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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Quebec protests no longer simply a student issue ~ link ~ It is an issue of a free people and a free nation vs. an enslaved people in a fascist state.  Tim Earl of Stirling, hereditary Governor & Lord Lieutenant of Canada 
RT:Do you think the protests are still about the fees only, or have they turned into something else now?
CP: The movement has been going on for a long time now. The mainstream media has only caught onto this recently. But now, I think, the best way to describe it is it is an ideological movement. It no longer just encompasses the issue of tuition increases. It’s no longer simply a student issue. I think that’s really exemplified by the nightly demonstrations. This past Tuesday there were thousands of people in the streets and many of them were families, young and old. It’s no longer just an issue of a tuition increase. The issue is much larger now.

RT:What do the people of Quebec think of the strike and the protests?
CP:  I think the government is trying to keep it as a student issue led by students that can be quelled with some simple negotiations. But I don’t really think that that is exactly the case. I feel that it’s an ideological issue. It’s a movement that’s grown beyond the simple fact of tuition increases, and now encompasses many problems that are being brought up in the Quebec government – mismanagement of funds, corruption within the government itself, mismanagement of the university system, and generally people are extremely upset. And I don’t think that this issue will simply go away. We are now 103 days into the movement. I don’t think it’s a simple issue that can be resolved.  

Canada protests spreads as arrests levels past 2,500 benchmark ~ linkOntario students have pledged to take to the streets in solidarity with their protesting fellows in Montreal and other cities of Quebec. The students are defying emergency laws the authorities are imposing to curb down the wave of dissent.
Students in Quebec have been protesting for more than 100 days now, with violent clashes between police and protesters reported on several occasions. The latest demo on Wednesday night resulted in a police crackdown on demonstrators.

About 700 people were detained throughout the province, which pushed the total number of detentions over the months over 2,500. That is at least five times more than during the 1970 crisis, when martial law was declared in Quebec in response to the actions of radical nationalists.

The protest against the hike of tuition fees was mainly focused in the province’s largest city Montreal, but it is now spreading outside of Quebec. A group of students the neighboring province of Ontario pledged their support of the movement Friday.

Quebec Protest Movement: Charest wants to transform Quebec into a so-called "Right-to-Study" state ~ link ~ For the government, the issue goes beyond the amount of the tuition fees. Thus it resorts to a special law in which primacy is given to individual rights over collective rights, in which a student's “right to study” prevails over the collective decision of a student assembly.

This is exactly the situation experienced by workers and unions in the so-called right to work states, those former slave states in the South, where collective agreements are illegal and the unions are condemned to operate in the underground. Is that the fate that awaits the student organizations?
The fight against neoliberalism has its specific national features. In Quebec, it proceeds through national independence. That alone has the potential to shake the structures of domination, to liberate the creative forces, and to be the leaven of social transformation at the level of North America.
That the Charest government is attacking the right to association should be no surprise to us. There is a lock-out at the Rio Tinto Alma plant because the government opened the door to contracting out with the amendments to section 45 of the Labour Code in 2003. It let the company violate the spirit of the anti-scab law through the hiring of numerous management personnel prior to the conflict, and it allows Hydro-Québec to purchase the kilowatts of electricity freed up by the stoppage of two thirds of production.

The students’ struggle must be the struggle of all Québécois, of all their organizations. It should be taken to the political level and become part of the struggle for the emancipation of the Quebec people.

We will be unable to establish free tuition and improve our social programs while we continue to pay 20 per cent of the tens of billions awarded by the federal government for the operation of the tar sands, the Ontario automobile industry and the purchase of the F-35 fighter planes.

Social Justice on Trial in Canada ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one in its entirety at the link.  Stirling     

Last winter, Quebec's Liberal government announced tuition fee increases over the next five years of around 75% (or $1,625). Stiff annual increases are policy. Other measures slashed vital services and benefits. Thousands of students reacted.

In mid-February, protests and strikes began. One of three provincial student associations initiated them: the Coalition large de l'association pour une solidarite syndicale etudiante (CLASSE: the Broader Coalition of the Association of Student-Union Solidarity).

Others joined in: FEUQ (the Quebec Federation of University Students) and FECQ (Quebec Federation of College Students).

Thousands swelled to 200,000 or more. Most Quebecers support them. Sharp tuition and fee increases force students and families into debt. Others drop out. Available aid is meager compared to years earlier. Higher education grows more unaffordable.

