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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Cambridge scientist defends claim that there are Back Doors in US Military Chips ~ link ~ The globalists intend that America lose the coming Third World War!   Stirling      

A powerful new report by Cambridge scientist Sergei Skorobogatov hit the Internet over the weekend confirming Chinese computer chips used in U.S. military systems have hidden "back doors" that can disable everything from American fighter jets to nuclear power plants.

It's a bold claim that until now has been impossible to prove, but Skorobogatov says he has developed a new ultra-sensitive technology that's able to detect "malicious insertions" into chips. "The scale and range of possible attacks," he says, "has huge implications for National Security and public infrastructure."

Researcher finds Back Doors in milspec silicon chips ~ link ~ Sergei Skorobogatov, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, and Christopher Woods of London's Quo Vadis Labs have released a draft paper (PDF) describing a method whereby attackers can “disable all the security on the chip, reprogram crypto and access keys, modify low-level silicon features, access unencrypted configuration bitstream or permanently damage the device.”

The pair chose the ProASIC3 for their tests because, they say, it is a very widely used device, boasts of superior security and is known to have military users. Those qualities, the pair say, made it an ideal subject for a back door hunt.

UN: Most of 108 killed in Syria were executed ~ link ~ The horrific event was a PsyOp based False Flag, designed to "justify" a NATO attack on Syria!  It fits in with the entire flow of events happening over the last going on two years in Syria and in Iran and Lebanon.  Don't buy into the bullshit...the monsters who did this want the sheeple to think that the Syrian Government did this.  The reality is that the true bastards that executed these civilians, including many women and children, are the killers paid for, armed, led, recruited, and controlled by the US/UK/France/NATO/Israel/GCC.  This is a major step towards World War III.   Stirling      
The U.N.'s human rights office said Tuesday that most of the 108 victims of a massacre in Syria last week were shot at close range, some of them women, children and entire families gunned down in their own homes.

The massacre on Friday in Houla drew new international outrage, with more than half a dozen countries including France and Britain expelling Syrian diplomats in protest.

Atrocities Made To Order ~ link ~ In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, and evidence exposing the West's initial narrative of Syrian troops "shelling to death" around 100 people to be categorically false, people are struggling to understand just what happened. The Guardian has chosen to post unverified witness accounts produced by the Free Syrian Army, seemingly custom tailored to refute evidence brought by Russia to the UN Security Council. The BBC has admitted that only "most" of the accounts they've received implicated what they "believe" were Syrian troops, or pro-government militias - and by doing so, imply that some did not and have told a different account.

As the window of opportunity closes for the West to exploit the bloodshed at Houla, the Western media is increasingly backpedaling, retracting, and being caught in a crossfire of their own lies and propagandizing. BBC was caught initially using years' old photos from Iraq for their Houla coverage, while papers and networks across the board have had to adjust their narratives entirely as each new piece of verified evidence emerges.

What is known is that Syrian troops were engaged with armed militants of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) in and around Houla. Syrian troops, as they have been doing throughout the conflict, were using artillery and tanks to target heavily fortified rebel positions from a distance. During or shortly after this exchange, militants began entering homes and killing families with knives and small arms fire. The FSA and Syrian opposition claim the militants were pro-government militias while the government claims they were foreign-backed Al Qaeda terrorists, known to be operating throughout the country. What they weren't, by all accounts, were Syrian troops.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff threatens US military attack on Syria - War games in Jordan cut short to prep invasion of 12,000 Special-Op troops ~ link ~ The escalating “atrocities” in Syria could end up triggering a military intervention, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Fox News on Monday — following the massacre that left more than 100 dead.

The international community has scrambled to respond to the violence over the weekend, with the recognition that an international peace plan has failed to stem the fighting. The U.N. Security Council called an emergency session Sunday, with its members unanimously supporting a statement condemning the killings and blaming the Bashar al-Assad regime. Meanwhile, U.N. envoy Kofi Annan traveled to Syria for talks.

Dempsey said Monday, as he has in the past, that military options are being crafted.

