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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist.

As a massive 17 nation War Game is on-going in Jordan next to the Syrian border, and the massive call-up of Israeli military reserves continues under a press blackout, events continue to move towards war.  It may be that the globalists and the Netanyahu Zionists plan to allow the Euro collapse trigger a global economic crash (rather than having a war time blockade of the Straits of Hormuz do so). In any case, we are very close to global chaos, economic-political-military-health-natural disasters, that is designed to usher in the New World Order and a vast culling of the Human Race by these satanic bastards.   Stirling     
Wall Street Banks Secretly Build The World's Largest Private Army ~ link ~ Time to spend some money on rifles, shotguns, and pistols and lots of ammo folks!!!   Stirling      
A Daily KOs article reveals that Wall Street banks have used private equity firms to acquire and launch a massive stealth takeover of private security firms, US ammo and gun manufacturers, uniforms, silencers and an army of mercenaries to build what amounts to the world’s largest private army.

At the same time the private mercenary companies they now control, which include the likes of  Dynacorp and the notorious name changing Blackwater/Xe Services/Academi,  have been authorized under Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 3025.18 to actually conduct policing operations inside the United States.

The article reveals Citi Bank, Bank of America, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank have provide huge amounts of funding to two private Wall Street equity firms, Cerebus and Veritas Equity, which in turn have used umbrella companies such as Freedom Corp., to engage in stealth takeovers and weapons stockpiling which has consumed the likes of  several gun manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers including Remington, Cobbs, H&R, Marlin, Dakota, and Bushmaker.

Furthermore, the same private equity firms have taken over companies involved in the “crowd control industry”.

America Shifts Gear For War On Iran ~ link ~ America’s war plans for full spectrum dominance in the oil-rich Middle East and Central Asian region shifted up a gear this week with three significant and inter-related developments.

Forget about viewing events in countries as separate incidents. Syria, Iran and the Gulf monarchies are closely bound up in US-led war plans in the Middle East that are aimed at projecting American political, economic and military power across this vital region and beyond. Events today are but a continuum with US wars of conquest in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Libya as part of an unfolding agenda for hegemony.

First, this week it emerged that the purported Kofi Annan Peace Plan is all but dead. For the past four weeks, the US-led foreign powers have done everything to make sure the supposed peace plan would fail, from Western governments and media constantly excoriating Syrian President Bashar Al Assad for allegedly not abiding by the ceasefire, while these same powers have assiduously supported mercenary groups to go on a full terror assault involving no-warning car bombs and shootings. 

Taken together, the escalation of war in Syria, the imputing of casus belli against Iran, and the lining up of hostile Gulf Arab states, represent more than a sinister pattern of coincidences. It’s a plan of war.  

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran ~ link ~ This week, Congress is considering two pieces of legislation relating to Iran. The first undermines a diplomatic solution with Iran and lowers the bar for war. The second authorizes a war of choice against Iran and begins military preparations for it. 

War with Iran Imminent: In days not weeks ~ link ~ It could still be in weeks, but maybe not.   Stirling   

This week, Congress is considering two pieces of legislation relating to Iran. The first undermines a diplomatic solution with Iran and lowers the bar for war. The second authorizes a war of choice against Iran and begins military preparations for it. H.Res.568: Eliminating the Most Viable Alternative to War – The House is expected to vote on H.Res. 568. Read the resolution. Section (6) rejects any United States policy that would rely on efforts to contain a nuclear weapons-capable Iran. Section (7) urges the President to reaffirm the unacceptability of an Iran with nuclear-weapons capability and opposition to any policy that would rely on containment as an option in response to Iranian enrichment.

This language represents a significant shift in U.S. policy and would guarantee that talks with Iran, currently scheduled for May 23, would fail. Current U.S. policy is that Iran cannot acquire nuclear weapons. Instead, H. Res. 568 draws the “redline” for military action at Iran achieving a nuclear weapons “capability,” a nebulous and undefined term that could include a civilian nuclear program. Indeed, it is likely that a negotiated deal to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and to prevent war would provide for Iranian enrichment for peaceful purposes under the framework of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty with strict safeguards and inspections.

