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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
I hope that I am wrong, but it does seem that we are on the verge of All Hell breaking loose very soon. Tim Earl of Stirling  

In the Clutches of Hell: Expect 9/11 2.0 and War Against Iran ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.......In five days 17 nations will start a major "war game" in Jordan right on the Syrian border; in five days the NATO meeting takes place in Chicago (there have been official warnings to prepare for the evacuation of American's second largest city...Is a major False Flag Op coming???).  Now two squadrons of F-22 Raptor stealth fighters are in the Middle East.  A number of nations are engaged in naval war games near Oman.  The Turkish Prime Minister said a couple of days ago that he may invoke the NATO Treaty and call upon all NATO nations to provide military assistance against Syria.  The Israelis have formed only the second unity government in their history (once before was on the eve of war; the other involved serious economic crisis) and the Arab nations media and some of the Israeli media agree that this is a War Government formed to make war on Iran. One hundred million Americans of working are are out of work and Europe's Euro and with it the global economy is about to collapse. Israel has just this Sunday warned Hezbollah not to respond to any war on Iran.  The Israelis are currently calling up a large part of their military reserves under strict military censorship. I am hearing reports of large troop movements within America and that National Guard troops have been told they are "going to Iran".  Folks, the Third World War looks very close...get right with God and stock up on food, water, etc...NOW.  Stirling    

In the last month, there has been an explosion of predictions that a new false flag event is going to happen soon. Of course, these predictions have been made ever since the last false flag event in America, 9/11. But something is new this time around.

On the surface, things are heating up. There are massive counter-terrorism build ups in Chicago and London (almost like pre-war preparation); President Obama is being contested and desperately needs a big injection of public sympathy heading into November; and the war propaganda against Iran isn’t working so the devils in Tel Aviv, London, and Washington are looking to the false flag option to blacken Iran’s name before attacking it.

I think the next false flag event won’t be “one and done.” It will be a string of events. The crazies in power can go crazy with it. Why settle for just an American city or the Persian Gulf? Why not stage multiple false flags in a very short span of time? That is what I would do if I was evil and had power.
Since the two main enemies of the U.S.-Israeli Empire are the American people and the Iranian nation, they will be targeted in the false flags ahead.

Let’s face it. The world’s fate is in the hands of the angels of hell right now. We should not expect mercy. We should expect death and catastrophe, because those are two things that governments around the world are planning for. And, whether it is by coincidence or not, those are the two things that they know how to do very well.

So be mentally prepared for false flags and a war against Iran. Do not be shocked and scared because that is what the state terrorists want out of you. And remind your fellow citizens to not get angry at the patsy, whether it is a country or a made-up terrorist group.

The bad guys win when we lose our heads and forfeit our common sense in a time of crisis.

We have to remember that human reason and divine love can defeat state terror and mindless obedience to government.

Now India is getting involved in the China-Philippines Territorial Conflict ~ link ~ I was hoping that India would stay out of the coming WWIII and not get involved in a nuclear war with China and Pakistan.  The globalists, as I have said lately, are trying all they can to create a Indian Subcontinent War Theater to WWIII.  This is a possible indication that their efforts are succeeding and that is a very bad thing!   Stirling      

The Times of India reports that India has officially released an "unusual" statement on the conflict, which reads as follows:
"Maintenance of peace and security in the region is of vital interest to the international community. India urges both countries to exercise restraint and resolve the issue diplomatically according to principles of international law."

Multinational force massed on Jordanian-Syrian border as 50+ killed in Damascus bombings ~ link
Beset on two fronts, Bashar Assad rushed his elite Presidential Guard Division to Damascus Thursday, May 10, as two massive car bombs in the al Qaza district of Damascus demolished the command center of the Syrian military security service’s reconnaissance division, killing 55 people and injuring more than 300. Over  to the southeast, 12,000 special operations troops from 17 nations, including the US and other NATO members, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were poised on the Jordanian side of the Syrian border for an exercise codenamed “Eager Lion.”
debkafile’s military sources also disclose that the bomb attack on Damascus was the most serious his regime had suffered against a military target since the 14-month Syrian uprising began. For the first time, Assad moved his most loyal unit, the Republican Guard Brigade, into central Damascus.

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