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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire ~ link ~ You didn't really think that these war whore bastards would actually support peace did you?   Stirling     

It was too good to last. On day one, insurgents violated ceasefire calm. Blame Washington's dirty hands. It manipulates everything going on. 

It won't tolerate peace and stability. Regime change plans need violence blamed on Assad. That's imperialism's ugly face. Behind it lurks a menace too threatening to ignore.

NATO Reports: Syria At Any Cost ~ link ~ Syria is the backdoor to war with Iran, to a regional war in the Middle East that Bibi 666 Netanyahu so desires, to the Third World War that the Global Banking Cartel wants, to Armageddon that Satan lusts for.   Stirling   
As if there was any doubt, NATO’s official “Alliance News Blog” has confirmed that the US is committed to the overthrow of Syria’s government and is “already committed to helping [President Bashar al-Assad] fall,” but is “merely looking for the least violent, lowest cost way to get there.” The April 9, 2012 blog entry features an op-ed titled, “US ‘already committed to helping Assad fall’,” and fully admits that the US is equipping the so-called “Free Syrian Army” which has received weapons, leadership, and cash from the NATO-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorists led by notorious mass-murderer Abdul Hakim Belhaj.

Additionally, NATO admits that the Kofi Annan brokered “peace deal” is merely a ploy stating, “if the pace of the killing slows, that could buy time: time for economic sanctions to undermine the regime, time to cajole Russia to switch sides and help pull the rug out from Assad, but also time for the opposition and its new army to organize themselves into a more effective force.”

Russian Warships To Patrol Syrian Coast Permanently - Several Russian Warships on their way to Mediterranean ~ link ~ This will sadly NOT stop the global banksters war whores and Netanyahu from jump starting WWIII.   Stirling     

Russian warships will be continuously deployed for patrol duty off the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean, the RIA Novosti news agency reported quoting Russian Defense Ministry sources on Friday. 

"A decision has been made to deploy Russian warships near the Syrian shores on a permanent basis," the report said.

As NATO Provokes War Russia Deploys Warships To Guard Syria Permanently ~ link ~ World War III is coming at us like a speeding train, getting every closer as we are trapped on the tracks unable to get out of the way.   Stirling      

US heavily presses Turkey into ganging up on Syria - with video ~ link ~ The criminals who rule Washington are determined to blow up the entire planet!   Stirling     

Engdahl said that CIA director Petraeus is almost weekly in Turkey on a visit. “We can imagine he is not talking about the quality of Turkish tea,” he says. The expert, who’s monitoring events at the Syrian border, is sure that the CIA as well as French and British intelligence have trained the rebels and sent them to Syria: “These are armed gangs of mercenaries who often don't even know who they are fighting for or who they are fighting against. They are just paid money, given guns and go in there.”

US-Israel Deal Threatens Progress On Iran ~ link ~ I am shocked...NOT!  Stirling       

The Barack Obama administration has adopted a demand in the negotiations with Iran beginning on Saturday in Istanbul that its Fordow enrichment facility must be shut down and eventually dismantled based on an understanding with Israel that risks the collapse of the negotiations.  

US-Israel Deal to Demand Qom Closure Threatens Nuclear Talks with Iran ~ link ~ The word "talks" does imply that there will be some actual negotiations.  With Israel, it is always a one-sided demand to give them everything up-front or else.  They seem incapable of getting outside of the Eastern European ghetto criminal mind-set.   Stirling       

Iran P5+1 Talks: Last Chance for Diplomacy? - with video ~ link ~ All the Iranians have to do is agree to commit mass suicide, and then carry it out, leaving everything to the globalists, Israel and the GCC states.   Stirling      

Vessel carrying Iran arms for Syria seized at sea ~ link ~ Which is an Act of War.  In any case, look for future shipments to be escorted by Russian warships.   Stirling        

Arms smuggling increases along Lebanon-Syrian border - with video ~ link ~ Beirut is facing new security challenges as arms smuggling along the Lebanon-Syria border rises, while its army ability to combat the phenomenon is limited, Press TV reports.

Since the unrest in neighboring Syria began in mid-March of last year, arms smuggling from Lebanon increased dramatically as new demand was created by rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad.

“Many of the dealers in Lebanon took advantage from this, to gain very big profits...., the price of weapons became very high in Lebanon,” Retired Lebanese army General, Hisham Jaber told a Press TV correspondent.

US and NATO have blood on their hands: Syrian "Opposition" is a West-controlled proxy paramilitary - with video ~ link ~ With Syria halting military operations as part of a UN-brokered ceasefire, Western powers have been saying they do not trust the government to uphold the armistice. Experts believe the US and its allies are pursuing their own agenda: regime change.

Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, noted that Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN, was wrong in saying that Russia and China had blood on their hands. “NATO has blood on their hands,” he told RT. “The United States has blood on their hands. Why? Because they have supported an armed insurgency from the onset in March 2011. It is known and documented that this so-called opposition is, in fact, a proxy paramilitary formation, which is supported by the Western military alliance.” He also noted that there is well-documented evidence to support the fact that most civilian casualties were attributable to terrorist acts by opposition gunmen and paramilitary forces.  

Pakistan calls for End to US Interventionism ~ link ~ The Pakistani parliament on Thursday unanimously declared that the U.S. must immediately stop violating its sovereignty, including through drone strikes.

US at the Center of Chinese-Filipino Naval Dispute ~ link ~ Notice how the War Theaters for WWIII are being formed!   Stirling      

China has sent a third ship into the territorial waters of the Philippines after Filipino warships attempted to arrest the crews of a Chinese fishing fleet and were stopped by the arrival of two Chinese surveillance ships.

