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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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In America, where I live, we traditionally begin the Summer Season with the three-day Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day, which many years ago was known as Decoration Day for the flowers that people decorated their family graves with, is a traditional day to honor American war dead and all of our departed loved ones.  Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.    
Tim Earl of Stirling    

UN Security Council condemns Syrian massacre that killed over 100 - with video ~ link ~ link This is all a part of the organized plan to trigger a General Middle East War with Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza.  The so-called "rebels", actually well paid foreign Islamic mercenaries equipped with state-of-the-art military firepower move into a city, such as Houla, and use advanced anti-tank and other weapons against the Syrian Army.  The US/Israel supply real-time satellite views to the "rebels" who embed themselves in high civilian populations.  In such cases, unless you want to lose a hundred tanks and many hundreds of men, the standard tactical response is to shell the enemy's locations.  This causes many civilians to die, which is what the strategy is all about, and then the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media yells massacre...the Syrians are killing civilians, while ignoring the so-called "rebels" who placed the civilians in grave danger deliberately.   Do not be fooled by any on-going negotiations with Iran, Syria is the back-door to a war with Iran and World War III.  Also, by delaying a direct attack on Iran, it gives the Eurozone disaster time to cause the global economic collapse that will trigger the Second and most severe phase of the new global Greatest Depression, one that will not be blamed on Israel and the US for starting a war that will close the Straights of Hormuz and collapsing the global economy.   It is going to be one Hell of a Summer!    Stirling    

US-NATO seek to trigger instability in Syria: Death Squads ravage Syrian town - West calls for "Action" ~ link ~ Before UN monitors even arrived in Houla, Syria, northwest of Homs and close to the Lebanese border where it is now admitted that militant extremists, cash, and weapons had been freely flowing for months, the US, UK, and France were already calling for the "international community" to move against the Syrian government, in the latest effort to justify further meddling in the Middle Eastern nation.

France's new Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, has called for the dubious "Friends of Syria" cadre to meet again to discuss further measures to be taken against Syria while both France and the UK urged for more support to be given to the Syrian opposition, now long exposed as employing terrorist tactics, including indiscriminate bombings, and according to both the UN and Human Rights Watch, the kidnapping, torture, and murder of civilians.

Western media organizations had claimed that Syrian government shelling was responsible for the 90 deaths "confirmed" by UN monitors who later arrived at the scene. However, conflicting reports from across Gulf State media claim the deaths, particularly those of children, were caused by "knives" wielded by death squads. Images broadcast by both the opposition and the Syrian government's SANA news network shows slain families laying dead within intact structures, the result of a combination of brutality including close range small arms fire and possibly bladed weapons as claimed by Gulf State networks. SANA maintains that the atrocities were committed by opposition death squads, as it has consistently maintained throughout the duration of the unrest. The West and its allies however, have presented conflicting, and ever-shifting narratives to obfuscate increasingly depraved atrocities committed by their own proxy rebel forces.

Syria blames 'rebels'/armed gangs for terrorist massacre in Houla ~ link ~ “We completely deny responsibility for this terrorist massacre against our people,” Makdissi said in a press conference in Damascus on Sunday.

“We have set up a military and legal committee to investigate [the incident]. The results will emerge within days.”

Deadly clashes between Syrian forces and armed groups broke out on May 25 in Houla, located in the central province of Homs and about 32 kilometers (20 miles) northwest of the provincial capital city of Homs.

Head of the UN observer mission in Syria Major General Robert Mood said a UN team has counted 92 bodies, including at least 32 children, after it arrived in the town for investigation on May 26.

“There are neighborhoods where there are armed men. The [UN] observers go into the towns and see with their own eyes. It is the government’s right to protect its citizens,” Makdissi said.

“No Syrian artillery or heavy weapons were used in the area of Houla.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also censured some “without any evidence” accusations against the Damascus government over its involvement in the Houla violence.

Laying the Foundations for Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran - with video ~ link ~ It is highly likely that the Israelis and NATO will employ nuclear weapons against Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza in the near future.  However, there are a couple of things that should be remembered.  Iran/Syria/Lebanon-Hezbollah have maybe 100,000 rockets and guided missiles with Advanced Conventional (fuel air explosive) and other (Chemical/Advanced Biological/Radiological) WMD based warheads that can and will destroy Israel and much of the GCC states and allied bases in the area.  Further, Iran DOES HAVE a MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force against all of its enemies homelands (North America and Western/Central Europe) in its Advanced Biowar capabilities.  A capability that has the killing power of a global thermonuclear strike force of a superpower.  Further, Pakistan has said that if Iran is attacked it will render military support to it, and Pakistan has a large number of thermonuclear warheads.  Additionally, Russia and China will almost certainly become involved with all of their firepower.  The globalist know all of this and are counting on it to achieve the level of destruction and population reduction that, in their satanic inspired insanity, they desire to usher in their New World Order.   Stirling    

As prospects for a preemptive strike on Iran remain ever present, the recent round of talks between the P5+1 and Iran in Baghdad on May 23rd, 2012 have resulted in a familiar stalemate. As a precondition for any deal to stop higher-grade uranium enrichment, Tehran requested immediate relief from economic sanctions as a show of reciprocity [1]. Iranian chief negotiator Saeed Jalili emphasized Tehran’s right to develop peaceful nuclear energy as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while the P5+1 refused to scale back economic sanctions, insisting Iran suspend its 20% uranium enrichment program [2]. As leaders in Tel Aviv assert that Israel may conduct military strikes against Iran before the US Presidential elections in November [2], Major General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed Forces reiterated Iran’s commitment to the full annihilation of the Zionist regime and the continual support of Palestinian autonomy [3]. Even if Tehran reaches an agreement with the IAEA, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak refused to rule out a military strike against Iranian facilities, demanding that Iran dismantle its uranium enrichment sites and use only imported fuel [4].   

