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Holy Shroud of Turin

The US is now "worried" that Israel could attack Iran at any moment ~ link ~ Sorry but I don't buy this US-Israeli split.  For one thing there are two main doors to a war with Iran...the 'frontdoor' of attacking Iran directly and the 'backdoor' of attacking its ally Syria.  The fighting in Syria has always been a scam operated by the US/UK/France/NATO/Israel/Turkey/GCC states.  It is on-going and that means that the drive towards a regional war is on-going...all the rest is bullcrap.   Israel will attack Iran as part of a plan with the globalist dominated 'West' and the GCC reactionary Arab Gulf states.   Stirling    

Thousands march across the West Bank in support of the prisoners’ hunger strike ~ link ~ Marches, demonstrations and clashes took place all across the West Bank in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike, on its 25th day.

Thousands took to the streets today in Palestinian cities and villages across the West Bank, in solidarity with over 2,000 Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike.

Hundreds protested in the town of Beitunia, adjacent to Ramallah, in front of the Israeli Ofer prison and military court, which have become a recent flashpoint with nearly daily demonstrations. Several moderate injuries from rubber-coated bullets and tear-gas projectiles were recorded, including one to the head.



‘Israel threatened to take down world in nuclear Armageddon’ ~ link ~ In a Friday interview, Mark Glenn, from The Crescent and Cross Solidarity movement, lashed out at Israel for its nuclear stockpile, sayingTel Aviv is the only regime that “has threatened to take the entire world down in a nuclear Armageddon in the instance that her precious experiments in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East ceases to materialize.”

“There is no other country in existence today that has basically told the entire world that if we are going to go down we are going to take the rest of the world down with us,” he added.

Even Israel’s most prominent military professor, Martin Van Creveld, has once alluded to such nuclear ambitions by Israel and confirmed that Tel Aviv has several hundred atomic warheads and rockets targeted at all directions — mostly at European capitals — and that Tel Aviv is ready to take the entire world down before the regime itself ceases to exist, Glenn pointed out.

Congressman calls for immediate resignation of TSA head, calls agency 'bloated, broken bureaucracy' ~ link ~ So bad is the agency's performance and reputation that more and more lawmakers are calling for this sad experiment in government-run airport security to come to an end. The latest call comes from Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., who says that, for starters, TSA chief John Pistole should step down immediately.

Citing thousands of complaints about the agency in recent months, along with a litany of outrageous "searches" and behavior - all in the name of "just doing our job" (the same excuse the Nazi guards used in the Nuremberg trials) - Broun has basically pointed at the hulking 800-pound gorilla in the room in stating the obvious.

"It is clear that the TSA has become nothing more than a bloated, broken bureaucracy which uses its extensive power to violate traveling Americans' civil liberties while doing little to ensure their safety," Broun said in a letter to Pistole.

NDAA 2013 Passes out of Committee; Indefinite Detention Provisions Remain Intact ~ link ~ Read it very closely: The new bill does nothing to prevent the indefinite detention of Americans under the 2013 NDAA; furthermore, it only reiterates that habeas corpus is a right in courts established under Article III of the Constitution. That such a right exists in the courts of the United States has never been the issue. The concern of millions of Americans from every band in the political spectrum is that Americans detained as “belligerents” under the terms of the NDAA will not be tried in Article III courts, but will be subject to military tribunals such as the one currently considering the case of the so-called “Gitmo Five.” There is not a single syllable of the 2013 NDAA that passed out of the House Armed Service Committee on Thursday that will guarantee Americans will be tried in a constitutional court and not a military commission.



Are preparations being made for full scale Bolshevik-style tyranny in the United States? ~ link ~ By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the FEMA camp reports, the various tyrannical provisions in the PATRIOT Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and other War on Terror-related legislation, the manufactured “homegrown” or “lone wolf” terrorists "plotting to attack America", and the general preparation for martial law and full scale tyranny in the United States. I’ve always thought that this stuff was more about intimidating Americans rather than a serious effort to prepare for a Bolshevik-style tyranny. 

Well, now I’m starting to re-think my position… maybe the traitorous, Zionist subverted U.S. federal government is set on implementing a full scale Bolshevik-style tyranny in this country after all? And we know who was behind the Bolshevik reign of terror, right?  The very same forces pushing for this type of tyranny right here in America...