Students react by strikes and protests. They continue into their fourth month. Police confront them. Clashes and arrests follow. The usual pattern repeats against all social justice demonstrations. Legitimate struggles are criminalized.

Money power decides what's right or wrong. Ordinary people haven't a chance. In neoliberal societies like Canada, young people have most to lose. Increasingly shut out of higher education, decent jobs, and bright futures, fighting back remains their only option.

Criminalizing dissent became policy. On May 18, Quebec's Liberal government passed Bill 78. Provisions prohibit student protests or other "form(s) of gathering" within 50 meters of the "outer limits" of the "grounds" of any university or CEGEP (College of general and vocational education) building.

In Quebec, high school ends at grade 11. Completing CEGEP grades 12 and 13 are required for college or university admission. Doing it successfully earns them DECs (dioplomes d'etudes collegial).

Israeli officials refuse to meet US envoy after Baghdad talks ~ link ~ A sane and rational US Administration would use this event to end all US military and economic support for Israel...they have been a parasite on America's butt for way too long...the US has given them over four times what we spend on the entire US Space Program.   Stirling

On Friday, May 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak refused to meet with the top US negotiator on Iran in Baghdad Wendy Sherman who had travelled to Tel Aviv to brief Israeli officials about negotiations between Iran and the P5+1--Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States plus Germany.

Iran and the P5+1 wrapped up their final meeting in Baghdad on Thursday evening after two earlier sessions of negotiations on Thursday and Wednesday. 

Clashes spark fears of another war in Lebanon ~ link ~ The foreign forces trying to overthrow the Syrian government have failed.  So their overmasters, US/UK/ France/NATO/Israel/GCC states, are switching to Plan B by causing deaths and trouble in Lebanon.   Stirling     

West's undermining of UN paves the way for NATO Syrian intervention ~ link ~ And that means World War III.   Stirling     

Reports this week of the Syrian military "slaughtering civilians" near Homs have been reported relentlessly by Western media outlets, citing solely "activists" who have been consistently exposed as manipulating and purposefully distorting the reality on the ground in Syria. After episodes including "Gay Girl in Damascus," who turned out to be in fact a "middle-aged American man in Scotland," and "Syrian Danny" who was caught directing fake gunfire before a staged "casualty report" given to CNN's Anderson Cooper, the word of "activists" in Syria, openly sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army, is clearly less than credible.

A bird's eye view of Zionism and Israel's strategic aim ~ linkUri Avnery argues that the longstanding strategic aim of Zionism and Israel – a Jews-only state in all of the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River and the prevention of an Arab Palestinian state – is a pipe dream and that Israelis has better formulate a new national aim based on peace and coexistence.
”In a bird’s eye view, the Zionist-Israeli policy looks like a river striving towards the sea. When it meets an obstacle, it goes around it. The path deviates to the right and to the left, sometimes even going backwards. But it perseveres with a wondrous determination towards its goal.

“The guiding principle was to accept every compromise that gives us what we can get at any stage, but never let the final aim out of our sight.

“This policy allows us to compromise about everything, except one: an Arab Palestinian state that would confirm the existence of an Arab Palestinian people.” (Uri Avnery)

Unending Wars Against Mankind ~ link ~ "Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite; the humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance. Throughout the ages, the conscientious mankind searched for ways to undo the war and strive for peace, the real aim for the establishments of international institutions. But now the global institutional capacity to deal with peace and conflict management appears in ruin with the continued onslaught of the American led so called War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan."

UK Cabinet Minister: We'll stop migrants if Euro collapses ~ link ~ The EU and the Euro are the creation of the Rothschild Empire...and now this same empire is collapsing the Euro as part of its long-range plans to bring about a New World Order.  Stirling     

US Government bailing out Derivatives clearinghouses ~ linkIf you wanted proof that the hidden powers that be intend to totally destroy America, THIS IS IT!!!   Stirling       

The government has been bailing out the giant, insolvent banks for years. (Many of the bailed out banks are foreign.)
That is preventing the economy from recovering … like countries that have grabbed the bull by the horns.

The government has allowed the amount of derivatives to reach 1.2 quadrillion dollars.

That is feeding the parasite of casino gambling … which is preventing the real economy from recovering and is killing the host of actual productivity.

What is the government doing for an encore? Bailing out the derivatives clearinghouses.