Israeli leadership hardens stance, plans Iran attack ~ linkThat was the word from an unnamed top Israeli official, familiar with the ongoing conversation, in comments to Reuters. The debate within Israel over the attack, which reached a fevered pace just weeks ago, has come to a virtual halt, and the new coalition government has stopped talking about the upcoming war in public, apparently satisfied that they have won the argument.

“Nobody is saying anything publicly,” noted another official, who termed the situation a sort of “lockdown” for Israel’s cabinet leadership. Even the question of when the war will start seems to be answered, with officials pointing again to the weeks leading up to the US election.

US plan for Iran strike ready ~ linkAhead of the upcoming Iran-P5+1 talks, US Ambassador to Tel Aviv Dan Shapiro says Washington has already drawn up plans for a possible military attack against Tehran.

"It would be preferable to resolve this (Iran's nuclear issue) diplomatically and through the use of pressure than to use military force," Shapiro said in remarks aired by Israel's Army Radio on Thursday.

He said, however, that necessary planning has been done to ensure that the option of a possible military attack on Iran is ready. 

Battle Plan for Iran 'ready' says US Ambassador to Israel ~ link ~ The Pentagon has a ready plan for a military attack on Iran, the American ambassador to Israel warned days before a key meeting over the controversial nuclear program of the Islamic Republic.
Western countries and Israel are exerting pressure on Iran to stop uranium enrichment, saying that Tehran is secretly trying to build a nuclear bomb. Iran insists that its nuclear program is strictly civil.

Russia warns West against 'hasty wars' and rising regional tension ~ link ~ World War III looms closer and closer, day by day.   Get ready for it folks, and get right with God.   Stirling     

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has warned the West against launching ‘hasty wars’, which may increase regional tensions and even trigger a nuclear war.

"Sometimes these [military] actions -- which undermine state sovereignty -- could result in a fully-fledged regional war, and even -- although I do not want to scare anyone -- the use of a nuclear weapon," Medvedev was quoted by AFP as saying on Thursday during a legal forum in Saint Petersburg.

What exactly is the New World Order? ~ link ~ Good article...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   

There is talk in conspiracy circles about a bankster plot to reduce the world to slavery.
Unfortunately, the conspiracy theorists are right. John Perkins, in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and subsequent books, offers convincing first-hand testimony of his exploits in service to the New World Order bankster conspiracy.

The New World of the Americas, with its vast resources and easy-to-conquer population, makes a great “promised land of milk and honey.”

I submit that the New World Order is a freemasonic effort to establish Zion in the Americas, and from that fortress, to dominate the world.
But who’s behind it?

Adrian Salbuchi says it’s a network of big banking families – many of whom are ethnically Jewish and prime bankrollers of the state of Israel. These banking families, led by the Rothschilds, strong-armed the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and laid the basis for the Zionist takeover of Palestine.

Mexican Jihad ~ link ~ This old report 'could be' true but it smells of a False Flag Op!  Keep this in mind when things start to happen...ask yourself, who are the ones always doing False Flag Ops!!!   Stirling     

Mexican authorities have rolled up a Hezbollah network being built in Tijuana, right across the border from Texas and closer to American homes than the terrorist hideouts in the Bekaa Valley are to Israel. Its goal, according to a Kuwaiti newspaper that reported on the investigation: to strike targets in Israel and the West. Over the years, Hezbollah—rich with Iranian oil money and narcocash—has generated revenue by cozying up with Mexican cartels to smuggle drugs and people into the U.S. In this, it has shadowed the terrorist-sponsoring regime in Tehran, which has been forging close ties with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who in turn supports the narcoterrorist organization FARC, which wreaks all kinds of havoc throughout the region. 

Israeli intelligence chief's secret visit to US: Warns of growing power of Hezbollah and possible conflict ~ link ~ They (US/Israel/globalists) have no doubt agreed on the outlines of the coming war...just waiting for the right time to kick it off, maybe with a terrible False Flag Op.   Stirling     

US finally confirms ground campaign in Yemen ~ link ~  Just a "little thing"...just another small need for the American sheeple to worry about it...NOT!   Stirling    

What Does Ron Paul Want? ~ link This is the question puzzling Paul’s friends, as well as his enemies. A recent announcement by the campaign that the anti-interventionist Congressman and presidential candidate is not spending money in the remaining primary states provoked a Drudge headline: "Paul Out." That is the GOP Establishment’s fondest wish, but the reality is that Paul is far from "out": his campaign is merely recalibrating its tactics, concentrating on getting delegates through the complicated and often arcane process of party caucuses and state conventions. In short, Paul is pursuing the very same strategy he’s been talking about since Day One of his remarkably successful campaign: harnessing the enthusiasm and discipline of his supporters to enter a basically hostile entity – the pro-war, pro-Big Government Republican party – and challenging the Powers That Be.

