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Holy Shroud of Turin

Who in the Congress and the FEC approved of a Spanish Software company counting our votes in the upcoming election? ~ link ~ We could be going into a situation where the lower level crooks that seek to benefit more if the GOP wins in November may do battle over this.  Of course, at the highest levels, the same forces win regardless if Romny or Obama wins and the same people...the American people...lose.  The elections in America have become a total joke, "He who controls the software controls the outcome of the election".   That is not democracy or freedom but fraud, dictatorship and slavery!  As I said many months ago about the Ron Paul campaign, if they do not first tackle the issue of computer voting and computer vote counting fraud all the rest of their efforts will be worthless.   Stirling      

SCYTL, the global leader in secure electronic voting technologies, announced today the acquisition of 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

Why is a software company based in Barcelona Spain(SCYTL)  now in charge of counting our votes in the upcoming General Election on November 6th.  Did the Federal Elections Commission approve of this ?  (FEC) Did the Congress of the United States approve of this ? Was this done by an Executive Order from the White House ?

A Spanish company known as Scyti will be reporting election results for hundreds of US jurisdictions on election day ~ link ~ See also link to Soros ~ link ~ That "wonderful supporter of democracy Joseph Stalin"  (of course I an kidding) had this to say on voting: "I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this - Who will count the votes, and how."   Sadly computer voting and computer counting has destroyed democracy in America and those other nations that use it.  Only the fraudulent shell of democracy is left to fool the stupid.   Stirling     

Do you know who is going to be counting the votes on Election Day 2012?  Most Americans never even think about this.  Most Americans just assume that their votes will count and that the government will ensure that the counting process is done honestly and fairly.  But is this really the case?  Sadly, the vast majority of people never take the time to "look behind the curtain" to see how things really work.  If they did, they might find themselves extremely upset about what they would find.  The integrity of our voting process is of the utmost importance.  If we do not have the ballot box, then what avenues for changing our government do we have left?  Unfortunately, the integrity of our elections has been called into question quite a few times in recent years, and now a Spanish company known as Scytl will be involved in reporting election results for hundreds of jurisdictions across the United States this upcoming election day.  Will those election results be accurate?

It is absolutely amazing that a foreign company has been able to gain such control over the reporting of election results in the United States without it ever making a significant splash in the mainstream media.

You would think that there would be a law against this sort of thing, but apparently there is not.
So how did this all come about?

Well, the story starts with a company called SOE Software.
SOE Software was founded in 2002 and has been involved in reporting election results in 25 U.S. states....


Sarkozy seeks "far-right" votes to win a second term - with video ~ link ~ Any conservative French voter who buys Sarkozy's BS is brain dead!   Stirling    

According to analysts, Sarkozy needs to get support of at least 80 percent of National Front voters to switch sides in his favor, while only 44 percent of them have announced their readiness to do that. Both Sarkozy and his Socialist challenger are eying more than six million voters who picked the National Front party candidate Le Pen in the first round.

Hollande has revealed his plans to address the European leaders to fight for Eurobonds, a Eurozone financial transaction tax and renegotiating the EU debt treaty to add growth imperatives, his first day in office, if elected as the new French president. 

CISPA passes US House of Representatives in unexpected last-minute vote ~ link ~ One more giant step towards police state fascism for the former "Land of the Free"!   Stirling     

Eleven killed, many injured in Damascus explosion ~ link ~ I guess any minute now we will hear from the America/French/British and GCC governments condemning the violence by the "rebels"...any minute now...NOT!   Stirling       

According to Syria’s official news agency, the blast occurred in the central neighborhood of al-Midan, near a mosque and school, on Friday after a terrorist detonated explosives he was carrying.

The victims are reported to be civilians and members of law enforcement. Syrian TV blamed the blasts on armed terrorist groups, fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The blast came hours after another explosion hit an industrial zone in Damascus. Activists say the blast rocked a state-owned transport company and caused a number of casualties.

The violence comes despite a UN-brokered ceasefire, part of the peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

Since the beginning of unrest in Syria last year, scores of people, mostly security forces, have been killed in terrorist bomb attacks.

On March 17, at least 27 people were killed and 97 others were injured in two car bomb attacks targeting intelligence and police buildings in the capital. More than 28 people were also killed in bomb attacks against security compounds in Syria's second city of Aleppo in February.  

Series of explosions hits Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk - At least 29 wounded - with video and photos ~ link ~ Four explosions have shaken the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk injuring at least 29 people. The blasts struck a series of locations in the city center. Local authorities have begun a terrorist investigation into the incident. Interfax reports that at least ten children were among the wounded.

The first explosion went off as a crowded tram pulled into a stop injuring five passengers. Local authorities say it was caused by a bomb planted in a nearby rubbish bin.

Tanker drives to vote for strike in UK after talks fail ~ link ~ This will get real interesting!  Stirling       

Their refusal to back the plan raises the spectre of fuel shortages and queues at petrol stations worse than those prompted recently when the government advised motorists to hoard fuel.

The proposal is now to be put before more than 2,000 tanker drivers working for seven fuel oil distribution companies with the union recommending that they reject it. 

Litvinenko's father promises to announce his son's killer in court - with video ~ link ~ The father of poisoned ex-spy Aleksandr Litvinenko, claims his son gave him a note with his murderer`s name and other details right before he died. He said Andrey Lugovoy was not the killer and apologized to him. “Aleksandr died on my arms. He wrote me important information on a piece of paper when dying. He didn’t want anybody to hear us,” Walter Litvinenko told RT in an exclusive interview.

Before this there was only one post-death statement by Litvinenko circulating in the press where the former agent allegedly accused Vladimir Putin of ordering his poisoning. Walter Litvinenko asserts it was fabricated, saying he was with his dying son till the very last moment. He also says the language of the statement raises suspicions. 

The Family Farm is being systematically wiped out of existence in America ~ link ~ Government and an economy by and for the globalists.   Stirling      

An entire way of life is rapidly dying right in front of our eyes.  The family farm is being systematically wiped out of existence in America, and big agribusiness and the federal government both have blood all over their hands.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to only about 2 million today.  That doesn't mean that there is less farming going on.  U.S. farms are producing more than ever.  But what it does mean is that farming is increasingly becoming dominated by the big boys.  The rules of the game have been tilted in favor of big agribusiness so dramatically that most small farmers find that they simply cannot compete anymore.  Back in 1900, about 39 percent of the U.S. population worked on farms.  At this point, only about 2 percent of all Americans now live on farms.  Big agribusiness, the food processing conglomerates, and big seed companies such as Monsanto completely dominate the industry.  Unless something dramatic is done, the family farm is going to continue to be wiped out of existence.  Unfortunately, it does not look like things are going to turn around any time soon.
The way that the farming industry is structured today, it is simply not economically feasible to operate a small family farm.  According to Farm Aid, every week approximately 330 farmers leave their land for good.

Many old timers are trying to hang on for as long as they can.  A very large percentage of family farmers are in their fifties, sixties or seventies at this point.  Today, only about 6 percent of all farmers are under the age of 35.

Feds criminalizing small family farms under ridiculous 'labor laws' that target children ~ link ~ The powers-that-be in the Obama Administration are using rule making and selective enforcement to reshape America into something that none of us will recognize.   Stirling       


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