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We live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist.


The IDF continues to mobilize its reserves, however the Israeli news media has an embargo on the story, must likely under their military censorship laws.  Which in and of itself is telling.  Netanyahu feels his time is short, as more and more senior intelligence, military and political people become involved in trying to derail his support of the globalist plans to begin the Third World War in the Middle East and sacrifice Israel in the process.   Stirling   

Debka: "Iran readies secret salt desert bunkers for clandestine nuclear facilities" ~ link ~ Here it comes now...the reason (just in the nick of time) why Bibi 666 Netanyahu JUST HAS TO STRIKE NOW...really, trust us...NOT.  The lies and psyop crap is really being laid on thick now, always a sign that something big is planned.   Stirling   

When International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director Yukiya Amano declared Friday, May 4, that
“Parchin (the suspected site of nuclear-related explosion tests) is the priority and we start with that,” he may have missed the boat. As he spoke, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak said it was possible that Iran was already putting in place the infrastructure for building a nuclear bomb in 60 days.

On April 13, a dozen Shahid Hemmat missile experts attended the test fire of the North Korean long-range, three-stage Unha-2 missile. That test failed but the North Koreans and Iranians are pressing on together with work to extend the range of those missiles to America.    

IDF Military Censor to monitor journalists Facebook and Twitter accounts ~ link ~ They want a total lock on the large military reserve call-up and other on-going events preparing the nation for the largest war in its history.  With so many intelligence and military officers and such a large percentage of the Israeli population opposed to such a war, mostly out of the fear of what will happen to Israel in such a war, they are making sure that journalists don't 'make a backdoor' past their military censorship rules by using social media means to get information out.   Stirling      

Israel threatened to take down entire World in nuclear Armageddon - with video ~ link ~ Talk about taking the Yiddish mobster thing to extremes!   Stirling    

In a Friday interview, Mark Glenn, from The Crescent and Cross Solidarity movement, lashed out at Israel for its nuclear stockpile, sayingTel Aviv is the only regime that “has threatened to take the entire world down in a nuclear Armageddon in the instance that her precious experiments in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East ceases to materialize.”

“There is no other country in existence today that has basically told the entire world that if we are going to go down we are going to take the rest of the world down with us,” he added.

Even Israel’s most prominent military professor, Martin Van Creveld, has once alluded to such nuclear ambitions by Israel and confirmed that Tel Aviv has several hundred atomic warheads and rockets targeted at all directions -- mostly at European capitals -- and that Tel Aviv is ready to take the entire world down before the regime itself ceases to exist, Glenn pointed out.

The analyst expressed regret that the nuclear threat from Israel looms over the world, while Tel Aviv continues to use its mainstream media outlets to level allegations against other countries, accusing them of possessing non-civilian nuclear programs.

Israel is widely believed to be the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Tel Aviv began building its first plutonium and uranium processing facility, Dimona, in the Negev desert in 1958. 

Israel's Most Dangerous Secret ~ link  

A putsch against war: Israel's hawks in open revolt Against War on Iran ~ link ~ In Israel most of the intelligence and military people, in the know, do NOT want war with Iran.  They know that Israel will be destroyed in any such war, regardless of the destruction that it in turns delivers to Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Gaza/Palestine/etc.  It is the globalists and satanists that want the war, to kick off World War III.    Stirling    

Uri Avnery looks at how a number of leading hardliners in Israel’s military and security establishments have spoken out against the Israeli government’s plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations and called into question the fitness for office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

All this shaped the character and world view of “Bibi” – the spectre of imminent national annihilation, the role model of the fiercely rightist father, the shadow of the older and much more admired brother. When Binyamin now speaks endlessly about the coming “second holocaust” and his historical role in preventing it, this need not be just a ploy to divert attention from the Palestinian issue or to safeguard his political survival. He may – frightening thought!!! – actually believe it.

The picture that emerges is exactly that painted by Yuval Diskin: a holocaust-obsessed fantasist, out of contact with reality, distrusting all
goyim, [gentiles] trying to follow in the footsteps of a rigid and extremist father – altogether a dangerous person to lead a nation in a real crisis. Yet this is the man who, according to all opinion polls, is going to win the upcoming elections, just four months from now.  

Re-posting: Five Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire ~ link 

Time for a Military Coup in Israel? ~ link

Syrian border guards foil another infiltration attempt from Turkey ~ linkSyria is the backdoor to a war on Iran and WWIII.   Stirling      

According to the official Syrian news agency, SANA, clashes broke out between Syrian forces and members of the armed group near the village of Allani, close to the border with Turkey, in the northwestern province of Idlib on Saturday.

Syrian officials said several border guards were killed and injured during the fighting on Saturday. A number of armed men were also killed and wounded.

Meanwhile, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said five people were killed in a bomb attack in the northwestern city of Aleppo on Saturday. Two similar attacks were also reported in the capital, Damascus.

The clashes on the Syrian-Turkish border come despite a ceasefire that took effect on April 12 and the presence of UN observers tasked with monitoring the truce.