The "go local" strategy of the Paul camp has recently met with a string of high profile successes: they took over the party in Alaska, Nevada, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, and Colorado, and their delegate count is skyrocketing. Precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state, the Ron Paul Revolution is racking up victories – and the Romneyites are in a panic. Due to that panic, they are employing hard-line tactics, often simply closing down local conventions when it becomes clear the Paulians have a majority. They cut off the microphones, call the cops, and whine that the insurgents are "disrupting" a process the party bosses have controlled for as long as anyone can remember. At one point, attendees at a state Republican convention saw the walls literally closing in on them, as Rachel Maddow reported in a segment on MSNBC.

Greece's caretaker cabinet sworn in ahead of new elections ~ link ~ Greece's interim cabinet of technocrats has been sworn in with a senior judge at the helm to pave the way for repeat elections as the country continues to struggle with a failing economy.

On Thursday, Greek caretaker Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos appointed a 16-member cabinet including veteran diplomats, academics, and economists, which will remain in office until the second round of general elections is held next month.

40 Million Japanese in 'EXTREME DANGER' of life-threatening radiation poisoning, mass evacuations likely ~ link ~ Japanese officials are currently engaging in talks with Russian diplomats about where tens of millions of Japanese refugees might relocate in the very-likely event that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility's Reactor 4 completely collapses. According to a recent report by, Japanese authorities have indicated that as many as 40 million Japanese people are in "extreme danger" of radiation poisoning, and many eastern cities, including Tokyo, may have to be evacuated in the next few weeks or months to avoid extreme radiation poisoning.

As we continue to report, the situation at Fukushima is dire, to say the least. Reactor 4 is on the verge of complete collapse (, which would send radioactive nuclear fuel from thousands of fuel rods directly into the atmosphere. These fuel rods, after all, are already exposed to the open air, but the full release of their fuel would cause not only a regional catastrophe, but also a global nuclear holocaust.

18 Signs that the Banking Crisis in Europe has just gone from Bad to Worse ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one!   Stirling      

With each passing day, the banking crisis in Europe escalates.  European banks are having their credit ratings downgraded in waves, bond yields are soaring and billions of euros are being pulled out of banks all across the eurozone.  The situation in Europe is rapidly going from bad to worse.  It is almost like watching air being let out of a balloon.  The key to any financial system is confidence, and right now confidence in banks in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal is declining at an alarming rate.  When things hit the fan in Europe, it is going to be much safer to have your money in Swiss banks or German banks than in Greek banks, Spanish banks or Italian banks.  Millions of people in Europe are starting to realize that a "euro" is not necessarily always going to be a "euro" and they are starting to panic.  The Greek banking system is already on the verge of total collapse, and at this rate it is only a matter of time before we see some major Spanish and Italian banks start to fail.  In fact it has already been announced that the fourth largest bank in Spain, Bankia, will be getting bailed out by the Spanish government.  It is only a matter of time before we hear more announcements like this.  Right now, events are moving so quickly in Europe that it is hard to keep up with them all.  But this is what usually happens in the financial world.  When things go well, it tends to happen over an extended period of time.  When things fall apart, it tends to happen very rapidly.

And at the moment, things across the pond are moving at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking.

The following are 18 signs that the banking crisis in Europe has just gone from bad to worse....

