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Breaking News: Netanyahu in shock move cancels elections and forms national unity government ~ link ~ Getting 'all his ducks in a row' for the coming Regional War/WWIII/Armageddon!   Stirling     

In a startling about turn, Israel’s prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu let the bill for dissolving parliament (the Knesset) for an election on Sept. 4 go through first reading Monday night. The proceedings were interrupted by his announcement that he was co-opting the leading opposition party Kadima to a national unity government naming its leader Shaul Mofaz, who recently displaced Tzipi Livni, deputy prime minister. The government now commands a huge majority of 92 members of the 120-strong Knesset.
From the start, Netanyahu’s bow to pressure for a general election a year before it was due puzzled political watchers, including debkafile.  His government coalition was exceptionally stable for an Israeli government which has rarely survived more than half a term and he topped opinion polls as the most popular politician in the country.  Labor leader Shelley Yacimovitch was the only opposition leader pushing hard for an early election which no other party seemed to want.

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Sven Z. said...

There are some things going on in this world one can only shake one’s head at. And even at the danger of sounding anti-Semitic, it’s the Jews again that stir up the emotions, as an article in today’s (8 May 2012) online edition of Dutch economy daily “NRC Handelsblad” shows… →

Jewish organization wants to make memorial services for German WWII soldiers illegal

Jewish interests organization Federatief Joods Nederland (Federative Jewish Netherlands, FJN) is going to try to ban all Dutch memorial services for the dead at which deceased German military are commemorated from next year’s Memorial Day on 4 May 2013, says Herman Loonstein, solicitor, in the organization’s name in an interview for NRC Handelsblad.

Last week, a court in Zutphen banned the mayor and council members of the municipality of Bronckhorst from walking past the graves of ten German military who had found death there to commemorate them during Memorial Day service in Vorden. The local 4 May Committee had previously included this option in their programme. The Committee opined that 67 years after World War II the time had finally come to “fraternize and reconciliate,” but FJN called this option an “unjust act against victims, both dead and alive.”

In the proceedings for a provisional decision the judge said Friday afternoon that commemorating fallen German soldiers may be “fitting, though not on 4 May and not in the same breath as commemorating the victims of the Nazi occupation.”

On the North Sea island of Schiermonnikoog, another place where German military lie buried, they have been playing the German national anthem during Memorial Day service for years. Says solicitor Loonstein: “At Schiermonnikoog we will first enter talks with the local Committee. If that doesn’t go well, we will file another lawsuit.”

It is not clear at how many Memorial Day services there are commemorations for deceased Germans. Loonstein will therefore try to get hold of the schedules for next year’s services throughout the nation “at an early stage,” stating, “If we see that Germans are commemorated, we will counter that. The decision in the Vorden case was so clear that I can’t imagine us losing other such cases.”

Translation by me. Original article in Dutch: