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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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The Pentagon Is Planning Its Military Route Into Syria ~ link ~ One has to ask the basic question, WHY another war; WHY all these wars?  The answer is that it serves the interests of several powerful forces.  The Global Banking Cartel...the evil people 'with all the money'...obtain money directly and indirectly from wars.   Wars are the greatest generator of deficit spending and they PROFIT from creating money out of thin air and loaning it at interest to governments.  They are also important owners in the military-industrial complex/war profiteers.  The crazy hyper-racist Netanyahu Zionists want a General Middle East War so that they can slaughter all their enemies and control all of the Middle East and its resources from tiny Israel...an insane idea that will only get their tribe destroyed.  But ultimately, this is a spiritual battle between the forces of good, of God, and the forces of evil, of the fallen Lucifer.  God wants His children to live in peace, love, prosperity and happiness.   Lucifer wants war, desperation, anger, hate, unhappiness and as much of a blood orgy as possible.   Stirling    
Iran prepares its submarine fleet for blockade of the Strait of Hormuz ~ link ~ Iranian subs are not all that impressive...however, they don't have to be the super silent nuclear hunter killer types to play hell with the most critical strait of passage on the seas today.  They are designed to operate in a small but vital area; all warships are only as good as their weapon systems.  The Iranian subs use Russian underwater missile/torpedoes, and Iranian copies of same, to pose a serious danger to Western warships and to oil supertankers.   Stirling      
Rising Tension: North Korean Army vows to turn Seoul into ashes ~ link ~ Normally, I would rack this up to the normal crazy North Korean bluster, even if it is more over the top than normal.  However, one has to consider the overall geopolitical/strategic situation in the World today...with World War III approaching.   Are the Chinese, and/or the Russians, using the North Koreans in a global game of pre-WWIII chess?!!   Stirling      
North Korea’s military Monday threatened “special actions” soon to turn parts of the South Korean capital to ashes, accusing Seoul’s conservative government of defaming its leadership. The North has for months been criticizing the South’s President Lee Myung-Bak in extreme terms and threatening “sacred war” over perceived insults. There have been no incidents but the language has become increasingly vitriolic. Some analysts said they believe a military provocation is likely.
US Navy looks to escalate presence in Pacific ~ link ~ Fresh off of China’s warning of a “confrontation” in the South China Sea, the US Navy is once again talking about increasing its presence across the Pacific Ocean, saying that it is a key strategic goal of the Obama Administration.
US Pacific Command head Admiral Samuel Locklear discussed the “back to the Pacific” mission in considerable detail, insisting it is a priority “for the long run” and that North Korea’s failed satellite launch was a key reason.
The USA is stockpiling a huge cache of weapons in Israel ~ link ~ This has been going on for a long time and is mostly a giant scam.  The weapons are valued at a fraction of their true costs.  They are said to be "stored" in Israel for American needs but may be used in emergencies by Israel.   It is just another way to funnel truly massive amounts of American taxpayer money and arms to tiny Israel without disclosing the true amounts to the public.  This happens because Israeli front organizations bribe and blackmail those in Congress and the Courts and the Administration.   Stirling     
UN monitors bring lull to contested Syrian cities ~ link Relative calm continued in Syria today, as the ceasefire managed to survive another weekend with a significantly lower death toll than there was during the past few weeks of fighting.
Holy Holoboax - My Government Wouldn't Lie To Me ~ link ~ Read this one.

This is how the Swiss are making the Oil Embargo 'No Big Deal' for Iran ~ link ~ An interesting read.   Stirling     
Muslim mob burns Catholic church in Sudan capital ~ linkA Muslim mob has set ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in the capital Khartoum, witnesses and media reports said on Sunday.
The church in Khartoum’s Al-Jiraif district was built on a disputed plot of land but the Saturday night incident appeared to be part of the fallout from ongoing hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan over control of an oil town on their ill-defined border.

Mark Grant: "I do NOT believe, any longer, that the Catastrophe can be avoided ~ link Good One...take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling    
I am asked so often about this that I wanted to print out the exact wording from the European Statistics office. In fact, no contingent liabilities are calculated in any government’s debt to GDP ratio in Europe nor are their liabilities (ownership) at the European Union or the European Central Bank. They not only do not include any of these numbers but state guaranteed bonds and bank guaranteed bonds and derivatives contracts also are not part of any debt to GDP ratios in Europe. Right, wrong or indifferent; this is the way Europe does its calculations.
The numbers speak for themselves. The contingent assets are trumpeted from the plains of Heaven. The contingent liabilities are lame mutes living in the “sounds of silence.” The proffered songs could not be more distinct.
Dutch Cabinet Resigns ~ link ~ As reported first thing this morning when we discussed the perfect storm in Europe, the Dutch government was expected to resign en masse in the aftermath of this weekend's auterity fiasco. Sure enough, that resignation is now fact. 
And so the final Catch 22 for Europe unfolds: impair banks and suffer threats of the end of the world, or impair citizens and suffer falling governments. Check to you.  
Why the Euro Isn't Worth Saving ~ link ~ What we are witnessing is a nice stage play, written by the Rothschilds and their globalist partners, and performed by their puppets.   It is all part of the End Game Strategy to bring about their long-sought New World Order where they (the super-tiny evil elite) get to rule over the entire world and own everything and everyone.  The 'fly in the ointment' however, is the military part, the Third World War, that is a key part of the End Game.  Twenty-first Century Warfare is simply NOT survivable for the Human Race!  At least not without the Return of Christ Himself.  And when that happens, the Global Banking Cartel families and their minions will NOT be in control or anywhere shall we say 'desirable'.    Stirling      
Max Keiser on Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction - with video ~ link This video describes how banks are using CDS to destroy nations. Currently the bankers moved past Greece to Spain.  England and America will be be on the chopping block as soon as they have dumped Italy and France by the wayside.

