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Ex-Israeli Shin Bet spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran - Says Netanyahu and Barak are "not Messiahs" - with video ~ link ~ Now we come to the real issue...the 2 ton elephant in the living room...Bibi Netanyahu thinks he is the Messiah of the Jewish People and he has a group/Cabinet of Apostles that support him in his anti-Christ quest.  He is 2,000 years too late to be the Messiah; and since he is NOT the Messiah and his insane war plans will bring about a Third World War with 21st Century Weapons of Mass Destruction that will kill off most of the human race, he qualifies as the Biblical Anti-Christ.  Watch him carefully.  He wants war so very badly!  And he is supported by the Global Banking Cartel, who have started most of the wars over the last 200+ years and are responsible for hundreds of millions of war deaths, deaths from unnecessary diseases and political and economic repression.  The Russians believe that WWIII will break out THIS SUMMER.  Get ready folks, especially spiritually.   Stirling   
Israel's former security chief has censured the country's "messianic" political leadership for talking up the prospects of a military stike on Iran's nuclear programme.

In unusually candid comments set to ratchet up tensions over Iran at the top of Israel's political establishment, Yuval Diskin, who retired as head of the internal intelligence agency Shin Bet last year, said he had "no faith" in the abilities of the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the defence minister, Ehud Barak, to conduct a war

The US and Israel planned the War on Iran for years and thought they had it all figured out...But these 10 things they didn't count on could bring destruction upon them ~ link ~ While I don't agree with all the speculation presented herein, this article does show what 'outside-the-box thinking' on the part of Iran could do in the coming war.  I especially found the part about the hidden torpedo tunnels, with the hyper-fast and very deadly Russian torpedoes, most interesting.  We have been infected with Israeli arrogance towards our enemies.  Underestimating your enemies is one of the worst and most dangerous things than any nation can do, and history is full of examples of this.   Stirling     
By all means and to every possible end the Pentagon has run their war game simulations. Israel has deployed their Iron Dome missile defense. Top military brass have given their assurance that the naval build up in Persian Gulf is absolutely certain to offset the threat of the Iranian Navy and mines being deployed into theStrait of Hormuz. The US and its allies have stopped importing Iranian oil and have been given full assurances by Saudi Arabia they will make up for the loss of Iran’s oil. Strike plans have been deployed to the dozens of military bases surrounding Iran. Hundreds of Tomahawk missiles have been given infrastructure targets and once they hit Iran’s defenses will be disabled. Thousands of Spy drones have been deployed and are monitoring every inch of Iran’s soil in real-time. Stealth Bomber has been given their flight plans with the B-52′s to follow.  The media is in place to report. The stage is set and all systems are a go. 

The false flag attack on is needed because NATO allies don’t trust US claims that a preemptive strike is needed after western intelligence lies over WMD’s in Iraq. The trigger is pulled and the entire world believes Iran just attacked Israel. The United States and NATO are forced to defend Israel. They launch theirmeticulously planned offensive believing Iran’s oil fields would be under their control in less than 24 hours and Tehran would be sacked within 48 hours.

That was the plan but little did they know that it was America that would fall and this is how it happened.

Spain faces economic crisis of huge proportions over unemployment and banks ~ link ~ Spain is in a crisis "of huge proportions", the foreign minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, has said after official figures showed unemployment had hit almost 25% amid concerns that the country's banking sector may need a €120bn (£98bn) bailout before the end of the year.

The jobless rate stood at an 18-year high after the latest figures showed it at 24.4%, or 5.6 million people out of work. Unemployment is now the focus of debate in the country as policymakers worry about the effects of a collapse in consumer spending, a drop in tax receipts and spiralling bad debts.

Ron Paul wins Louisiana, Massachusetts and Alaska ~ link ~ You will NOT read this in the mainstream news media!   Stirling     

Wanna know what happens when a Senator endorses Romney at the Alaska State Convention - short video ~ link ~ Oh you have got to see this one!  Stirling    

Attention MSM: Ron Paul Wins Alaska! - video ~ link ~ Ron Paul is making real headway, but the mainstream news media is ignoring it!   Stirling       

Why Ron Paul is Obama's Toughest Competitor ~ link ~ Some very good points made here!!!  Stirling   

Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think ~ linkAs the rest of the political world's attention shifts to the general election, Paul is still quietly amassing delegates at district and county conventions, and is now poised to take a real bite — or at least a big nibble — out of Romney's delegate total. 

In just the last week, Paul locked up 49 delegates, including five in Pennsylvania and four in Rhode Island, two states thought to be firmly on Romney's turf. In Minnesota, Paul won 20 of the 24 delegates awarded at last weekend's district caucuses, an impressive sweep that guarantees that Paul will control a majority of the state's delegation at the Republican National Convention. 

And despite staunch opposition from the state Republican Party, Paul took 20 of the 40 delegates awarded in Missouri last weekend, according to campaign chairman Jesse Benton. 
In at least five other states — Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Washington, and Maine — Paul has done remarkably well at county and district conventions, and his supporters are expected to win a big chunk of the RNC delegates at the state conventions later this spring.

Bait and Switch - The Recession Depression Con Game ~ linkGood One...Take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     

It may seem like a lot to do about nothing, but for every day the international corporate mafia can hold onto the status quo, they are able to move more than a billion dollars worth of our stolen natural resources out of this country.  It is like some insane game show wherein the contestant stands in a pile of money and gets to keep however much he or she can grab and hold on to in thirty seconds.

The corporate elite are sick with greed and actually thrive on human suffering as they see the more pain others are suffering equals the more wealth they are acquiring.
These petty propagandists have actually said that the reason 83% of the people believe we are in a recession is because we believe that non-recession is what we had before the recession.  What?  What these loathsome manipulators are trying to do is set a new standard for what is considered prosperity.  Unfortunately for us 83%, this new standard entails 28 million of us accepting unemployment as a way of life and of course all of us accepting the ongoing corporate theft of our resources as the norm.

We have not had two months of real growth in our GDP since 2008.  What we have seen is the devaluation of the dollar and higher prices.  This is not growth.  This is the pathway to disaster.  This depression is not like the so called Great Depression, but rather like the 1930s depression in Germany’s Weimar Republic.

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