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Israel on the Brink of Certified Madness ~ link ~ Great article, please take the time to read it all at the link.  Notice how the one man at the center of the madness, the madness that is almost certain to be the trigger for the Third World War that will kill most of the human race, is none other than Bibi 666 Netanyahu.   I have been saying for 20+ years that this man will be the Antichrist who will start WWIII.  Sometimes it is not so much fun being right.   Stirling       

Spending a week in Israel these days is like being trapped within a scene from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Like Jack Nicholson in the lead role of that classic film, you might not be insane but the doctors and nurses who run the psychiatric ward manufacture every few minutes a collective hysteria to keep everyone in the grip of fear and hatred. Everyone is an enemy, every a visitor an existential threat.

This was April 2012. The month before, Netanyahu, the world expert of manufactured hysteria, crossed the Atlantic to join his American counterparts. In Washington, before an AIPAC audience only too eager to indulge him, Netanyahu likened a refusal to launch a war against Iran as tantamount to refusing a request from Jewish leaders to bomb Auschwitz.
Together Netanyahu and his fawning American audience rode the roller coaster of mass hysteria of the most sickening, hallucinating kind at a time when the US needs leadership that will take it out of its economic crisis and Israel needs to find a way in a world that more than ever before refuses to tolerate its colonization, occupation and dispossession of Palestine.

On his way back from this mutual warmongering and fanaticism, Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, mates from the days when they both played Rambo as Israeli commandos, continued to send the Israelis into the bunkers and simulate chemical attacks in preparation for a massive Iranian attack that would be triggered by a pre-emptive Israeli strike on Iran.

Netanyahu defends comparison of Iran and Nazi Holocaust ~ link ~ Fear, lies, hate, blackmail, bribery, intimidation, False Flag 'terrorism' and war are Bibi's main stock in trade.  We are seeing, before our very eyes, what future historians will point to as an evil craziness on the eve of the greatest war in human history.  This ~ video link ~ is the madness that Bibi is bringing down on his own people.   Stirling     

He defended his analogy on the eve of Israel's annual day of Holocaust remembrance against those who say it is not only irreverent to the six million Jews killed by Hitler's Germany but also stokes panic about a new war.

The Jewish state has not ruled out military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities if international sanctions imposed on Tehran or diplomacy fail to curb its atomic programme.

Pressure rising: US calls for tougher measures on Syria - with video ~ link ~ Syria is the backdoor to a war on Iran, to a General Middle East War with weapons of mass destruction, to World War III and Armageddon.  That the US is still leading the charge on Syria shows that all the talk about a major split between the Obama Administration and Netanyahu is 99% bullshit!   Stirling    

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted it was time to impose more sanctions on Damascus. “We need to start moving very vigorously in the Security Council for a Chapter Seven sanctions resolution, including travel, financial sanctions and arms embargo,” she told the envoys from the 14-nations group, which includes the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

We have to keep Assad off balance by leaving options on the table,” Clinton pointed out, making it clear that Washington has little faith in the success of special envoy Kofi Annan's six-point peace plan.

Syrian ceasefire has "failed" says UN chief ~ link ~ Just another bought-and-paid-for war whore that the globalists use.   Stirling     

Koreas launch missile threats against each other ~ link ~ As India tries to reduce the threat of the Indian Sub-Continent becoming a War Theater of WWIII, the Korean Peninsula seems determined to become a major one.   Stirling       

South Korea threatens Pyongyang’s strategic facilities with missiles, while the North promises to eliminate Seoul over an “insult” against its beloved leader. The standoff between the Koreas has not been so rabid since the war 60 years ago.

On Thursday South Korea announced it has deployed new cruise missiles capable of reaching anywhere in the North. Seoul most likely means the Hyunmu-3С cruise missile, which was announced as having entered production in 2010.
The previous versions Hyunmu-3A and Hyunmu-3B could cover 500- and 1,000-kilometer distances respectively. The new model reportedly has a range of 1,500 kilometers. If the data is correct, that means there is nowhere left in North Korea this missile cannot reach.

Deepwater Unknowns - Two Years After ~ link ~ You really should take the time to read all of this one at the link.  You should not eat fish or shrimp from the Gulf nor should you vacation there or swim in Gulf waters.  The area around the giant undersea salt dome is so fractured that it continues to leak oil and natural gas from many many areas.  It cannot be stopped.  Oil slicks of massive proportions are still appearing and there is evidence that Corexit is still being used; it can and does stick to human skin in a largely invisible way (UV light does show it however) and when it is on human skin it allows deadly pollutants to enter the body.    Stirling       

 As of April 20, 2012—the 2nd Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster — we have a backdrop of recently published scientific studies[i] indicating sick and dying dolphins, coral and other sea life; bacteria laden tar balls washing onto beaches, an intoxicated Gulf food chain and a Macondo geohazard risk zone over a mile below the surface that some experts say has the potential of releasing toxic gas and oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next 25 years.  Behind this deepwater curtain, there are still many unknowns about the BP Oil Spill events and response.