I personally do not think it will take as long as Max says it will to take down America after Spain goes. This video was filmed as a stand up routine at the old Ron Paul headquarters on Mott Street (Chinatown) in Manhattan. The ending of this video has a comedy skit in which Blythe Masters, the creator of CDS, is exorcised by Reverend Billy. Warning: This video has strong language.

53% of recent college grads in USA are jobless or underemployed ~ link ~ America and the industrial West (North America, Europe, Australia, etc.) are targeted for economic failure by the Global Banking Cartel.   They have moved over 50,000 major manufacturing factories, just in America, to Third World nations in the last handful of years.   Additionally, the economy across the board is being looted and purposefully destroyed by the globalists as part of their NWO End Game.   The young people are seeing their lives and futures destroyed.   The worst, that is WWIII and the deaths of most of us, is yet to come.   This is what happens, when the vast majority of people are too stupid, or willfully ignorant, to see who/what/when/how things are being run and too lazy or afraid to do anything about it.  The price you pay is horrifically high!   Stirling   
53 Percent Of All Young University Graduates In America Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed ~ linkIf you are in college right now, you will most likely either be unemployed or working a job that only requires a high school degree when you graduate.  The truth is that the U.S. economy is not coming anywhere close to producing enough jobs for the hordes of new college graduates that are entering the workforce every year.  In 2011, 53 percent of all Americans with a bachelor's degree under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.  Millions upon millions of young college graduates feel like the system has totally failed them.  They worked hard in school all their lives, they went into huge amounts of debt in order to get the college education that they were told they "must have" in order to get a good job, but after graduation they found that there were only a handful of good jobs for the huge waves of college graduates that were entering the "real world".  All over America, college graduates can be found waiting tables, flipping burgers and working behind the register at retail stores.  Unfortunately, the employment picture in America is not going to get significantly better any time soon.

All over the United States, "middle class jobs" are being replaced by "low income jobs" and young college graduates are being hurt by this transition more than almost anyone else.  Massive numbers of young college graduates are now working jobs that do not even require a high school degree.  Some of the statistics about young college graduates are absolutely astounding.  The following is from a recent CNBC article....
Scary Math ~ linkThe only condition which was part of the 2008 decline that has gone away has been official sector liquidity.  One has to wonder about two things in the context of a repetition of those events from 2008....“The first would be, how much rope do the central banks have left?  In other words, how much quantitative easing are they willing and able to do? 

The second question is, how long before the world’s few remaining savers go on a sovereign debt purchase strike because of continued currency debasement?  When we know the answer to those two questions, we will know the answer to when the day of reckoning will have arrived?”

The Inflation Monster Cometh, Prepare Yourself ~ link ~ Keep in mind, what is insane for 99.999% of us is good (but very evil) strategy for the globalists.
Let’s just take a quick review of the situation as we know it. The real inflation rate is over 10% and the real u6 unemployment rate is over 22% according to Shadowstats.com.  General Mills recently reported that their input costs rose from 10% to 11% year over year. This is no shock to anyone that goes to the grocery store every week.  The Baltic dry index, the measure of shipping rates worldwide , dropped over 65% between Nov 2011 and Mar 2012. This means a lot of cargo ships are sitting around with nothing to do. The housing sector is still in shambles and will take at least a decade to work off the Millions of foreclosures  on the books and the millions about to be added in the next few years.  This means the price of houses will continue to fall for the foreseeable future so if you decide to buy please do some research and go into it with both eyes open.

Recently the BRICS countries held a meeting and agreed to conduct more commerce in their own currencies instead of U.S. dollars. Iran is selling oil for anything but dollars. Saudi Arabia is building a huge new refinery in cooperation with China  on the Red Sea.  It is estimated that there are about $700 Trillion in derivatives  in the world banking system. This is over 10 times the World GDP.  This is insane.

Billions wiped off Europe's biggest companies as political rebellion rocks Eurozone ~ link ~ The 'you know what' is beginning to 'hit the fan'.   Stirling       

More than £122.3bn was wiped off the value of Europe's biggest companies on Monday amid fears that the eurozone's commitment to austerity was being swept away by political rebellion - just as its debts hit record levels.
Stockmarkets plunged as traders panicked that Angela Merkel could lose her key allies in France and the Netherlands and that the debt crisis rescue plans could unravel. 

The End Of America As We Know It ~ link ~On New Year's Eve, with almost no mainstream media attention given to it, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, or NDAA, into law. Since I am not an attorney, I will fall back on the ACLU's analysis of this disastrous new law: "On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history. The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president — and all future presidents — to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield."

Think about those words: indefinite military detention without charge or trial. Obama's administration, and all future administrations (including a Romney or Gingrich administration), can now use the military to detain individuals, including political dissidents -- even American citizens on U.S. soil -- without trial or formal charges. Without court involvement or a jury deciding you are actually guilty. And "detain" is really a euphemism for IMPRISON, of course. You won't be spending the lunch hour in detention. You'll be in a semi-secret military black site, without access to your attorney, potentially for life.

Florida Senator Bubio moves closer to Vice President slot after Bilderberg speculation ~ link ~ Government by and for the banksters!   Stirling     

How the Power of Positive Thinking Won Scientific Credibility ~ link ~ Actually, 'the power of positive thinking' is very much tied into Quantum Physics.  Stirling        
Beautiful photos ~ link 

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