Saturday, May 26, 2012

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In America, where I live, we traditionally begin the Summer Season with the three-day Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day, which many years ago was known as Decoration Day for the flowers that people decorated their family graves with, is a traditional day to honor American war dead and all of our departed loved ones.  Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.    
Tim Earl of Stirling   

IAEA: Found "highly enriched" Uranium in Iran ~ link ~ Someone is playing word games.   27 percent enriched uranium is a LONG WAY from the roughly 90 percent that is weapons grade...a long way, requiring much more enrichment and technology.   Stirling     

Yesterday, when looking at recent naval developments in the Arabian Sea, we suggested that things involving Iran had gotten quiet. Too quiet. It appears that it may indeed have been the lull before the storm. Just out from Bloomberg and Reuters:

Large Russian arms shipment to Syria arriving today ~ link ~ Russia does not intend to allow foreign powers to destroy Syria.   Stirling    

Bank of Russia to purchase 'Considerable Figure' of gold tonnage in 2012 ~ link ~ They figure economic Armageddon is near.   Stirling       
Central Banks and the Wealthy are now Big Buyers of Gold ~ link ~ Notice they are buying real gold, NOT paper gold.  And I bet most are having it tested to make sure that it is solid gold.  Stirling       

Largest US cities becoming cesspools of filth, decay, and wretchedness ~ link ~ But at least we are taking good care of the global bankers and Israel.   Stirling    

Once upon a time, the largest U.S. cities were the envy of the entire world.  Sadly, that is no longer the case.  Sure, there are areas of New York City, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles that are still absolutely beautiful but for the most part our major cities are rapidly rotting and decaying.  Cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis and Oakland were all once places where middle class American workers thrived and raised their families.  Today, all of those cities are rapidly being transformed into cesspools of filth, decay and wretchedness.  Millions of good jobs have left our major cities in recent decades and poverty has absolutely exploded.    Basically, you can turn out the lights because the party is over.  In fact, some major U.S. cities are literally turning out the lights.  In Detroit, about 40 percent of the streetlights are already broken and the city cannot afford to repair them.  So Mayor Bing has come up with a plan to cut the number of operating streetlights almost in half and leave vast sections of the city totally in the dark at night.  I wonder what that will do to the crime rate in the city.  But don't look down on Detroit too much, because what is happening in Detroit will be happening where you live soon enough.
The Real Obama Budget Deficit for 2011 was $5 TRILLION ~ link ~ Remember, under the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, deficit spending is PROFIT for the mostly foreign owners of the Fed.  Stirling    
If the U.S. government used the same accounting methods that most U.S. businesses use, the real federal budget deficit for last year would have been 5 trillion dollars instead of 1.3 trillion dollars.  So where does the huge difference come from?  I think a simple illustration would be helpful here.  When you go shopping, do you only count the transactions where you use cash, or do you also count the transactions where you signed on the dotted line and promised to pay later?  Of course you count both of them.  Well, the U.S. government does not count promises to pay later when calculating budget deficits.  The "official" Obama budget deficit for 2011 was 1.3 trillion dollars, but according to USA Today when you add in the rise in liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and other retirement programs that adds another 3.7 trillion dollars to the total.  Those are future financial promises that we have made that future taxes are not expected to cover.  This analysis by USA Today squares very well with what analysts such as John Williams of have been saying for years.  The truth is that our federal budget deficits have actually been far worse than we have been told.

If the U.S. government was a publicly traded stock, it would be forced to use GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Sadly, as USA Today explained, the real budget deficit for 2011 would have been almost four times as large as was officially reported if standard accounting practices had been used....

The amount of red ink the federal government ran up in 2011 alone was almost equal to median household income.

How much worse can things get?

Keynesianism and Eugenics ~ link ~Most economists serve the interests of the ruling elite.  As we know, at the highest levels of the ruling elite...the Global Banking Cartel families...they tend to be actual practicing satanists.  There are few things as satanic as eugenics.  Seems like old John Maynard Keynes was 'not a very nice person'!   Stirling     

In looking at and assessing the economic paradigm of John Maynard Keynes — a man himself fixated on aggregates — we must look at the aggregate of his thought, and the aggregate of his ideology.