As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday:
Little noticed is that on Tuesday Team Obama took its first formal steps toward putting taxpayers behind Wall Street derivatives trading — not behind banks that might make mistakes in derivatives markets, but behind the trading itself. Yes, the same crew that rails against the dangers of derivatives is quietly positioning these financial instruments directly above the taxpayer safety net.

55-Year old homeless man has two high-tech Masters Degrees from top schools - video ~ link ~ The globalists are bringing us down!  Way down!!!    Stirling    

Cops Taser pregnant woman three times over minor driving violation ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up.  These "brave officers" should have been fired and criminally charged, however, since their commanders and the local prosecutors are gutless and complicit in such a horrific violent illegal and unconstitutional that any person in their right mind instructively know is dead wrong...I would advise this woman to bring a Human Rights lawsuit against the "officers" and their supervisors and the local prosecutes in a foreign court in a nation that has Universal Jurisdiction in matters of Human Rights and also has a treaty with the USA requiring US courts to enforce their judgements.  These sick evil bastards need to be brought to justice, if only to have their possessions seized in a civil judgement.   Stirling     

(Mary Fischer)   When I heard about three police offers who wound up using a taser on a pregnant woman in Seattle, my first thought was that the story was some kind of a joke. Cops tasering a pregnant woman? In some sort of attempt to subdue her? For real?! You gotta be kidding me.

Apparently these three officers became enraged when they pulled Malaika Brooks over for a moving violation while driving her 11-year-old son to school, and she refused to sign the ticket they gave her because she didn’t want to admit being guilty when she didn’t feel she’d done anything wrong. But in the state of Washington, it’s a crime to refuse to sign a ticket — so they proceeded to arrest her. When Malaika then refused to get out of her car because she was in her last trimester of pregnancy, the cops must have felt really threatened — because that’s when they tased her on her leg, arm, and neck.

And that’s where this case gets even crazier. Not only was she convicted for not signing the ticket, but after suing the officers because of pain and scars the taser left behind — the circuit court ruled in their favor! But apparently getting away with using a stun gun on a preggo wasn’t enough for these guys, because now they’ve appealed their case to the Supreme Court in the hopes of getting a final ruling that they were not in the wrong by tasing Brooks. (Whaaattt?)

As commandos raid Tampa, the US State Department demands power to declare war ~ link ~ Since allowing foreign bankers to take over our money supply in the early 20th Century and especially since the coups of Nov. 11, 1963 and 9/11, we have allowed the worst criminals on Earth to rule over America.  It is now very bad and getting worse by the week.   Stirling     
The ongoing militarization of all phases of US society via Homeland Security searches and military training exercises surely should be of concern to those who are searching for a less warlike and aggressive United States.

But the pendulum apparently continues to swing in the other direction. While the mock drill received a lot of attention in the alternative media, statements of the guest of honor, Hillary Clinton, are worthy of equivalent concern.

The Secretary of State seemed to inform the conference that the State Department now had the unilateral authority to declare a limited state of war via an expanding liaison with US Special Operations Forces. Here are some direct quotes:

US Defense Department seeks legal authority to deploy Reservists onto American streets ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud.   Stirling     

Thanks to Posse Comitatus, the US military are forbidden from responding on the streets of America whenever the whim is announced.

The Posse Comitatus Act, Section 1385, states that only under “circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress” can a military presence on American streets be permitted.

Yet, if the Defense Department has their way, a
new authorization act will give them the power to order the armed forces to be used against the American public.  

Head of Japan's Government Committee:  "It's  a race against time" at Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 ~ link ~ The word "race" implies movement and action, something that simply has NOT happened at Fukushima.  They have had over a year now and they have NOT acted to repair or stabilize the grave dangers facing the entire world.  WHY NOT???   Stirling     

Ron Paul: Lawyers confirm that all GOP delegates are unbound - video ~ link ~ That means that Congressman Paul has a real chance of getting the nomination!!!   HOT DAMN!   Stirling     

Popular hair growth drug chemically castrates users - with video ~ link ~ The less you have to do with Big Pharma the better off you are.  Try to use NO prescription drugs and as few non-prescription drugs/chemicals as possible.   Stirling     

Warning to all men who are considering using Propecia to treat their male pattern baldness: it causes sexual dysfunction in nearly all users and this is often PERMANENT!

The alternative, Rogaine, is not much better and carries a risk of causing skin problems, dark circles and accelerated aging. Fortunately, there IS a natural (and much safer) alternative.

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