The FINAL CRASH - The End of US Dominance in 2013 - Part One - Is War with Iran in 2012 inevitable? ~ link ~ This is all part of the Global Banking Cartel's End Game strategy to usher in their long-sought satanic global high-tech slave state, the New World Order.  However, Satan is fooling his minions once again.  He know that his time on this planet is just about up and he desires the total destruction of the human race, who he has not been able to fully convert to worshiping him and his false religions (money/communism/etc.).  But keep in mind, that after the horrific mess that he and his jerks will cause, Christ Himself will return and there will be a beautiful New Earth based on peace and centered on God.   Stirling        

If Violent Crime Rate is at a 40-Year Low - WHY is US spending $100 Billion a year on police? ~ link ~
From the amount of money spent each year in the United States on law enforcement, one might assume crime continues to be a growing problem.
But that’s not the case at all.
Crime rates today are at their lowest levels in 30 years and the rate of violent crime has dipped to a 39-year low. Yet the number of arrests between 2009 and 2010 declined only slightly, according to the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), which noted in its new report that police spending increased 445% between 1982 and 2007 and federal funding for police burgeoned by 729%.

Churches rush to fill in Food Stamps gap - 1 out of 7 Americans now depend on Food Stamps ~ Often USDA Food Stamps are insufficient to provide sufficient food, so churches are helping - video ~ link ~ This is what the money junkies, the corrupt global banksters, have brought the richest nation on Earth.  Stirling     

This is the report that might be freaking everyone out about Europe Right Now ~ linkIt's all about the money central banks are borrowing from the ECB and how they're going about it. Essentially, the thinking goes that a large European bank is no longer capable of borrowing directly from the ECB because it no longer has creditworthy collateral. Instead this bank has been forced to borrow from the Emergency Liquidity Assistance Program, which allows commercial banks without collateral  to access money through domestic central banks.

Goldman Sachs' role in Greece is a real scandal ~ link ~ The Greek people need a radically new Parliament who will get them out of the EU and Eurozone, repute the corrupt excess debt, and prosecute the banksters at the highest level for corruption, bribery, conspiracy, etc. and let them rot in prison for the rest of their rotten lives.   Stirling     

For the second time in two years US investment bank Goldman Sachs has an image problem. Comments last week, by former executive director Greg Smith on the bank’s “toxic culture”, wiped more than $2 billion (R15bn) off its value the following day.

However, early in 2010, Goldman Sachs stood accused of worse, when the bank was revealed as one of the architects of the emerging Greek disaster. Not only was it blamed for helping conceal the true state of the country’s finances, but it was accused of eventually betting against its sovereign debt, along with other major banks. 

Risk of bank runs and forcible FX conversions of savings deepens ~ link ~ The risk of stealth bank runs in periphery euro nations turning into full scale bank runs is deepening and this is likely supporting gold.

But a wave of withdrawals by depositors - either for fear that their government is too weak to stand behind its banks or that their country will exit the euro and forcibly convert their savings into a vastly devalued national currency - would represent a crisis of completely new proportions.

Fukushima Cesium Radiation Found In ALL California Tuna ~ link ~ The evil ones have engineered twin crisis that now make seafood from the Gulf of Mexico unsafe and from a large part of the massive Pacific Ocean unsafe, unbelievable!  Stirling     

Cesium remains dispersed throughout water column "from the surface to the ocean floor" ~ link 

Romney afraid of Trump's Obama 'birther claims' ~ link ~ The hidden powers-that-be have taken anything about the true history of Obama off the table for their puppet Romney (of course, Obama is also their puppet...that's how it works).   Stirling    

Mitt Romney's $55,000 car elevator ~ link ~ Gee I wonder just how many Americas can afford an elevator for their cars???   Stirling      

Baby reindeer starving in Swedish mountains ~ link ~ Yet another result from the global climate changes brought about by the created BP Oil Disaster and the death of the Gulf of Mexico's Loop Current.   Stirling   

Sweden’s reindeer population is suffering due to a late spring in the north, with herders fearing that the lack of food will ruin this year’s calving season and leaving dead calves on the mountain.  

“It’s been a real crap spring. We’ve had bad years before but then there have been some bits of the mountain without snow cover. At the moment there is a still lot of snow in the mountains and we are really worried how this will work out,” said Mikael Jonsson, head of Rans Sámi village to local paper Västerbottenskuriren (VK). 

These are parts of the Vatican that tourists never see - photos ~ link   

Bacteria found under the ocean floor that hasn't had fresh food since the Age of the Dinosaurs ~ link ~ An example of just how dangerous someplace like Mars could be...who knows what bacteria/etc. are still living there from the days when the planet had a much different environment.   Stirling    

One-hundred feet below the Pacific Ocean sea floor, scientists have discovered bacteria that hasn't been exposed to oxygen, sunlight or new nutrients since the age of the dinosaurs.

Although researchers can't be exactly sure how old the bacteria are — or how they reproduce —  microbiologists at Aarhus University in Denmark posit that the ancient organisms could be anywhere from several thousand to millions of year old, The Washington Post's Joel Achenback reports.


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