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ISRAEL CALLING UP ARMY RESERVEs - Six army battalions called up under emergency orders to meet growing threat on Egypt, Syria borders - Knesset approves IDF request to call up a further 16 battalions if needed ~ link ~ Most of the Israeli news media is NOT reporting this!  A total of 22 battalions is a very large call-up.  This is something that is normally done on the Eve of War.  This does not automatically mean that war in imminent, however it is normally a large 'red flag' in that regard.  This is a MAJOR EVENT taking place NOW!   Stirling     

The IDF has issued emergency call up orders to six reserve battalions in light of new dangers on the Egyptian and Syrian borders. And the Knesset has given the IDF permission to summon a further 16 reserve battalions if necessary, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

An IDF spokesperson said intelligence assessments called for the deployment of more soldiers.
Half-Megaton Hydrogen Bomb 'missing' - On way to Israel for use in a (untraceable to Israel) False Flag Op to Start WWIII??? ~ link ~ I cannot say how real this report is.  But it does raise certain fears.  Who knows, we are in a very strange period of time!  Stirling     
A nuclear weapon that wasn’t supposed to exist, a single 500 kiloton hydrogen bomb, one of four being tracked, was seen being loaded at the German port of Bemerhaven, Germany.

The groups assisting in what we were informed was a counter-terrorism surveillance operation were the American NSA, British MI 6, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the British Royal Navy.  The “device” was loaded onto a Germany built “Dolphin” submarine and left the harbour doing 7.5 knots.

The submarine disappeared while being tracked by every sophisticated device NATO seems to be able to own or borrow.

Israel to take delivery of fourth Dolphin-class submarine from Germany ~ link ~ An Israeli defense delegation arrived in Germany on Wednesday ahead of the planned delivery of Israel’s fourth Dolphin-class submarine, widely rumored to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Led by Defense Ministry Dir.-Gen. Udi Shani, the delegation met with senior German defense officials and was scheduled to visit the shipyard where the submarine is being built. It is expected to arrive in Israel in the coming months.

Israel’s submarines are the military’s most expensive platform and are often referred to as the country’s second-strike doomsday weapon due to their reported ability to fire cruise missiles tipped with nuclear warheads.

Potential False Flag Dirty Bomb Attack During NATO Summit In Chicago? - with video ~ link ~ There have been a number of reports leaked out, or deliberately leaked out, about this.   Stirling    
As the NATO Summit approaches, the possibility of a false flag attack or some sort of agent provocateur madness seems to increase on a daily basis.

In a show of force and to the push the idea of fear, heavily armed security teams are set to make public appearances around downtown federal buildings throughout the week with hospitals being told to prepare for a potential dirty bomb attack.

This comes as Red Cross officials have claimed that they have received plans for a full scale evacuation of Chicago, a claim the city of Chicago will neither confirm nor deny.

Explosions hit Kabul following Obama visit - with photos and video ~ link ~ After well over a decade of war, well over a TRILLION of US taxpayer dollars and billions more from NATO and other allied nations, and the deaths of a truly massive number of people and the wounding of vastly more, the security conditions in Afghanistan are so bad that they had to fly Obama into Kabul at night and fly him out before daybreak!   Several years ago, when Canada was the lead NATO nation that year in Afghanistan, the then Governor-General was an attractive woman.  There were complaints that she had not visited the troops there and was not likely to go there for Christmas.  I offered to go as I hold the old honorific great offices of state in Canada of hereditary Governor of Canada and Lord Lieutenant of Canada (senior general).  The then Canadian Chief of Defense Staff turned me down as he said it simply was too dangerous.  As a serving military officer, he went and served the Canadian troops Christmas turkey dinner.  A few months later, they quietly and quickly flew in the Governor-General and had her back out in a couple of days.  It is now so unsafe that they were afraid to keep Obama there in daylight or for more than a few hours.   Stirling      

Livni quits Knesset - Says Netanyahu and company are putting country at existential risk ~ link ~ Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni resigned from the Knesset on Tuesday, warning in her resignation address that Israel's leaders are putting the country's existence at risk by choosing to ignore the mounting impatience on the part of the international community. 

Livni submitted her resignation to Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, in a meeting that put an end to the wide spread speculation that she would resign following a decisive loss to Shaul Mofaz at the Kadima primary in March. Speaking to the press after her meeting with Rivlin, Livni said she had "the honor of leading Kadima in an election, and receiving the public's trust, granting it 28 [Knesset seats]. And today, Kadima is Israel's largest party." 

Netanyahu moves to dissolve Knesset ahead of early elections ~ link ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party submitted a bill to dissolve the Knesset on Wednesday, as Israel's political system readies for upcoming early general elections.

Kadima released a statement following the Likud's submission, saying that the party would "support every bill to move up the elections at any date the Knesset agrees to." 

Turkish Prime Minister and Chief of Defense Staff meet on Syria ~ link ~ Turkey is planning to do the globalist's dirty deeds against Syria and plans to come out of it, in its old role as leader of the Muslim worldwide community.  It is far more apt to be seriously wounded or destroyed in WWIII. 

Fukushima: Cleaning up radiation hopeless ~ link ~ The Human Race is beginning to pay a horrible price for the scam of "Safe Nuclear Power".   Stirling    

New World Order: Paranoia or Reality ~ link ~ This is one that you need to read all of at the is a 'Good One'!   Stirling      

As we can see quite clearly from the direct quotes above, the New World Order, and its pursuit of global government, is not some “delusion” built upon exaggerated claims or impractical fears.  It is, in fact, a very OPEN and freely admitted sociopolitical ideology held by a select and decidedly influential group of people.  To label it “conspiracy theory” is absurd.  

Are capitalist and socialist organizations “conspiracy theory”?  Are political parties “conspiracy theories”?  Is Greenpeace a paranoid figment of our imagination?  What about corporate lobbyists?  Was the purge of Stalinist Russia a fable?  Did the Nazi party not actually seek to rule the world?  Obviously, these have all been substantial forces in the making of our current era.  

Throughout history, very real organizations of people with specific and directed beliefs have sought to guide the course of our cultural progression according to their personal values, sometimes using coordinated and underhanded means.  The New World Order is no different in this regard.  Its uniqueness lay only in the insidious nature of its methods and the complexity of its structure.  In fact, I would have to question the sanity of anyone who DOESN’T believe that conspiracies are a constant and concrete reality.  Secretive groups of men have always sought power over others and have always cloaked their thirst in the auspices of patriotism and rationalism.

Another issue which average Americans stumble over is the fraudulent notion of the left/right paradigm.  For those within the ranks of the New World Order, “left” and “right”, Democrat and Republican, are ultimately meaningless terms.  This is undeniable after one realizes that the leadership on both sides of the aisle exhibit almost identical policy initiatives and voting records.  When the two primary political entities of a system differ only in rhetoric but not in action, one has to question whether they are separate parties at all:

Leeb - We will see unbelievable choas going forward ~ link

Spain's stocks plunged 2.55% on Wednesday ~ link ~ Madrid’s main stock market, the IBEX-35, tumbled 179.10 points to 6,831.90 on Wednesday. This is the lowest close since March 2009 and brought the cumulative losses so far this year to more than 20 percent.

The richest eurozone bank, Santander, dropped 3.31 percent to 4.564 euros and its rival Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) fell 3.33 percent to 4.936 euros while Bankia skidded 5.13 percent to 2.46 euros.

Hugh Hendry on Europe: "You can't make up how bad it is" ~ link ~ All by design of the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling    

At The Milken Institute conference yesterday, Hugh Hendry delivered his usual eloquent and critical insights on the state of Europe. Beginning with the statement that "All of Europe has defaulted", the canny-wee-fella (translation: shrewd and cautious young chap) explained that "The political economy in Europe is such that the politicians chose to default on their spending obligations to their citizens in order to honor the pact with their financial creditors and so as time goes on, the politicians are being rejected." Between France's election of Mr. Hollande and Luxembourg's 'when times get tough you have to lie' Juncker, Hendry says the only inspiration for Europe is fiction as "you just can't make up how bad it is" as he goes on to discuss the precedent for a way forward, the grotesque distortions of fixed exchange rate regimes, why Weimar happened, why the transfer union will never happen, Ayn Rand's reality, and fear politicians are feeling.