More Emergency Evacuation Shelters Being Setup Outside Chicago ~ link ~ For the last couple weeks a number of reports have been leaking out of Chicago about the possible evacuation of Chicago Residents during this months NATO summit. From the Illinois Department of Transportation testing an emergency plan to block highways out of downtown Chicago to the military conducting urban warfare drills in downtown Chicago, many residents are starting to wonder exactly what the government is expecting. 



Truthers, Rejoice! CIA Leaks After Hitting The Iceberg of Truth ~ link ~ And why is the CIA allowing the NY Times and Washington Post to say that the CIA and FBI are deceiving the public about terrorism on an epic scale? Why is the CIA saying that an Al-Qaeda bomber is a CIA double agent? Why do they want to associate Al-Qaeda with the CIA so openly and unashamedly? Do they want people in denial to take the blinders off and see the truth that the War on Terror is a big scam? Are CIA officials closet conspiracy theorists? Are major media writers secret truthers?

Is the CIA trying to leak the truth that Al-Qaeda is its creation and its play toy to the American people and the world? What kind of game are they really playing? Why is the voice of media power speaking truth all of a sudden?

Do the National Security and Counter-Terrorism fraudsters in America, England, and Israel understand that the game is up? Are they hanging up their uniforms and leaving the field of fraud on their own terms? Do they know they are drowning in a sea of truth and public fury?

The tricksters at the CIA and FBI must realize that there are only two ways out of the giant mess they have made: internal reform, or external revolution. The population extermination agenda has been exposed, and it won't work. The National Security State cannot escape history and suppress the record of its crimes and injustices against America and humanity.


Japan Nuclear Expert: Humanity as a whole has literally never experienced something like Fukushima - "We will be fighting this radiation on the order of tens or hundreds of years' - with video ~ link ~ I think that there is a real question as to why the Japanese government has done so very little to shore up the No. 4 used fuel rod pool and other vital things!   Stirling   
Why the Media is Silent about Fukushima ~ link ~
Fukushima's Reactor 4 threatens to make extinct ALL humanity.

Many have already come forward to speak about the impending extinction level event that Fukushima represents.
  • Nuclear expert Leuren Moret
  • Japanese nuclear expert Hiroaki Koide says "This is something which humanity as a whole has literally never experienced"
  • Japanese Diplotmat Akio Matsumura 
  • Former head of US Army intelligence
  • American Senator Ron Wyden
They have come forth and stated point blank that Fukushima is now on the brink of taking down the entire human race. This is the greatest danger humanity has ever faced, yet the mainstream media has barely covered the story... why?
Fukushima, the Asian 911
The reason becomes very clear when you realize that Fukushima was not an accident, and that those who own and operate the global media are devoted to protect the saboteur.
A terrorist attack destroyed the Fukushima Diachi nuclear power plant. They used a combination of an artificially created tsunami, nuclear bombs placed inside reactors 2 and 4 as well as the Stuxnet computer Virus, which they created.
This Can Bring Down the Entire Financial System ~ link ~ The news that JP Morgan Chase had to disclose to the market, with regards to out of control credit derivatives bets, is indicative of the type of black swans that could come into the market.  What JP Morgan Chase has said is they have suffered a $2 billion loss and it could be more than a $2 billion loss.  They don’t know how much it could be. “There would seem to be a mismatch of some amount of money in the $100 billion range between credit default swaps.  They seem to have been net sellers or providers of about $100 billion in unhedged credit default swaps.

When I say seems, these are extremely complex instruments.  Investors should be aware that derivatives such as these can bring down the entire banking system.  The point of this is nobody really knows how much net credit protection JP Morgan Chase has provided or in what markets or in what type of instruments.  We just know that they have a large, unhedged position in what was intended to be a hedged trade.  It would appear their ability to handle volatility or perturbations in the market is less robust than modeled.

I would note to you, Eric, that it is precisely these perturbations in a semi-hedged model that brought down Long Term Capital Management (LTCM).  It’s just an example of the potential black swans that exist in a very, very leveraged banking environment.  This should cause all of your readers and listeners to be concerned about the possibility of a response to anomalous events like what occurred in 2008.”


JP Morgan Suffers ‘Massive’ Losses: $4.2 Billion Probable; May Spread to Entire Sector ~ link ~ If you’ve wondered what investment banks have been doing with those hard earned bail-out tax dollars lent to them by the Federal Reserve and US government at nearly zero percent interest, here’s your answer and a demonstration in how to vaporize the GDP of a small nation in just a few  weeks’ time.