Monday, April 2, 2012

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  

Breaking news: Seven die in California university shooting - with video ~ link ~ Watch how the calls for disarming the American people increase now.   Stirling      

Europe's tallest-to-be-skyscraper in Moscow on fire - video ~ link ~ I bet it does NOT collapse like the World Trade towers!   Stirling     
The View From Istanbul ~ link So-called "Friends of Syria" aren't at all friendly to most Syrians. Syrian National Council/Free Syrian Army hostility is visible in daily violence they commit.

Backed by Washington, Britain, France, and other rogue NATO partners, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and perhaps other regional states supply powerful weapons and munitions to reign terror on ordinary civilians. They've also killed thousands of security forces.

At issue isn't democracy or other high-sounding values. Anti-Assad nations don't tolerate them at home. They're never exported through subversion or barrel of a gun violence. Establishing another pro-Western state's planned, as well as isolating and weakening Iran before targeting its government for regime change.

Mother of child martyr Sari Saoud telling the truth about his death - video ~ link  
Secret Freedom Fighters Working To Unseat The New World Order ~ link ~  One can only hope that there is some truth to this.  Stirling   

There have been recent reports in the underground alternative media that a secret group of well-placed, high-ranking freedom fighters are working tirelessly to free humanity from the clutches of the evil cabal that goes by many names: the Illuminati, the New World Order or, simply, the international banksters.

On the surface, the average conspiracy researcher may feel that this seemingly all powerful cabal has nearly reached their endgame goal of full spectrum dominance of the planet.  After all, the past decade has seen a massive consolidation of power for this cabal through endless aggressive wars, financial bailouts, legislation to destroy personal freedom, and so on.

However, according to reporting by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, there is an equally powerful force of good working behind the scenes to combat this cabal.  These freedom fighters, sometimes referred to as "white hats" or "gnostic Illuminati", are said to occupy positions in banking and finance, military, law enforcement, media, and government at all levels, as well as other key posts in corporations and institutions.

Murdoch spitting humble pie - video ~ link ~ Murdoch is, in my opinion, a Mossad/globalist agent.   Stirling    
The Toulouse Murders ~ link ~ This was a classic False Flag Op.  Stirling      
 These and a few other factors have fueled suspicion that Merah was framed, or manipulated, or deliberately allowed to commit his crimes in order to influence public opinion for Sarkozy, or for Israel, or for war against Islam.

As president, Sarkozy had the privilege for two or three days of displaying his indignation, stressing his resolve to “defend the Republic”, in short of “embodying the nation”, while the election campaign was suspended and his rivals reduced to standing mute at funeral ceremonies where Sarkozy reigned. While commentators praised his reaction as flawlessly statesmanlike, in the eyes of many he overdid his dramatization of the tragic circumstances to upstage his rivals.  The political opportunist characteristically takes advantage of events more than he creates them.  In any case, polls have shown no impact on voters’ intentions from the Toulouse killings.  The Toulouse drama is unlikely to affect the outcome of the presidential election, which takes place in two rounds on April 22 and May 6. Voters are more concerned with economic issues. Sarkozy still trails his main Socialist rival by the same wide margin for the decisive second round of voting on May 6.
Poll: Majority of US citizens say troops must leave Afghanistan - video ~ link ~ And the powers that be don't give a crap!!!  The American public lost its power over the last hundred years, from the time a corrupt Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, to the public killing/coup that killed President Kennedy, to the 9/11 False Flags (with WWI and WWII and all the other wars).  We...the public...don't count...we are just "soulless two-legged animals"...killing us is not murder...stealing from us is not stealing...raping us  is not rape...etc.    Stirling      
US wars murdered 20-30 million people since WWII: Arrest today's political class of War Criminals ~ link  
World Powers increase backing for an armed Syrian rebellion ~ link ~ Actually for a Phase Two of this armed foreign "rebellion", as Phase One has largely been lost to the efforts of the Assad government and the people of Syria.   Stirling      