Bastin’s assessment of Iran’s nuclear program further emphasizes the impracticality of weaponizing the hexafluoride product of Tehran’s gas-centrifuges, as the resulting deterrent would yield the equivalent explosive capacity equal to a kiloton of conventional explosives, producing a highly inefficient nuclear weapon. If Iran chose to produce nuclear weapons in this way, it would take several years to reach the 90% enrichment levels needed for a nuclear deterrent; Iran has complied with the IAEA and the United Nations on this issue and there is no substantial evidence indicating that Tehran has any intention of enriching uranium to 90% for the purpose of creating nuclear weapons. On March 23rd, 2012, Reuters released a special report entitled, “Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent”, concluding that the United States, its European allies and even Israel agree that Tehran does not have a bomb, it has not decided to build one, and it is years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead [55]. As the West continually implements an unyielding regime of sanctions against Iran when they themselves acknowledge the civilian nature of the Iranian nuclear program, the overwhelming motive behind their actions to pressure Iran into full-scale war on an unprecedented scale is self-evident.  

Lies and Consequences In Our Past 15 Wars ~ link ~ This is one that you need to read at the link in full, on this Memorial Day weekend.  Remember that wars are the greatest generator of deficit spending and profit for the Global Banking Cartel families.   Stirling     

Memorial Day: Among post-9/11 veterans, deepening antiwar sentiments ~ link The feedback that I get from my students, back from the wars, is generally not positive.  They have seen the nonsense and bloody reality up close.   Stirling    

Are the Europeans About to Start the Second Half of our Great Depression? ~ link ~ YES.  That way Israel and America won't be blamed when the coming General Middle East War closes the Straights of Hormuz and the price of oil goes through the ceiling; the global Great Economic Collapse will have already happened.   Stirling    

"Just when we think the worst is over - and let's face it we have been in this crisis for five years - we get the second half; are the Europeans about to start the second half our Great Depression with massive bank runs" are the Jaws-music-inspired words that recent media-favorite (yes, us too) Niall Ferguson uses in an interview with CBC. His main concern is that this kind of (bank-run) event can quickly spiral out of the control of even the ECB as he uncomfortably conjures the image of the initial US stabilization that occurred in 1930 to May 1931 only to be knocked back into a greater depression by the failure of Credit-Anstalt, which set off bank failures and eventually defaults in 1932 on many government debts. The deposit run potential is the single-biggest reason to care about Greek-exit - in itself it is not large enough economically to interfere with global growth but it is the message and contagion that it sends that is critical in bringing forth a pan-European banking crisis and implicitly spilling over to the US and Asia via global trade and banking transmission channels. An excellent brief interview that summarizes the exact fears that face Europe and implicitly the US, explains the rather simple solution of fiscal federalism and the fact that today's German politik is very different from 1989's Helmut Kohl-era with regard to their commitment to the Federal outcome. His conclusions are worrisome. Germany is the key - and there is not a good understanding of financial markets in Berlin.  

IMF Chief riles Greeks as crisis election looms ~ link ~ The global banksters totally created the Greek crisis and now blame the Greek people.  What total evil lying gall to try to blame the victims!  Typical of the bankster trash, however.   Stirling    
Political leaders in Athens rounded on IMF chief Christine Lagarde on Sunday for branding Greeks tax-dodgers as parties went on the campaign trail for next month's elections. 

IMF Chief blasted for chastising the Greek people on tax evasion ~ link ~ In a Godly world, it is the global banksters who would be facing life imprisonment for their crimes against the Greek people, along with the bought-and-paid-for political whores in the Greek Parliament that the banksters bought off.  Her outrageous comments that the IMF is supporting Greece is the ultimate in bullshit and earn her the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.   Stirling

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde is retreating from remarks that she has more sympathy for poor African children than Greeks suffering under the country's economic problems and austerity measures.

Thousands of angry messages were posted on her Facebook page after the Guardian newspaper published an interview Saturday in which Lagarde chastises Greeks for not paying their taxes. In response to the firestorm, Lagarde issued a statement late Saturday stating she was "very sympathetic to the Greek people and the challenges they are facing." "That's why the IMF is supporting Greece in its endeavour to overcome the current crisis," she said.


 Moroccans march against Islamist-led government ~ link ~ Anti-government protesters in Morocco staged a mass rally in Casablanca on Sunday, the biggest demonstration since an Islamist-led government took office in January. The government is accused of failing to act on its promise of social justice.

Thousands protest government in Georgia ~ link ~ Georgia is apt to be a war theater to the coming World War III and the Russians want to weaken the drug addicted tie-eating globalist puppet president as much as possible.   Stirling    

Tens of thousands of people thronged the streets of Georgia's capital today to show their opposition to President Mikhail Saakashvili in the largest anti-government demonstration in three years.

The protest was seen as a test of public support for the opposition ahead of a parliamentary election in October.It also was a political coming-out party for organizer Bidzina Ivanishvili, a billionaire businessman who is Georgia's richest man and leading philanthropist. He made his entry into politics in October, announcing that he was forming a political party with the aim of winning the parliamentary vote and assuming the post of prime minister.

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