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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Lord Stirling was on the NutriMedical Report Show today and will be on again on Thursday ~ link ~ today's show (second hour) audio ~ link 

Threat of new rebel Lebanese army as tensions grow over killing of Sunni clerics ~ link ~ For all the talk of some "progress" in the Iranian nuclear talks, do not be deceived.  The steamroller is still going full blast heading towards World War III.  The war on Syria is intensifying and now the globalists/Netanyahu Zionists are deliberately inflaming Lebanon with a new civil war.  The goals are to take out the long-range guided missiles and shorter/medium range rockets in Lebanon operated by Hezbollah and those of the Syrian armed forces so that Iran can be attacked with less danger.  The Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah are not so stupid as to let US/UK/France/Israel/GCC get by with this crap.  They know that together they have strength and that they will all be killed off if they allow any part of their military alliance to fall.   This is going to be one Hell of a year!  Stirling       
Rocket-propelled grenades and fierce gunfire ripped through the streets of the Lebanese capital last night after the army shot dead a prominent Sunni cleric, raising fears of sectarian strife as the conflict in Syria spills over.

At least six people, including two soldiers, were reported injured in the clashes in the Tariq al-Jadideh neighbourhood of Beirut as tensions between the Sunni community and the army intensified. The fighting, which will evoke memories of Lebanon's 15-year civil war, came just hours after religious leaders in the north called for the establishment of a Lebanese Free Army, after Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahid and his companion Sheikh Mohammed al Miraib were killed at a checkpoint near the northern city of Halba. "We are now entering into a state of emergency, the whole of the north may explode," said Mohammed Beiruti, the leader of a Tripoli-based Islamist organisation.

Neither the Federal Reserve nor the ECB can stop what's coming ~ link ~ That is because a lot of time and effort and money went into making the coming global crash unstoppable.  Collapsing the global economy, setting up a totally horrific global Greatest Depression, and the chaos that comes from it is part of the End Game Strategy of the globalists to bring about their New World Order.  The Strategy includes World War III and massive depopulation via WWIII and Fukushima and other 'events'.  Get ready for one wild and wicked ride.   Stirling     
Today, we are witnessing the investment world’s slow awakening to the fact that the monetary actions taken by the world’s Central Banks have not in fact solved the issues leading up to the 2008 Crisis.

In point of fact, the Central Banks’ actions have exacerbated pre-existing problems  (excessive leverage) while simultaneously creating new problems (inflation).

This slow awakening has taken much longer than I would have expected, but with tens of thousands of careers on the line (financial professionals) as well as tens of trillions of dollars in portfolios at risk, the vast majority of professional market participants were highly incentivized not to realize these issues.

Europe is driving full-tilt, foot on the pedal, into a brick wall ~ link ~ I see the G8 has a brilliant solution to the problems of the eurozone. President Obama says it’s time for “growth and jobs”. Jolly good. That’s the stuff. Let me show you how to create employment – the Brussels way.

Come with me through the streets of Athens, not far from Syntagma Square, and your mind will reel with the horrified realisation that history is not a one-way ratchet, that human progress is not guaranteed, and that a proud country can be reduced – by years of torture and bullying – to a state verging on total political, economic and moral collapse.

You will see businesses boarded up and windows smashed because no one has the money or the energy to fix them, and on almost every wall a riot of graffiti full of poisonous hatred for politicians. You will see people sitting on cardboard, heads down, hands out, or pushing trolleys full of scrap metal. 

No agreement at G8 summit on deepening financial crisis ~ link ~ An editorial in the British newspaper the Independent called it the most important G8 summit for three decades, as the deepening financial crisis in Europe threatened the entire global economy. The communiqué issued after a day of talks at the US presidential retreat at Camp David, however, revealed there was no plan to meet the crisis, just a decision to put the best face on a worsening situation.

It began with two outright falsehoods—declaring that “our imperative is to promote growth and jobs” and that the “global economic recovery shows signs of promise.”

"It would be impossible to disarm the people of this country" ~ link ~   How likely is it that we will actually experience a disaster that brings down our national power grid?

Will the government seize all guns in the United States?

If Continuity of Government response plans are initiated, will they be able to effectively lock down every major city and the country as a whole under a martial law scenario?

Is an economic collapse in our near future?

These and a host of other critical topics are covered in the latest interview from SGT Report with Survival Blog editor James Rawles.

NATO: Welcome to Chicago's Police State ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud!  Bastards!!!  Stirling     

With Nato delegates arriving Saturday night, the City of Chicago has been turned into a police state. Courtesy of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who several months ago began implementing new draconian anti-protest measures, Chicago has gone on security lockdown. Starting early Friday night, 18 May 2012, the Chicago Police Department began shutting down – prohibiting cars, bikes, and pedestrians – miles and miles of highways and roads in the heart of Chicago to create a security perimeter around downtown and McCormick Place (where the Nato summit is being held).

Eight-foot tall, anti-scale security fencing went up all over that perimeter and downtown, including Grant Park; and the Chicago police – as well as myriad other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and the US secret service – were out in force on riot-geared horses, bikes, and patrols – batons at the ready. Philadelphia Police Department is sending over reinforcements to help out; Chicago has also asked for recruits from police departments in Milwaukee and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC. Meanwhile, F-16 warplanes "screamed through the skies as part of a pre-summit defense exercise" and helicopters hovered incessantly.

"Why I heckled Tony Blair, War Criminal, at Colby College Graduation" ~ link ~ Good on this guy!  I helped to force Phony Tony to resign...its all in my book, Cash for Peerages - The Smoking Gun ~ link ~ Stirling    

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