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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist.

Netanyahu and Mofaz: Our coalition is the broadest in Israel's history ~ link ~ Yes and the reason it was formed was to wage war on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/etc. The Israelis like to have all main parties on-board for major wars to present a unified front against the goy. It is no accident that American airwaves are once again filled with stories about the dreaded al-Qaeda and now one about the CIA stopping a new 'underwear bomber'.   Yep, "Little Toilet" (what al-Qaeda means in Arabic slang) is stopping a new "underwear bomber"...at least someone in the Mossad and CIA has a sense of humor!  Al-Qaeda is a non-entity, it is a made-up bit of fiction that has been hyped to take the world into war, more war, and soon the Final War.   I suspect that we will soon see a major False Flag Attack that will be used to justify WWIII and a massive police state crackdown unprecedented in American history and not seen in Europe since the days of Communism and the Nazis. 
This is what happens when the public allows the worst globalists criminal scum on Earth to mesmerize them via Hollywood, television, the recording industry, and the mainstream news media.  We are heading towards the worst events in human history and far too many people are so out of it that they have not a clue as to what is really going on, or what the truth is.   Stirling       

Washington: Netanyahu is here to stay and so is Israel's military option on Iran ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu has put together a even more hawkish Cabinet then the nutty one he already had.  He is likely to push to merge the offices of President and Prime Minister making him effectively the "King of Israel" or "King of the Jews"...a fitting title for the Anti-Christ who will launch World War III!   Stirling   

The unity government backed by a majority of 94 (out of 120) which Binyamin Netanyahu formed Tuesday May 8, is not just the broadest coalition ever to govern Israel, but also the first with three former chiefs of staff at the helm. Two are also present (Ehud Barak) and former (Shaul Mofaz) defense ministers.  It was this feature which drew the most attention in Washington as the first reports of Netanyahu’s stunning U-turn away from an early election filtered through.
“He has pulled off another term in office without standing for election,” said one senior administration source, “and he’s done it seven months before Barack Obama faces the American voter.” A re-elected Obama will find the same Netanyahu sitting in the prime minister’s chair in Jerusalem as before - after reinventing himself as a long-life premier.

Greek leftist leader rules out austerity measures ~ link ~ Greece’s leader of the leftist SYRIZA coalition, Alexis Tsipras, has ruled out budget-cutting austerity measures, opting to meet President Karolos Papaoulias in talks to form a new government on Tuesday.

"The politics of austerity was rejected by the majority of Greece's people, and is being rejected by all European peoples," says Tsipras, calling for an end to the "plunder" of salaries and pensions.

Referring to the EU-IMF bailout plan, Tsipras said that "we asked for a mandate to form a coalition government of left-wing forces in order to disengage ourselves from the memorandum of bankruptcy." 

Political tumult in Greece after uncertain elections ~ link ~ The Greek election and ensuing political tumult showed that “it’s not clear how they can survive within the euro over the longer term,” said Kenneth S. Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund. That could have grave implications for the rest of Europe.

“A Greek exit,” Mr. Rogoff said, “would underscore that there’s no realistic long-term plan for Europe, and it would lead to a chaotic endgame for the rest of the euro zone.”

Lib Dems may pull out of UK Coalition ~ link ~ The Liberal Democrats did so well at the last election because they appeared to offer some hope to the British people who were fed up with unnecessary wars and the economic recession/growing depression.  Many saw the Tories and Labour as simply 'flip sides of the same coin', same as many in America have come to see the Republicans and Democrats.  By supporting the continuing War in Afghanistan and the War on Libya, and doing nothing effective to end the economic depression while the world heads to total economic collapse/chaos, the Lib Dems have shown themselves to be far too similar to the other two bought-and-paid-for political parties.   Simply dropping out of the governing coalition will not cure their problem, because most will see it as simply one more bullshit trick.  It is real quality governing for and on behalf of the British people, not the globalists and Zionists, that the Brits want.  If the Lib Dems want to stay in power they should get real and make the British people proud of them, not act as simply one more group of political whores.   Stirling   

The Liberal Democrat Party in Britain has warned that it may need to pull out of the coalition in order to avert wipe-out at the polls during the next general election in May 2015.

The warning comes after the Conservative party took a drubbing in local elections last week. Senior Liberal Democrats have highlighted the need to re-assert the party’s independence from the conservatives, reported the The Telegraph. “We will have to disengage and we will have to decide whether it is a matter of weeks or months”, the newspaper quoted a Liberal Democrat source as saying. 

Reports also say that Cameron is to urge rebellious Tory MPs to support him as he pushes ahead with his austerity regime after Conservative MP Nadine Dorries warned that Cameron could be kicked out of office if he does not change his policies.  