Syrian Opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo ~ link ~ Figures...birds of a feather flock together!  Stirling      

A delegation of Syrian rebels has made a deal with Pristina authorities to exchange experience of partisan warfare. Syrian opposition is sending militants to Kosovo for adopting tactics and being trained to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime. 

On April 26, a delegation of Syrian opposition members made a stop in Pristina on their way from the US to hold talks on how to make use of the experience of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Syria, reports Associated Press. 

USAF F-15E two-man fighter crashes in Middle East on "routine training mission" ~ link ~ If it is so routine, why are the western mainstream news media not reporting this or burying it???  Stirling     

Obama: "Defeating al-Qaeda within reach" ~ link ~ Really now...considering that "al-Qaeda" is a total creation of the CIA and is actually Arabic slang for "little toilet"...hardly something a real terrorist group would call itself...more like a Israeli "up yours" to the Arabs.  We are hearing a lot about al-Qaeda and the like now.  It is partially the US presidential election and partially getting the public back "into" killing the "Muslim terrorists" who are out to get us and may do another attack any day...of course, like 9/11 and 7/7 were False Flag Ops, the next one will be also.   Stirling    

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other "9/11 plotters" in court ~ link ~ Just in time for the election and WWIII...what an amazing coincidence...NOT.  Stirling      

French election race tightens as vote looms Sunday ~ link ~  Both candidates are Jewish (and Zionist) in a nation where Jews make up well less than 3% of the population...just an 'accident of history'...sure...NOT.   Stirling   

France held its breath Saturday on the eve of a presidential election that Socialist Francois Hollande was predicted to win despite incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy closing the gap after wooing the far right.

Political speeches and new opinion polls have been banned since a particularly ferocious campaign ended on Friday night, but the last poll published ahead of the deadline forecast a 52-48 percent win for Hollande.

Young Barack Obama had great sexual warmth .... ~ link ~ Yet another election time PsyOp news piece.  This is to play to women, to 'answer' the charges that he is bisexual, and to re-inforce the cover story of his youth.  All the photos of Obama from his youth and of his 'family' including the ones shown here have been Photoshopped.  How many readers can say that their early family photos have all been Photoshopped??? This man is an intelligence plant and his background is a total fraud.  The story, that to me at least, that makes the most sense is that his mother's real name was JoAnn Newman.  That she was Jewish and from a famous Jewish Communist family and the lover of Malcolm X, the famous black communist.  That she was sent to have her baby and raise it in the Presidential Palace of Indonesia as the then leftist president was a friend of Malcolm X.  Obama is a globalist/Zionist/communist Front Man, who's job is to preside over the death of America!  Stirling  

But at the age of 22 Barack Obama had a strong 'sexual warmth' that overwhelmed his girlfriend at the time, according to a new book that identifies her for the first time.

Vivid diaries written by Genevieve Cook reveal she was driven wild by the smell of sweat, smoking and deodorant that emanated from his bedroom. 

The Six Levels of the American Government  ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling 

Disinformation on Every Front ~ link  

Egypt imposes curfew, deploys Army after protesters - with video ~ link  

Egyptian military detains 170 protesters after arrest ~ linkThose being held are among 320 people arrested on Friday outside the defence ministry, after violence killed one soldier and left hundreds wounded.

The violence comes less than three weeks before presidential polls.

Egyptian military junta steps up threats of violence ~ link

Over 1200 dead Pelicans in Northern Peru - Same region as mass Dolphin die-off ~ link 

Journalist: Israel caused Fukushima Sabotage ~ link ~ Could be...they seem to be doing Satan's work a lot, especially these days.  Take the time to read all of this important article at the link.   Stirling  

A leading Japanese journalist recently made two incredible claims about the Fukushima power plant that suffered a nuclear meltdown in March 2011, sending shockwaves around the world. First, the former editor of a national newspaper in Japan says the U.S. and Israel knew Fukushima had weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that were exposed to the atmosphere after a massive tsunami wave hit the reactor. Second, he  contends that Israeli intelligence sabotaged the reactor in retaliation for Japan’s support of an independent Palestinian state.

According to Yoishi Shimatsu, a former editor of Japan Times Weekly, these nuclear materials were shipped to the plant in 2007 on the orders of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, with the connivance of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The shipment was in the form of warhead cores secretly removed from the U.S. nuclear warheads facility BWXT Plantex near Amarillo, Texas. While acting as the middleman, Israel transported warheads from the port of Houston, and in the process kept the best ones while giving the Japanese older warhead cores that had to be further enriched at Fukushima.

Shimatsu credits retired CIA agent and mercenary Roland Vincent Carnaby with learning the warheads were being transported from Houston. In a strange twist, Carnaby was mysteriously shot dead less than a year later by Houston police at a traffic stop. He was shot once in the back and once in the chest. He did not have a weapon in his hands. Intelligence sources said he had been tracking a Mossad unit that was smuggling U.S. plutonium out of Houston docks for an Israeli nuclear reactor.

Nuclear Dangers: Mankind's Most Desperate Hour - This past year alone we have changed the radioactive profile of the entire northern hemisphere - with video ~ link ~ Good One...take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling     

This is a close-up look into the insanity of the main governments of the world over the last 67 years.
It’s totally amazing what we have had to live with and get used to in the modern age. Increasing radiation is just one of the menaces building up in the background as we badly pollute our world with heavy metals like mercury and with a host of other chemicals and plastic.