Keynes was not just an economist. Between 1937 and 1944 he served as the head of the Eugenics Society and once called eugenics ”the most important, significant and, I would add, genuine branch of sociology which exists.” And Keynes, we should add, understood that economics was a branch of sociology. So let’s be clear: Keynes thought eugenics was more important, more significant, and more genuine than economics.

Eugenics — or the control of reproduction — is a very old idea.

Australians facing fascist free speech controls ~ link ~ Praised by Barack Obama as a model for the world, Australia’s highly unpopular carbon tax, set to take effect from July 1st, is set to be policed by laws which forbid business owners from criticizing it for causing price rises – with thought criminals who do so under threat of being hit with huge fines of over $1 million dollars.
“SHOPS and restaurants could face fines up to $1.1 million if waiters or sales staff wrongly blame the carbon tax for price rises or exaggerate the impact,” reports the Daily Telegraph.
According to ACCC deputy chairman Dr Michael Schaper, the warning applies, “to comments made by staff over the phone, on the shop floor or in meetings. It also covers advertising, product labels, websites, invoices, contracts and contract negotiations.”

A million-strong task: Scots push for UK breakup - with video ~ link ~ With the economic depression and the almost hated level of the public's view of the British political class, now is 'the time' for the SNP to pull-off independence...they may just succeed in the months ahead.   Stirling    

Supporters of Scottish independence have launched their bid for a declaration that could see the nation break free from a 305-year-old union with the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party believes if a million people put pen to paper, it will secure victory in a referendum they want held in 2014,for the country to become fully independent by 2016.

The ‘Yes Scotland” campaign now has two and a half years to win over the majority of Scots.

The independence drive is being led by Alex Salmond, Scottish first minister and the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). His party won a surprise majority in Scottish elections last year with the main election promise to hold a referendum on Scotland’s independence.

Press 1 for English: Is America destined to become a multilingual nation? ~ link ~ The quickest way to divide people is to have them speak different languages.  America has always been a nation of immigrants, but one of the things that has always united us as a nation has been the English language.  In the past, it was always understood that if you wanted to thrive in the "land of opportunity" that you had better learn English and learn it well.  Unfortunately, times have changed.  Today, many radical activist groups are actually referring to the English language as a "tool of oppression" and are demanding that special accommodations be made for those that do not wish to learn the English language.  But what languages are we supposed to accommodate?  Overall, there are 325 different languages spoken at home in the United States today.  So which of those languages should receive special treatment?  How far are we really going to take all of this?  Someday, instead of your telephone telling you to "press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish", it may tell you to "press 323 for Italian, 324 for Arabic or 325 for English".  Yes, that is kind of a ridiculous example, but we really should examine where all of this is headed.  Is America destined to become a multilingual nation where we all struggle to understand one another?

This debate can become very heated.  The first thing that both sides should acknowledge is that everyone deserves to be loved and respected no matter where they are from and no matter what the color of their skin is.  If someone speaks English that does not make that person better than someone who speaks Spanish and vice versa.  Every single person on this planet is extremely valuable no matter where they come from and no matter what language they speak.

And the reality of the matter is that tens of millions of Americans speak Spanish as their primary language today.
All of us have noticed many of the changes that have occurred as a result.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, when you say

"Memorial Day ... is a traditional day to
honor American war dead and all of our
departed loved ones. Have a happy and safe
Memorial Day weekend"

you are displaying the cognitive dissonance --
the complete disconnect between brain and reality --
that is typical of (us) Americans.

Americans are trained from birth NOT TO FEEL THEIR
FEELINGS - especially feelings that are not pleasant
ones - because that might keep them from BUYING.

However . . .

Honoring war dead "and all of our departed loved
ones" is just simply NOT a "HAPPY" occasion. And so
it is completely inappropriate to wish people a
"happy..." Memorial Day weekend.

Does it make you "happy" to think of your young
wife's death from cancer? Does it make you "happy"
to think of her remains rotting away somewhere,
or dissipated in smithereens into the atmosphere?

Should anyone who lost a loved one in war be "happy" at the
remembrance of that devastating loss?

Please, Sir, DO wish people a "safe" Memorial Day

Please DO NOT wish them a "happy" one.

Thank you.

Lord Stirling said...

Your comments about my wife are rude. As a Christian I see the afterlife, for those not so evil as to end up in Hell, as a totally positive thing. The 'Happy' refers to the fact that Memorial Day weekend is also a celebration, over three days, of the beginning of the summer season. Stirling