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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Ehud Barak restates case for military strike on Iran's nuclear program ~ link ~ Translation: Senior Apostle of the Anti-Christ Netanyahu calls for World War III/Armageddon to begin with the destruction of the Middle East including his Israel.   Stirling    
Obama in Afghanistan to Sign Deal to Continue War Through 2024 ~ link ~ I suspect that things will be rather different by then.    Stirling     
Months of “not quite public” Obama Administration efforts to negotiate a still-secret pact to ensure that US troops will continue to occupy Afghanistan through at least 2024 came to an end today, with a “not quite public” visit to Afghanistan by President Obama to sign the pact. 
The first reports that President Obama had landed in Afghanistan for this A totally unannounced visit were quickly followed by denials from both the White House and the US Embassy in Afghanistan, which condemned the reports as untrue. Later they conceded they were true, and made no attempt to explain why they lied in the first place. 
Brewing a Conflict with China ~ link 
The 9/11 Reichstag Fire ~ link ~ If you are of normal intelligence, or higher, and still believe the official 9/11 conspiracy theory then you are willfully ignorant.  Otherwise, you are simply ignorant.   Stirling    
Mayday Mayday Incoming...Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link  
How garlic can prevent food poisoning 100 times better than antibiotics ~ link ~ One more thing that Big Pharma does not want you to know about.  Stirling      
A key ingredient in garlic is 100 times more powerful than two popular antibiotics at fighting a leading cause of food poisoning, scientists have found.

Tests discovered that the  compound, diallyl sulphide, can easily breach a slimy protective biofilm employed by the bug to make it harder to destroy.

Why hasn't the revolution already happened? ~ link 
Human Colony Collapse Disorder: The Top 10 Countdown To Our Own Extinction ~ link  

Money can buy happiness, but NOT how you think ~ link ~ This is a good one...do take the time to read this short article.   Stirling     
Global oligarchic elite robs middle class - with video ~ link ~ America sees the’ looting’ of the US Treasury, and the money given to a Wall Street ‘criminal class’, journalist Chris Hedges told RT. He adds that ordinary people are caught in the vice of unregulated corporate capitalism – with no escape.
RT: We have seen a lot of violence and instability over the last couple of years: the Arab Spring, foreign intervention in Libya, uncontrolled debt problems and riots in the US and throughout Europe, threats of global recession. How do you think these political and economic crises feed off of one another and keep the momentum going?

Chris Hedges: Well, it's all the same crisis which is the collapse of globalization. It doesn't work anymore and it manifests itself through the rise of commodity prices. 47 million Americans live in poverty, they are not spending half of their income on food but they are now spending about 35 per cent. When you see a rise in gasoline prices which are going upwards in the US and by all projections will continue to rise upwards above $4 a gallon, may be $5 a gallon. So, we have created a kind of global oligarchic elite which is super national – it owes no loyalty to any particular country. It has reduced the working class within the US, within the developing world to a level of an almost subsistence existence. It tells workers they have to be competitive in the global marketplace which means they have to be competitive with switched up workers in Bangladesh or prison labor in China.
Iranian Naval drill follows on Israeli northern border exercise ~ linkThe large-scale Israel Defense Forces war game on the borders of Syria (Golan) and Lebanon was quickly followed by naval drills along Iran’s southern Persian Gulf coast by its border guards. Tehran was making good on the policy agreed with Syrian and Hizballah allies in early 2011 to counter any Western or Israel military movement in the region with a comparable response.
Is Israel heading towards a coup? ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his apostles are running out of time and that makes them especially dangerous.  Stirling  
A rift the size of a potential coup is taking shape between the Israeli government and the military-intelligence men over Iran, a fact which threatens the ruling Israeli political apparat on the one hand and exonerates Iran of all years-long groundless allegations on the other.

In fact, Iran has become a recent obsession with the present and past Israeli intelligence men insofar as the very mention of the name is enough to cause anger in the Israeli officials.

In point of fact, the fire started when Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said he does not believe Iran will pursue nuclear weapons after years of efforts made by Tel Aviv and its allies to convince the world otherwise and swept through the Zionist barley. In an interview with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, he described Iran's leadership as “very rational” who would not make such a decision.

Also speaking at the Majdi Forum in Kfar Saba, a Tel Aviv suburb on Friday, former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) director Yuval Diskin said Barak and Netanyahu are deluded into believing that they have “messianic” missions and added that they lie about the projected effectiveness of an Israeli strike on Iran. “There’s a false image being presented to public and that’s what bothers me. They [Netanyahu and Barak] are giving the sense that if Israel doesn’t act, Iran will have nuclear weapons. This part of the sentence apparently has an element of truth. But in the second part of the sentence, they turn to the - sorry for the expression - the ‘stupid public’ or the layman public... and tell them if Israel acts, there won’t be [an Iranian] nuclear program. And that’s the incorrect part of the sentence,” Diskin said. ....
On the other hand, some Israeli military and intelligence people joined in sympathy and supported Diskin in his criticism of Netanyahu. Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan expressed support for Diskin, saying he was a serious man and spoke his own "internal truth." Also, Former IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi defended Diskin on Sunday and said, “I know Diskin and he spoke what was on his heart out of genuine concern." In the meantime, Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert joined a chorus of voices warning against rushing into war with Iran, saying, "There is enough time to try different avenues of pressure to change the balance of power with Iran without the need for a direct military confrontation with Iran."  

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