Putin sworn in as Russia's new President - photos and video ~ linkAlso see Putin's motorcade - video ~ link 

Ron Paul could still win enough delegates to deny Mitt Romney the GOP nomination ~ linkDespite what you may have heard from the mainstream media, Mitt Romney does not have the Republican nomination locked up.  In fact, he is rapidly losing delegates that almost everyone assumed that he already had in the bag.  To understand why this is happening, you have to understand the delegate selection process.  Each state has different rules for selecting delegates to the Republican national convention, and in many states the "voting" done by the public does not determine the allocation of delegates to particular candidates at all.  And the truth is that delegates are the only thing that really matters in this race.  In state after state, the Ron Paul campaign is focusing on the delegate selection process with laser-like precision, and it is paying off big time.  At this point, there is still a legitimate chance that Ron Paul will be able to win enough delegates to deny Mitt Romney the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican national convention in Tampa.  If Romney does not have the 1,144 delegates that he needs on the first ballot, then it becomes a brokered convention and anything becomes possible at that point.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea how this process really works. For example, originally we were all told that Mitt Romney won Iowa. Then, later on we were told that a mistake was made and that Rick Santorum actually won Iowa. Well, it turns out that Ron Paul actually won 20 out of the 28 delegates in Iowa.  That is because the process of actually selecting the delegates occurred long after the voting by the public was over.

So what happens if the Ron Paul campaign is able to produce similar results in state after state?

The countdown to the breakup of the Euro has officially begun ~ link ~ The results of the elections in France and Greece have made it abundantly clear that there is a tremendous backlash against the austerity approach that Germany has been pushing.  All over Europe, prominent politicians and incumbent political parties are being voted out.  In fact, Nicolas Sarkozy has become the 11th leader of a European nation to be defeated in an election since 2008.  We have seen governments fall in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Greece.  Whenever they get a chance, the citizens of Europe are using the ballot box to send a message that they do not like what is going on.  It turns out that austerity is extremely unpopular.  But if newly elected politicians all over Europe begin rejecting austerity, this puts Germany in a very difficult position.  Should Germany be expected to indefinitely bail out all of the members of the eurozone that choose to live way beyond their means?  If Germany pulled out of the euro tomorrow, the euro would absolutely collapse, bond yields for the rest of the eurozone would skyrocket to unprecedented heights, and without German bailout money troubled nations such as Greece would be headed directly for default.  The rest of the eurozone is absolutely and completely dependent on Germany at this point.  But as we have seen, much of the rest of the eurozone is sick and tired of taking orders from Germany and is rejecting austerity.  A lot of politicians in Europe apparently believe that they should be able to run up gigantic amounts of debt indefinitely and that the Germans should be expected to always be there to bail them out whenever they need it.  Will the Germans be willing to tolerate such a situation, or will they simply pick up their ball and go home at some point?

Over the past several years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have made a formidable team.  They worked together to push the eurozone on to the path of austerity, but now Sarkozy is out.

Francois Hollande, the new French president, has declared that the financial world is his "greatest enemy".

Would the media be interested if Assad set up re-education camps for political dissidents? ~ link
The documents would be held up as solid justification for a swift NATO military action in the name of ‘humanitarian intervention’.

And yet last week we had the release of documents which prove the existence of re-education forced labor camps for political dissidents not only abroad but inside the United States itself! An even more shocking story you would imagine?

And the reaction from the mainstream media? You could hear a pin drop.

Human Race is being terminated by 'scientific suicide' ~ link ~ This is a very good article that I recommend.  However, I would take things a bit farther.  The link is not just science run amok, the link is a satanic attempt to reduce the human population levels dramatically...at least that is what many involved in the effort believe and many have some BS justification that they buy into...but the real truth is that it is a satanic attempt to destroy the human race in its entirety by the fallen Lucifer and his demons and human minions...it is all part of the End Time events outlined in the Bible 2,000 years ago!   It is, in fact, what I call the 'Perfect Cornucopia from Hell' and it involves not only those things outlined in this article but the deliberate BP Oil Disaster and the climate changing effects thereof, the global economic depression and coming total crash and chaos, the high-technology police state that is growing almost everywhere with massive repression and concentration camps 'just around the corner', and the coming General Middle East War/WWIII/Armageddon.  Stirling    

The top ten "scientific" projects threatening the survival of the human race right now

#1) Nuclear power (Fukushima in particular)
#2) GMOs (self-replicating genetic pollution)
#3) Nanotechnology (self-replicating microscopic machines)
#4) Bioweapons (self-replicating microscopic weapons)
#5) Atmospheric experiments (HAARP and high-altitude spraying)
#6) Artificial Intelligence (AI, when coupled with killer drone hardware)
#7) Particle accelerator physics experiments (Large Hadron Collider)
#8) Pollinator disruption chemicals (synthetic pesticides that destroy honey bee colonies)
#9) Nuclear weapons
#10) Weaponized vaccines (live cross-species viral material being injected into human targets)


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