The entire discussion is well worth watching for a sense of the underlying reality in Europe.

Bank of New York Mellon chief resigns in a shake-up - Along with six hundred bankers worldwide - No explanation -with list ~ link ~ How about "The shit is about to hit the fan".   Stirling     

Quebec scuttles talks with striking students, unveils plan to nearly double tuition fees ~ linkClaiming that it is impossible to negotiate with the province’s striking university and CEGEP (pre-university and technical college) students, Quebec Liberal Premier Jean Charest and Education Minister Line Beauchamp unveiled a “global solution for university accessibility” last Friday.

The Liberal government’s “solution” is a transparent attempt to break the almost three-month-long student strike and to legitimize a further escalation of state repression. It substitutes a $1,779 or 84 percent increase in university tuition fees spread over seven years for the government’s original plan to raise them by $1,625 or almost 75 percent over five years. By raising the income threshold at which students can have access to government-backed loans, it would encourage students trying to cope with the tuition fee increases to go deeper into debt.

James Turk - Banks and Governments will collapse together ~ link ~ That and WWIII will make the 'Perfect Storm from Hell' for the End Times.   Stirling      

Cairo: Military deploys as clashes kill 20 ~ link ~ Twenty were killed and scores were wounded in Cairo clashes that erupted on Wednesday outside the Egyptian Defense Ministry after a group of "unidentified assailants" attacked demonstrators protesting continued military rule.

A military junta took interim control of Egypt following a popular uprising that led to the ouster of long-time president Hosni Mubarak on 11 February 2011. The generals have promised to transfer power to a civilian administration by January 1, but daily rallies demanding the junta step-down immediately continue to be staged.

Deadly clashes at Cairo demo against military rule - with photos and videos ~ link ~ Hospital officials say that the death toll has risen to 20. Earlier reports suggested that nine people had died of gunshot wounds to the head, while two people were stabbed to death. So far it is not clear if any of the attackers were among the dead or if the victims were all protesters.

The Egyptian army has reportedly deployed troops to the area to end the clashes. In the face of the insurgency, the Military Council said it may transfer power on May 24 if the president is elected in the first round.

On Wednesday the attackers targeted several hundred protesters camped outside the Defense Ministry on Abbaseyah Square to demand an end of military rule. They are protesting against Egypt’s ruling military body the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), and its disqualification of Islamist Salafi leader Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail from May's presidential race. Witnesses say the assailants came at the protesters at dawn with cement-based bombs, stones, Molotov cocktails, birdshot and teargas canisters.

Sarkozy fighting for his future, likely to lose ~ link ~
President Nicolas Sarkozy is the underdog, and he knows it. Not a single poll has predicted he will win re-election on Sunday, and leading figures in his government are already lining up new jobs. In televised interviews, Sarkozy's on the defensive and paints himself as a victim. At campaign rallies, he's boxer-like, punching the air, torso soaked with sweat within minutes of taking the podium. He relishes the combat, but after he leaves the stage, his face drains of color, his features lined with fatigue.

The dynamic French leader made his mark on the world arena but let down voters at home, and may well be out of a job within days.

Sarkozy hopes to "explode" Hollande in live TV debate ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkNicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande are to face each other in a live TV debate on Wednesday night – a tense verbal showdown seen as the rightwing president's last chance to swing Sunday's presidential vote in his favour.

The French president is six to eight points behind the Socialist frontrunner Hollande in the polls, despite an aggressive campaign. Sarkozy has reportedly told ministers that he will use the debate to "explode" Hollande. Both candidates have warned they do not view the two-and-a-half-hour standoff as a "boxing match", but French newspapers were billing it as a fight for political survival: The Last Duel or The Final Confrontation.

Five Ways the USA Could Disintegrate ~ link ~ The globalists intend for America to fight and lose the Third World War!   Stirling     

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