West seeks to Perpetuate Syrian Bloodbath ~ link ~ The minions of Satan need to supply more blood, more horror for their lord and master...and it is highly profitable for them to do so (at least on this Earth, but when they meet their Maker it may not be so nice for them).   Stirling    

US Intelligence is turning the nation into a battlefield - video ~ link
Israel's Secret Staging Ground ~ linkIsrael's deepening relationship with the Baku government was cemented in February by a $1.6 billion arms agreement that provides Azerbaijan with sophisticated drones and missile-defense systems. At the same time, Baku's ties with Tehran have frayed: Iran presented a note to Azerbaijan's ambassador last month claiming that Baku has supported Israeli-trained assassination squads targeting Iranian scientists, an accusation the Azeri government called "a slander." In February, a member of Yeni Azerbadzhan -- the ruling party -- called on the government to change the country's name to "North Azerbaijan," implicitly suggesting that the 16 million Azeris who live in northern Iran ("South Azerbaijan") are in need of liberation.

And this month, Baku announced that 22 people had been arrested for spying on behalf of Iran, charging they had been tasked by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to "commit terrorist acts against the U.S., Israeli, and other Western states' embassies." The allegations prompted multiple angry denials from the Iranian government.

US students walk out on speech justifying War Crimes against Palestine ~ link ~ Good for them!  Stirling   

USA: Record number of households receive $277 in poverty assistance monthly ~ link ~ The global banksters and their bought-and-paid-for political whores are destroying this country and far too many people are brain dead (and soon to be really dead in WWIII).   Stirling      
How safe is Zion's Bank? ~ link 

Pink slime maker files for bankruptcy ~ link

The EPA is an Out-of-Control Monster ~ link ~ One more way to destroy America brought to you from the Global Banking Cartel and its bought-and-paid-for political whores.   Stirling      
What is missing from this statement is that regular citizens are under direct assault from their utility companies that force “so called” Green electric generation into the mix. Soon people will be living like beggars in order to pay the overpriced schemes that impoverish the population.

The latest outrage from the EPA bootjack thugs is the EPA Emission Rules To Effectively Ban New Coal Plants. “The Environmental Protection Agency effectively banned new coal-fired power plants Tuesday, announcing emission rules that will make them uneconomical to build.

This follows other recent rules squeezing coal. The actions show the administration following through on an earlier promise to crack down on the industry via regulation after the “cap and trade” carbon bill stalled in Congress in 2010.”The proof of Obama ‘All the Above’ Strategy Does Not Include Coal, is seen by his EPA policy.

Vaccines and Autism: The Secret that you are not suppose to know ~ link ~ The real secret is that there are powerful forces that are effectively controlled by demons that are killing off millions of people every year, and dooming many millions more to horrible diseases because they want/intend to do so!   Stirling     


Chris said...

Hello Stirling!
As a long time reader of your blog, I often read your links about the satanic powers in this world and what they're behind.
I've been busy studying the lies about the "everywhere" taught theory of evolution. Could there be any connection between that theory and those powers? What's your opinion about evolution versus creation? I think that when we degrade humans as in the evo case, the spread of sin will just accelerate! Good work you do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling

Hello Lord Stirling

In an limitless fear of the radiation, I want to share with you an analysis made by your fellow countryman, Dr. D. Luckey who is well known in my country. At lease, I believe some cool-headed poeple will not remain in the radition panic of today, unless such a news was to manipulate other poeple and nations:

Anonymous said...

BBC Panorama: Poor America [BBC - 12/2/2012]!

BBC reportage covering the tent cities and drainage houses of the growing number of poor Americans.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

Is it possible that the concept of
these "Good Guy Bankers And Others"
is a subterfuge aimed at inducing us to

Don't worry about the Rothschilds.
Don't worry about the Illuminati.
Don't worry about theNewWorldOrder.
Don't worry about being a slave.
Don't worry about a thing.


Remember the Mossad motto, which
goes something like this:

By deception we will conquer.