This latest nautical standoff arises from longstanding tensions between the Asian states over the waters, which are not only rich fishing grounds but hold potentially vast reserves of oil and gas. Increased U.S. military expansion throughout Asia-Pacific, and specifically a deal facilitating greater U.S. military and naval access to the Philippines, has heightened tensions with China.

UK anti-war activists to oppose intervention in Middle East ~ link ~ This will fall on deaf ears at Number 10 Dowing Street as they only listen to the global banksters and Zionists.   Stirling      

Pentagon keeps building overseas military bases from which it can menace the World ~ link If the Iraq war is over and the Afghan war is winding down, what is prompting the remorseless expansion of the Pentagon’s vast network of overseas military bases?

Veteran foreign affairs journalist Eric Walberg says the bases are the modern version of colonies. The U.S. has a whopping 1,100 of them in 63 countries so they’re the preferred method by which the Pentagon seeks to dominate the planet.

88 MILLION (That's One In Three Americans) Are Invisible To US Government Employment Statistics ~ linkAmerica has truly become the world's first Fourth World Nation...a failed First World Nation with a totally corrupt upper layer of government/finance/news media but not the petty corruption of a Third World Nation.   Stirling     

With recovery in full swing and unemployment dropping to an Obama administration near record low of 8.2%, the US economy seems to be bouncing back stronger than ever. Unless, of course, you look at the numbers no one in mainstream media, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, or the administration is talking about. As many of our readers already know, the official unemployment rates released monthly by the BLS (U-3, U-6) fail to account for one very key figure – those individuals who are no longer in the labor force.

The number of those folks – the ones that don’t matter anymore because counting them would hinder the President’s reelection bid – is absolutely staggering for what is supposed to be the engine of the global economy and the world’s only super power:

With some 248 million people over the age of 15, nearly one in three Americans in this country are not working.

All Eyes on Spain ~ link ~ By this point in the ongoing global Credit crisis, it should be clear that the real villain is the anchorless global Credit "system" devoid of anything, any mechanism, or any sound money and Credit principles that might help to restrain excess. Self-adjustment and automatic self-correcting mechanisms would be invaluable. Instead, our central bank, steward of the world's so-called "reserve currency," indicates its willingness to become even more "activist" - and global finance spirals only further out of control. For decades now, global Credit has been allowed to expand unchecked - with no limit to either the quantity or quality of debt instruments. Perhaps the timing and sequencing of various crises was unknowable, though the end results were for the most part predictable.

France Election 2012: Let 'Battle of the Rallies' commence ~ link ~ One can only ask why the two leading candidates for President in France are both Jewish...when the Jewish percentage of the population is well under 3%.   Stirling     

Let the battle of the rallies commence A weekend of mass open-air rallies are in store as the candidates vie to inject "people power" into the final sprint before the first round on April 22. But can they alter the course of the election?

Sarkozy's comeback hopes crumble, polls show ~ link ~ I think they timed the False Flag terrorism about two weeks too early.  What a shame about Sarkozy...such a nice fascist bloody Napoleon want-a-be...NOT.   Stirling     

Some analysts and commentators had predicted that a spate of killings by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman in mid-March would make security fears overshadow economic concerns as the focus of the campaign, playing to Sarkozy's strengths.

The picture now emerging suggests that whatever gains Sarkozy enjoyed at that time were short-lived. His first-round score in the TNS Sofres poll dropped 3 points to 26.

Spending on weapons of war is the cause of the US Budget Deficit ~ link ~ Remember that deficit spending is PROFIT for the Global Banking Cartel who own the Federal Reserve System (who finance the deficit by creating money out of 'thin air' and loaning it to the USA, money that has to be paid back by the taxpayer with compound interest and principle).  There are two reasons for most wars over the last 250 years: Profit to the Global Banking Cartel and Satan (most, if not all, of the global banking families are satanists) wants the Blood Orgies of hate/evil/lust/death/destruction/hurt that wars bring.   Stirling       

Scum of the Earth, Blood Hungry for the Kill ... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Shit on a shingle. It's what's for breakfast, with five kinds of fried pork specialties like they put on those full English breakfasts. Yeah, that's that other center of total darkness, that operates as the world financial brain center; The City in the heart of London. This is run and operated by the same vampire siphon, lampreys that run that fictitious, shitty little country in The Middle East. You can read all about it here as a free download and you can get tons more here. If you want to know, you can know, if you don't want to know, well... there the majority of you are already and you will then be brought to the state of knowing the hard way, as 'knowing' is conferred upon you, by the forces of change, which insist, that's right, positively insist that you know, whether you like it or not. That's going on right now. It's going on pretty softly, compared to how it will be going on shortly. It's your call. I know you're not reading this but it is in the air, if you care to listen. You'll hear soon enough it any case, whether you are reading this or not.

Myself, I'm looking at those hard fixed footprints and that's all I need. We've all got our priorities and that happens to be mine. I made my choice and I'm happy with it. I could have gone in a lot of directions from here but this seemed the most advantageous, since I can always come back in, if I want to. One should always go to the opportune in the first place, lest that option be removed in the process of procrastinating, in respect of all of that sublimating in the first place. Did I mention that Israel did 9/11 along with their damned and doomed associates? Well, in case I didn't, let's leave that as our parting shot, in respect of that ain't all I got. Wham, bam, thank you Mam!


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