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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

The Phases of War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Israel ~ link ~ It certainly doesn’t look much like what we’re seeing in Afghanistan today. A feckless, corrupt, incompetent government kept alive and in place (we can’t really say "in power" since its reach doesn’t extend much beyond Kabul) by billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars and tens of thousands of U.S. and allied troops. Escalating, not diminishing violence against civilians. More frequent and more deadly incidents involving U.S. troops out of control, from burning Qurans to urinating on the bodies of dead Afghans, to the most recent war crime, the murder of 17 civilians including 9 children in Kandahar.

No surprise that the number of Afghan soldiers turning their guns on their U.S. and NATO "trainers" is rising too. Fox News is reporting that "U.S. troops in Afghanistan now have far-reaching new protections against rogue killers among their Afghan allies, including assigned ‘guardian angels,’ fellow troops who will watch over them as they sleep… In several Afghan ministries, Americans are now allowed to carry weapons. And they have been instructed to rearrange their office desks there to face the door, so they can see who is coming in, said the official." To paraphrase my colleague Steve Burns at the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, is this changing deck chairs on the Titanic or what?

Philippines-China standoff could lead to Open Conflict ~ link ~ Setting the stage for a major War Theater of WWIII.  Stirling   

Armed vessels from the Philippines and China continue their two-week-long standoff after Chinese fisherman trespassed into contested waters, prompting swift reaction from both navies.   

Israel's Persecution of Christians in the Holy Land - with video ~ link'Zionist Christians' are simply STUPID and know nothing of how the Israeli mindset really works towards Christianity!   Stirling   

2 Years on, BP Oil Disaster proves Obama just as much an oil-soaked political stooge as Cheney or Bush ~ link ~ When you knock your cup of coffee over, that's a spill. When a giant oil company orders employees worldwide to evade safety protocols, and incinerates eleven people and discharges anywhere between 300 million and one billion gallons of toxic oil crude and carcinogenic "dispersants" into the air, water, fish, wildlife and people of the Gulf region, it's not a spill. It's a calculated act of murderous, ecocidal vandalism. It's a criminal conspiracy.

When you take pro-active steps to conceal the extent and effects of a murderous criminal conspiracy, steps like lying to the public about the amount of toxins discharged, or using the Coast Guard, the US Navy, federal and local law enforcement to prevent reporters or the public from flying over open waters, wetlands or beaches to gauge the extent of the disaster, you're a participant in the murderous criminal conspiracy.
The Middle Class has not disappeared - It's just sliding toward the bottom ~ link There's no 'average' anymore, in the sense of a normal curve with most of the people and most of the money in the middle. 
Today, 400 individuals have as much wealth as an entire HALF of America. Yet it's still argued by some conservatives that in real life the two extremes are split by a substantial group of average Americans in the middle. The income of the middle quintile, we are told, grew by over 35% percent between 1979 and 2007. But, as Jared Bernstein points out, 35% over 28 years is 1.1% per year, over a period when productivity grew at twice that rate. Census data shows that the inflation-adjusted salary of a full-time male worker in 2010 was almost exactly the same as in 1979.

In real life just 2 percent of Americans own HALF of all wealth outside the home. The top quintile owns 93% of all wealth outside the home. The poor half of America owns nothing outside of their homes, because most of them owe more than they own. And their homes have lost much of their value.

US Baby Boomers face impoverished retirement ~ link ~ You can thank the globalists and their bought-and-paid-for political whores for this.   Stirling  

Food Stamps in Crosshairs of Republicans' Plan to Save "Military" ~ link ~  Evil narcissism run amok.  Stirling   

Global shocks coming - Investors need to be prepared ~ linkToday billionaire Eric Sprott told King World News that Europeans have now lost confidence in both the banking system and the sovereigns.  Sprott, who is Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, also warned the global economy is now rolling over and investors need to be prepared.  Here is what Sprott had to say about the situation:  “The Ponzi scheme in the financial world continues.  Month after month there is a new technique for trying to prevent the dominos from falling.  We see that people are doing the logical thing, they are taking money out of the banking system.”

Family misses flight after TSA gives aggressive screening to 7-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy ~ link ~ I am really mad and continually shocked that the US Government continues to act this way, but I am far more shocked and pissed off that the American public continues to put up with this crap!!!  Where is your moral outrage America???  Where are your balls Americans???   Stirling     

Vitamin C cured polio during the epidemic of 1948-49 ~ link ~ If you want to live, get outside of the Big Pharma Bullshit Box!   Stirling      

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