivatives" when they discuss what just happened at JP Morgan.  This morning I listened carefully as one reporter described the 2 billion dollar loss as simply a "bad bet".

And perhaps that is easier for the American people to understand.  JP Morgan made a series of really bad bets and during a conference call last night CEO Jamie Dimon admitted that the strategy was "flawed, complex, poorly reviewed, poorly executed and poorly monitored".

The funny thing is that JP Morgan is considered to be much more "risk averse" than most other major Wall Street financial institutions are.

So if this kind of stuff is happening at JP Morgan, then what in the world is going on at some of these other places?
That is a really good question.

For those interested in the technical details of the 2 billion dollar loss, an article posted on CNBC described exactly how this loss happened....

Gerald Celente explains how the IMF and banks are just Mafia loan sharks - video ~ link ~ Give them hell, Gerald...they deserve it!   Stirling     

99 Percenters protest economic woes in Europe ~ linkDemonstrators from the Occupy Movement have taken to the streets in several countries across Europe to protest against economic conditions on the Global Day of Action.
Hundreds of people took to the streets of London on Saturday, calling for an end to "predatory capitalism."

In Germany, activists from the Occupy Movement assembled in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to symbolically slaughter the sculpture of the stock market bull.

Spaniards also gathered in 80 cities and towns on Saturday to condemn economic injustice.

The unemployment rate in Spain is as high as 25 percentage, marking the highest rate among the 17 countries using the euro.

The Spanish government has enacted deep spending cuts to reduce the national debt, but people blame those measures for deepening financial troubles of the families.

Occupy organizers say several rallies are also planned in cities including Moscow, New York and Athens.

The rallies are inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests that began in the US last September. The 99-percenters are against corporate greed and demand social and economic justice.

Indentured Servitude for Seniors ~ link ~ It seems that Congress has removed nearly every consumer protection from student loans, including not only standard bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, and truth in lending requirements, but protection from usury (excessive interest).  Lenders can vary the interest rates, and some borrowers are reporting rates as high as 18-20%.  At 20%, debt doubles in just 3-1/2 years; and in 7 years, it quadruples.  Congress has also given lenders draconian collection powers to extort not just the original principal and interest on student loans but huge sums in penalties, fees, and collection costs.

The majority of these debts are being imposed on young people, who have a potential 40 years of gainful employment ahead of them to pay the debt off.  But a sizeable chunk of U.S. student loan debt is held by senior citizens, many of whom are not only unemployed but unemployable.  According to the New York Federal Reserve, two million U.S. seniors age 60 and over have student loan debt, on which they owe a collective $36.5 billion; and 11.2 percent of this debt is in default.  Almost a third of all student loan debt is held by people aged 40 and over, and 4.2% is held by people over the age of 60.  The total student debt is now over $1 trillion, more even than credit card debt.  The sum is unsustainable and threatens to be the next debt tsunami.

Some of this debt is for loans taken out years earlier on their own schooling, and some is from co-signing student loans for children or grandchildren.  But much of it has been incurred by middle-aged people going back to school in the hope of finding employment in a bad job market.  What they have wound up with is something much worse: no job, an exponentially mounting debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and the prospect of old age without a social security check adequate to survive on.


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