One unexplained fact generally not known is that oil did not begin to spill into the Gulf of Mexico until 22 April, coincidently and squarely on Earth Day.  The large quantities from the Macondo Reservoir only began spewing into the Gulf after several unexplained detonated explosions.  The explosions leave open questions since the top well blow out that killed the 11 men was brought under control.  

The material revealed a hidden 3rd Macondo well that was not the celebrated final capped well (Well A) seen on TV screens across the country, but rather, a well 720ft away from that pictured well.

Mass Resignation of the Proxies: Why are so many Key Financial Figures waving the white flag? ~ link ~ They know something really horrible is coming and don't want to be a part of it?!!   Stirling     

Usually two or three resignations from heads of troubled companies, is not much to balk out, but recently, 6-7 heads of very important financial institutions have resigned. High level resignation is normally reserved for a few situations: those who have made a big mistake, expect a big mistake to be made, or formally, don’t want to deal with a mistake that was made long ago and soon must be faced.

Here are the recent resignations in chronological order:

Dublin Home Eviction - Elderly Couple Attacked - April 18 2012 by Anglo Irish Bank - video ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be so proud!  Fascist bastards!!!   Stirling      

Details of the $291 Trillion in Derivatives to which American Taxpayers are exposed ~ link 

Goldman Sachs tied to the sordid world of the monied elite ~ link  

Why Wall Street can't escape the Eurozone crisis ~ link  

The Mother of All Infographics:  Visualizing America's Derivatives Universe ~ link  ~ A month ago we presented the latest derivatives update from the OCC, according to which the Top 5 US banks held 95.7%, or $221 trillion of the entire US derivative universe (which in turn is just a modest portion of the entire $707 trillion in global derivatives as of June 30, 2011). And while the numbers of all this credit money, because that's what it is, and the variation margin associated with all these trillions in bets is all too real, appeared impressive on paper, they did not do this story enough service. So to present, visually this time, the US derivatives problem, we go to our friends from Demonocracy, who put the $229 trillion derivative 'issue' in its proper context. For those curious what a paper equivalent of bailing out the US derivatives market would look like, now you know.

Robots guard South Korean prison inmates ~ link ~ North Americans, Europeans and others have a look at your not so future prison guards when you are shipped to the NWO gulags!   Stirling      

Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto buys leading bee research firm ~ link ~ The issue of the death of the world's bees is most serious to those of us who plan on eating in the years ahead!  Without bees we cannot maintain the quality or quantity of food production on this planet!  There is a clear trend in key globalist corporations, especially those in Big Pharma and Big Agri, that goes way beyond profit at all cost and enters into a death by design realm, that can only be termed satanic in its very nature!  Stirling     

Monsanto, the massive biotechnology company being blamed for contributing to the dwindling bee population, has bought up one of the leading bee collapse research organizations. Recently banned from Poland with one of the primary reasons being that the company’s genetically modified corn may be devastating the dying bee population, it is evident that Monsanto is under serious fire for their role in the downfall of the vital insects. It is therefore quite apparent why Monsanto bought one of the largest bee research firms on the planet.   

Another deadly chemical in our food supply ~ link ~ Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is vegetable oil with bromine added to it. Brominated vegetable oil is used as an emulsifier in citrus-flavored soft drinks to help the flavors stay suspended in the drink and to produce a cloudy appearance.

Just look at Mountain Dew, for example. The hazy appearance within its very unnatural fluorescent color comes from BVO.

Patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant, and banned in food throughout Europe and Japan, BVO has been added to soft drinks for decades in North America. Now, some scientists have a renewed interest in this little-known ingredient.

The CISPA bill already has over 100 co-sponsors ~ link ~ THIS BILL WILL GIVE THEM CONTROL OF THE INTERNET!!!!! I am told it is worse than SOPA, the last bill they tried to control the internet with. Everyone yelled and SOPA was taken off the floor.


Text, cosponsors & full information from Open Congress: H.R.3523 - Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011

Too Much Copyright - video ~ link 

ACTA a 'Web Police' project - MEP who wants to kill bill - with video ~ link ACTA is aiming high, but its loose wording would make internet service providers an unintended police force of the web, David Martin, the MEP rapporteur on the controversial agreement told RT in an exclusive interview.

The trade agreement needs the consent of the European Parliament to come into force. A vote on it is due this summer, but David Martin who is responsible for monitoring its progress and reporting on it to the European Parliament has already said it should be rejected.
18 Venn diagrams showing how corrupted American 'democracy' really is ~ link ~ Oh you have got to see this!   Stirling   

Israel hijack role 'was queried' ~ link ~ The truth of the famous 1976 'Raid on Entebee' that stole so much of the thunder of America's 200 birthday is that it was a classic Israeli False Flag operation.  The only Israeli commando that died in the raid was the brother of Bibi Netanyahu.  The Israelis have been playing us for fools for a long time, but people are beginning to wake up.  Stirling     

But newly released documents contain a claim that the 1976 rescue of hostages, kidnapped on an Air France flight and held in Entebbe in Uganda, was not all it seemed. A UK government file on the crisis, released from the National Archives, contains a claim that Israel itself was behind the hijacking.