We are watching the Greek Banking System die right in front of our eyes ~ link ~ Money is being pulled out of Greek banks at an alarming rate, and if something dramatic is not done quickly Greek banks are going to start dropping like flies.  As I detailed yesterday, people do not want to be stuck with euros in Greek banks when Greece leaves the euro and converts back to the drachma.  The fear is that all existing euros in Greek banks would be converted over to drachmas which would then rapidly lose value after the transition.  So right now euros are being pulled out of Greek banks at a staggering pace.  According to MSNBC, Greeks withdrew $894 million from Greek banks on Monday alone and a similar amount was withdrawn on Tuesday.  But this is just an acceleration of a trend that has been going on for a couple of years.  It has been reported that approximately a third of all Greek bank deposits were withdrawn between January 2010 and March 2012.  So where has all of the cash for these withdrawals been coming from?  Well, the European Central Bank has been providing liquidity for Greek banks, but now it has been reported that the ECB is going to stop providing liquidity to some Greek banks.  It was not announced which Greek banks are being cut off.  For now, the Greek Central Bank will continue to provide euros to those banks, but the Greek Central Bank will not be able to funnel euros into insolvent banks indefinitely.

This is a major move by the European Central Bank, and it is going to shake confidence in the Greek banking system even more.

There are already rumors that the Greek government is considering placing limits on bank withdrawals, and many Greeks will be tempted to go grab their money while they still can.

Once strict currency controls are put in place, the population is likely to respond very angrily.  If people can't get their money there is no telling what they might do.

We now have 'massive tops' on Global Markets ~ link

12 Pictures that demonstrate how The New World Order openly mocks us ~ link ~ If you know what to look for, it quickly becomes obvious that the elite of the world are not even trying to hide their insidious plans for the planet.  They hope to unite the entire globe under their leadership, and they don't think that we are strong enough or smart enough to stop them.  They openly embed symbols expressing their desire for a one world economic system, a one world religion and a one world government on our buildings, on our monuments and on our money and they think that it is funny that most people have no idea what those symbols mean.  The New World Order openly mocks us and they seem to take pleasure in giving us "clues" about what their plans for humanity are.  In the "global society" that they have planned for us, individual freedoms and liberties will be greatly restricted "for the good of humanity" and they will use the emerging Big Brother police state control grid to monitor and control everything that we do.  It would be a totalitarian regime unlike anything the world has ever seen before.  That is why it is absolutely imperative that we wake people up and get them educated about what the globalists plan to do so that they can resist this growing tyranny.

The following are 12 pictures that demonstrate how the New World Order openly mocks us....

Spy drone almost causes a mid-air collision with jet over Denver ~ link ~ The powers-that-be don't care!  Stirling        

Chicago's First False Flag "Barack Attack" ~ link On Feb 6, 2009 the newly installed president held a much-publicized meeting with 9/11 widow and “Jersey Girl” Beverly Eckert, along with dozens of USS Cole and 9/11 family members. All had lost a spouse or parent to “terrorism,” and they asked many incisive questions, although Obama provided few decisive answers. In the next six days, American glasnost became a short-lived reality. Senator Patrick Leahy demanded a “Truth Commission.” As if to accentuate the fact that kerosene won’t melt or demolish steel, the Mandarin Orange Hotel in downtown Beijing burned from top to bottom for 24 hours without falling, let alone collapsing neatly into its own footprint as did the Twin Towers and WTC-7. The gatekeeper Huffington Post, which had previously banned 9/11 “conspiracy theories,” published a two-part op-ed demanding a genuine investigation of the attacks.

At 11:00, p.m. on Feb 12 a highly suspicious aviation disaster over New York State killed the same Beverly Eckert who had a week earlier threatened the American elite with the one thing they can never allow: the truth. An hour later Obama’s Congress posted the Stimulus Bill online. The next day, Friday the 13th, an alarmed House of Representatives voted in favor of legislation that it didn’t have the time to read. It was an alarming echo of the Patriot Act vote.

Many believed what Eckert and 48 other passengers had discovered the hard way: Obama could be as murderous as his tyrannical predecessor. Huff-Po and the rest of the limp Left immediately resumed their head-in-their-hole posture about the attacks of 2001. The more militant wing of the 9/11 Truth Movement mobilized, fearing that the next  9/11 might be close. It might even show that a “Nuclear Obama” could one-up a “King George” in mass murder.

Non-Hispanic US white births now the minority in USA ~ link ~ The globalists have long sought to reduce the European backgrounds of most Americans and Australians and the projects are working.   Stirling      


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