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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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IDF Chief of Staff: 'They are very rational people' - Israeli Lt. Gen. Gantz claims Iran is NOT building a nuclear bomb ~ link ~ It sounds like General Gantz has come around to the thinking that a General Middle East War would be strongly NOT in the interest of Israel.  If so, good for him!  Israel needs to back away from any attack on Iran or Syria and establish a strategy for long-term peace with all its neighbors.  Notice I did not say anything about disarmament, but I did say 'strategy for a long term peace'.  That will not come from taking more Arab land, from mistreating Arabs, and from being a regional aggressor.   However, a successful long-term strategy for peace will give Israel generations of peace and prosperity for its people.   Stirling     
Lt Gen Benny Gantz said he believes that diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions, along with Israel's determination to strike if necessary, will deter Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Gantz's comments have put him at odds with Israel's more pessimistic prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has complained that international sanctions have not changed Iran's behavior.

IDF Chief to Haaretz: I do not believe Iran will decide to develop nuclear weapons ~ link ~ Both 2012 and 2013 are seen as critical with regard to Iran's nuclear program. At his rare public appearances Gantz has taken a cautious approach to the issue - mentioning the military option, whose development and preparation he oversees, while leaving the door open to international negotiations with Iran. His language is far from the dramatic rhetoric of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and is usually free of the Holocaust comparisons of which Israeli politicians are so fond.

Asked whether 2012 is also decisive for Iran, Gantz shies from the term. "Clearly, the more the Iranians progress the worse the situation is. This is a critical year, but not necessarily 'go, no-go.' The problem doesn't necessarily stop on December 31, 2012. We're in a period when something must happen: Either Iran takes its nuclear program to a civilian footing only or the world, perhaps we too, will have to do something. We're closer to the end of the discussions than the middle." 

Russia admits nuke threat says Chief of General Staff - with video ~ link ~ I believe that Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and perhaps others actually have nuclear weapons and this is what the General was speaking of.   Stirling       

China tabloid threatens Philippines with war over sea claims ~ link A Philippine mineral exploration has discovered a treasure trove of gas in that portion of the South China Sea that is claimed by both China and the Philippines..

That was the good news, but the bad news is that this will merely add gas to the fire, because the find further emphasizes that not hypothetical resources, but tangible ones worth billions of dollars, are at stake.

Going Dutch: The Netherlands to abandon the Euro? - with video ~ link ~ The people of Europe are totally fed up with the artificial Austerity Fascism that the Global Banking Cartel and its stable of corrupt bought-and-paid-for political whores are forcing on Europe.  In Holland and in France we are seeing where politicians can obtain power by siding with the aspirations of the masses against the corrupt global banksters.   This could get interesting!   Stirling       

The Dutch government has collapsed after failing to win coalition support for its austerity plans. Elections are set to be held in September and analysts say one of the EU’s strongest economies may bring the unified currency’s demise
Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a strong advocate of the Euro, has been trying to get the Parliament to adopt 14-16 billion euros worth of austerity cuts. The deficit slashing is aimed at getting the Dutch budget deficit under the three per cent of deficit to GDP limit established by the new EU fiscal pact.
Rutte was unable to win the support of the far-right Freedom Party, whose leader Geert Wilders said his country should not fund the new European Stability Mechanism and, at the same time, be expected to implement Brussels’ budget deficit caps. 

Dutch "crisis": Prime Minister Rutte appeals for "responsible action" ~ link ~ The "crisis" is for the Global Banking Cartel who are finding some real opposition to their Austerity Fascism.  I am reminded of the old saying from Abe Lincoln: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."  The people of Europe are beginning to rise up against this Austerity crap and the global banksters who are ripping them off wholesale!   Stirling      

Russia and USA to hold joint military drill in America ~ link For the first time in history, Russian and American airborne forces will hold joint drills in the US. The anti-terror exercises scheduled for May 2012 will get off to a flying start with a tactical landing operation and “terrorist” camp raid. “This is the first time such an event is being held,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko stressed, announcing the plan. “The Russian airborne will contribute a special task group that will exercise with US special service weapons.”

Australia: Breakthrough in Solar Cell efficiency ~ link ~ Low cost solar cells suitable for rooftop panels could reach a record-breaking 40 percent efficiency following an early stage breakthrough by a University of Sydney researcher and his German partners.

With Australian Solar Institute support, Associate Professor Tim Schmidt from the University’s School of Chemistry, together with the Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy, has developed a “turbo for solar cells”, called photochemical upconversion that allows energy, normally lost in solar cells, to be turned into electricity.

Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control - video ~ link ~ GOOD ONE!   Stirling        

Local police and FBI free to launch spies in sky over America ~ link

Asteroid mining by 2020: Robo-ships to dig space rocks for gold and fuel ~ link ~ Building a network of light telescopes and designing a cheap robotic probe are to be the first steps of Planetary Resources, a US-based company hoping to kick-start private development of asteroid mineral riches. Eventually its know-how will be used to harvest gold, platinum, rare earth metals, water and fuel in space, the company said at an inaugural event on Tuesday.

A demonstration orbital mission may be sent as early as in 18 to 24 months, said company co-founders Peter Diamandis and Eric Anderson. They want to deploy several observation platforms – telescopes weighing just a few kilograms each, capable of searching and identifying targets for future mineral extraction.

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