An unnamed contact from the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association told a British diplomat in Paris that the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) collaborated to seize the plane. 

OKC Bombing Star Witness Reveals Staged Government Terror Attack - video ~ link ~ Folks, we did not get here...where America and much of the World is "fighting terrorism" by becoming a giant globalist controlled police state...overnight or without lots of planing, money and effort going into it over many years.   Stirling     

Houston We Have A Problem - The TSA Goes Or We Go ~ link ~  People have got to start standing up for America and the American way or the fascist bastards will end up putting millions and millions of us in concentration camps....if you don't believe this you are either ignorant of what is happening and of history or willfully ignorant!   Stirling     

FDA raids herbal distributor over cancer remedies ~ link ~ The FDA is nothing but the hired guns for Big Pharma.   Stirling       

SS gains local police powers in Connecticut ~ link ~ This flies in the face of over 200 years of American history and constitutional law!   Stirling     

These poll numbers point to disaster for Obama ~ link ~ Despite his good fortunes with women voters, there some troubling warning signals for President Obama in the Quinnipiac poll out today. The huge problem is that he continues to lose Independent voters.

The Global Systemic Crisis - France, the 'Big Republican Earthquake' ~ link ~ Just as LEAP/E2020 has been anticipating since November 2010 (GEAB N°49), the Socialist candidate (1), in this case François Hollande, will win the 2012 French presidential election (2). There is still the question relating to the first round of this election: will Nicolas Sarkozy, the outgoing president, come out ahead or behind Marine Le Pen (it was also part of our November 2010 anticipation) (3)? Therefore, it’s time to anticipate the consequences of this election for France, Euroland and the EU as well as at world level (NATO, G20, Euro-BRICS) because de facto it’s much more important for the current world’s progress, in full transition because of the world crisis, than the next American election which will see Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clash head-to-head (two candidates financed massively by Wall Street) against a backdrop of the US political system’s general paralysis (4). 

François Hollande’s victory will start a series of strategic upheavals which will greatly affect Europe and will significantly accelerate the geopolitical changes in progress on a world level since the beginning of the global crisis in 2008. Therein, the results and consequences of the French presidential election (5) have much more importance than those of the next American presidential election in November 2012. In fact, France, although being a much less powerful country than the United States, occupies a strategic position both in Europe and on a world level (in particular via its intra-European role) which will make it a key-player in the emergence of the “world after the crisis” to paraphrase the title of Franck Biancheri’s book. And François Hollande’s election, who has clear ideas on Europe and France’s role in Europe and has clearly stated his intention to actively explore partnership possibilities with the new emerging powers (BRICS), will establish a major break with the absence of vision and European strategy of Nicolas Sarkozy’s five years’ presidency, mainly marked by an unprecedented allegiance in the country’s recent history to the dominant US power (6) and its unconditional integration in a Washington/Tel Aviv axis on the major geopolitical problems’ fundamentals (7). France had disappeared in the world these last five years (8); it’s on the point of making a sensational return (9), even beyond the future president’s personality (10). 

Child Sex Abuse in the Church: Alliance Demands Full Inquiry ~ link   ~ End this celibacy BS, get married priests and they will clean out the sickies.  Stirling      

Geo-Engineering and Chemtrails are destroying our atmosphere ~ link  

American's delayed response to questions over attempted defection in Bo Xilai scandal ~ link 

How China's Bo affair rattled the White House ~ link 


Shocking information on Xi Jinping's Seccession ~ link ~ The report stated that Jiang and Zeng’s plan was being smoothly carried out by Bo and Zhou. But Wang’s defection to the U.S. consulate exposed it, and the whole plan collapsed.

Wang Lijun exposed that Bo Xilai had been forcing his team to do various kinds of “unimaginable things.” Lan Shu analyzed that, based on Wang Lijun’s resume and his many papers on organ transplants, what he mentioned as “unimaginable things” are not merely power struggles and corruption.

Lan Shu: “I think what he meant by “unimaginable things’ include live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.
Once this is exposed, the CCP will be on the opposite side of the entire international society.”

British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli airport security ~ link 

Protect yourself from Digital Utility Meters - video ~ link  

What is killing the Tasmanian Devil? ~ link ~
Tasmanian devils are named for their chilling nocturnal shrieks, which reminded early colonists of hellhounds. Perhaps more than any other sound, the screams give a lone bush walker “this feeling of being in the wilderness,” says Elizabeth Murchison, a Tasmanian-born geneticist who studies the animals.

“But,” she adds, “it’s quite rare to hear them now.”

The squat black creatures are in the throes of an epidemic that has reduced their numbers by more than 80 percent across the island since the disease was detected in 1996. Once common, the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial is now endangered. The culprit is a contagious cancer that kills every animal it infects.

CIA claims release of its History of the Bay of Pigs debacle would 'confuse the public' ~ link ~ Right, don't confuse us with the facts...NOT.   Stirling     

Five photos of Colombia "escort" in Secret Service scandal ~ link 

Was Stonehenge designed for sound? ~ link  

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