Friday, April 27, 2012

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Iran may agree to SNAP UN Nuclear Inspections ~ link Iran’s official news agency has reported that a deal may be in the works for Iran to agree to an additional protocol of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which would allow UN inspectors to make immediate, impromptu visits to Iran’s nuclear sites.

The official quoted, Iran’s ambassador to Moscow, Reza Sajjadi, also said a deal might include Iran halting expansion of its nuclear program if the West halts further sanctions.

CISPA: Congressman Hank Johnson, "I know its 2012 but it sure feels like 1984" - video ~ link ~ America continues its descent into a fascist police state as it becomes the World's first Fourth World Nation...a former First World Nation in economic collapse with incredible levels of corruption at the highest levels but not the petty corruption at the lower levels that one finds in traditional Third World Nations.   Stirling    

Ron Paul Delegates targeted by government and added to Terrorist Watch List - video ~ link ~ The American people are allowing the fascists bastards to destroy America!  The price that a people end up paying for allowing such monsters free run is terribly high (Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, and China are good historic examples of this).  This will end with many tens of millions of Americans dead and/or imprisoned in government concentration camps or in the American people taking back their nation from the criminal banksters.   Stirling   

Wrongful death suit by wife of Marine Vet shot 37 times by police may proceed to trial ~ link ~ You cannot make this stuff up.  America has gotten totally out-of-control after decades under the leadership of the worst scum on Earth.   Stirling       

Hundreds of economists: Marijuana Prohibition costs billions, legalization would earn billions ~ link ~ The bogus 'war on drugs' is one of the main reasons that America has a greater percentage of its citizens in prison than any nation on Earth.  At the highest levels, the illegal drug trade money goes into the pockets of those in control of things...that is the Global Banking Cartel.  Just one more way the evil bastards are screwing over the nation and world.   Stirling       

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