It looks increasingly like we are drawing the curtains over the future of all our children and that is profoundly sad.

More from Senator Wyden: Fukushima's spent fuel pool absolutely a National Security Issue - Radiation caused by pool failure "could reach the West Coast within days" ~ link ~ And then travel over all of North America before hitting Europe and Asia!  Stirling     

Ability for Unit 4 to withstand another seismic event is rated at ZERO ~ link ~ This could be God's way of shorting the horror that Satan and his globalists intend to dish out on the human race in the years ahead!   Stirling     

Space weather expert has ominous forecast ~ link ~
A stream of highly charged particles from the sun is headed straight toward Earth, threatening to plunge cities around the world into darkness and bring the global economy screeching to a halt.

This isn’t the premise of the latest doomsday thriller. Massive solar storms have happened before — and another one is likely to occur soon, according to Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England.

Much of the planet’s electronic equipment, as well as orbiting satellites, have been built to withstand these periodic geomagnetic storms. But the world is still not prepared for a truly damaging solar storm, Hapgood argues in a recent commentary published in the journal Nature.

Hang On - All Is Being Revealed ~ link ~ Check this one out in full at the link.  Stirling    
I wish we had some real statistics on the growing awakening, but we’re seeing the indicators every day. The PTBs can hardly get away with a thing without the alternative research community being all over it. And despite the overarching system being inherently wrong and manipulative, activists exposing and fighting this attempt at total control are getting results, from fighting GMOs, weird, manipulative social trends or exposing the depths of the erasure of personal liberties. I’m proud to say they’re on it!Is it doing any good? Profoundly!

It’s the exercise of consciousness that is important. It is conscious humanity being who they truly are that is the solution. We are not here to prop up a dead and dying infrastructure based on the phony, satanic “survival of the fittest” paradigm and looking for replacement puppets. We are here to express Truth. We are here to inform and educate and cultivate awareness. It is the continuous and ever present exercising and living of our consciousness that is the very solution we are seeking. We already are what we need to be. We already have everything we need. The hierarchical control system is based on an imposed lie that we need them to exist.

We don’t.

They should be ignored and left to shrivel up into oblivion. They’re feeding off of our reactions to them. Not only fear, but even our anger when poorly directed by an unconscious source can reinforce them more than fight them.
We need to rise high above them…and smile.
Because we know.
They only usurp from the unknowing. Once enough know, game over.

Congressman Kucinich explains monetary reform, new infrastructure, full-employment - video ~ link ~ Not a snowballs chance in Hell for his proposal.  The global banksters would never allow it.   Stirling    

Re-posting: There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans Who Do NOT Have Jobs ~ link  ~ Wake up American are being led to the Great Mutton Barbecue...and you are the main course!  Stirling     

Ron Paul: "The Next Crisis Will Be Even More Destructive" ~ link Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt.

Debt Serfdom In One Chart ~ link 

Euro Area Economy Deteriorating At A Disastrous Pace ~ link ~ All nicely planned by the 'usual suspects'.   Stirling     

Perhaps most concerning is that the effects of the European Central Bank's two three-year long-term refinancing operations appears to already be fading, as business activity rebounded slightly at the start of 2012 before declining sharply later in the year.

The idea that economic momentum driven by the LTROs has faded already stands in contrast to statements by ECB president Mario Draghi yesterday, who told reporters that the effects of the LTRO had not yet been felt  in the markets.

Why there are No Jobs ~ link 

Use vinegar to kill weeds naturally and give Monsanto's Roundup the 'heave ho' ~ link ~ YES!  Stirling       

It's Kentucky Derby Day - with photos ~ link 

Rare White Buffalo calf killed ~ link  

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François Hollande's chemistry with Angela Merkel crucial for Europe

Ian Traynor, Sunday 6 May 2012
Only the second Socialist to lead the postwar French republic, president-elect François Hollande consistently emphasised during the campaign that much more was at stake in the election than France's destiny.
In his victory speech , Hollande declared that his triumph also represented a "fresh start for Europe". Throwing down the gauntlet to Berlin, Hollande said that "austerity need not be Europe's fate", demanded a policy shift on the euro crisis to promote growth and employment, and served notice he would act as champion for other EU leaders quietly cheering his emergence as the key challenger to Angela Merkel and her prescriptions for settling Europe's financial gloom.
In the short term at least, the trajectory of Europe's long-running financial and currency crisis will be shaped more by the fallout from the tumultuous elections in Greece. But the timing and outcome of the French ballot may be conspiring to prove Hollande right.
Certainly, the politics of managing the EU's worst ever quandary will hinge on the new French leader and the chemistry he conjures with Merkel in Berlin. The two have never met. He is expected to go to Berlin next Wednesday after being sworn in as head of state.
Hollande is to make his European debut next month at an EU summit with a dramatic intervention aimed at shifting the terms of the German-led austerity response to 30 months of currency crisis, tabling a demand for a new European pact on "growth, responsibility and governance".