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Re-posting: Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack ~ link ~ The Russian military anticipates that an attack will occur on Iran by the summer and has developed an action plan to move Russian troops through neighboring Georgia to stage in Armenia, which borders on the Islamic republic, according to informed Russian sources.

Re-posting: Russia Plans To Flatten Georgia If Israel Attacks Iran ~ link ~ said the Russian military believes that when the US goes to war with Iran, it may deploy forces in friendly Georgia and warships in the Caspian Sea with the possible help of Azerbaijan.

Hence, Russia is deploying guided anti-ship missiles on the Caspian shore in preparation, and is forming an offensive spearhead force, heavily armed with modern long-range weapons, it added.

In the case of an Iranian war, it's expected that the Russian spearhead will be ordered to strike south to prevent the presumed deployment of US bases in the region, to link up with the troops in Armenia, and take over the South Caucasus energy corridor along which Azeri, Turkmen and, other Caspian natural gas and oil may reach European markets, the website added.

By one swift military strike Russia may ensure control of all the Caucasus and the Caspian states, for the first time since the Soviet Union dissolved, it said. 

Will a Mutiny in the Gulf Lead to an American Military Coup? ~ link This is a most interesting article.  Do take the time to read it all at the link!   Stirling        

The US military will likely Mutiny rather than commit suicide by attacking Iran. This Mutiny can take one of two forms. They can just quietly inform the Pentagon and the President that if an order is given to launch the opening salvo of World War III not one shot will be fired. The US military can point to international law which makes a preemptive strike for no reason a war crime. The second form of a Mutiny would be a more overt refusal to follow orders at the time they are given.

Whatever form this coming Mutiny takes it will be supported by all men and women of Good Will everywhere in the world. That includes Israel where 80% of the population does not approve of war against Iranians who do not have a nuclear weapons program. A Mutiny will also completely eliminate the favored exit path the bankers have taken in the past from the Financial Panics and Depressions they had created. World War I was used in part to take us out of the Panic of 1907 but also to issue an elastic currency, the Federal Reserve Note, which would cover up Wall Street’s many frauds and to use inflation to pay for wars. The bankers refused to allow even a discussion of the reforms that could have easily ended the Great Depression.  Instead of reform the bankers let three million Americans die from starvation. World War II ended the Depression but that cost us 58 million lives.

We need to consider what would happen if the US military mutinies and cancels World War III.

This is the question of the day for bankers and politicians.

Do you really believe the US military will go door to door seizing 350 million weapons and 12 billion bullets from 300 million Americans ten days after nationwide food riots and race riots have burned every city to the ground? Wouldn’t it be far easier and far more popular for the American military to just arrest every criminal on Wall Street?

US discusses possible buffer zone for Syria ~ link ~ Any attempt to force a military "buffer zone" on Syrian territory by the United States/NATO/Israel/GCC will begin the Third World War!!!  Stirling      

US Considers Syria "Buffer Zone" ~ link ~  If this domino falls, the end result will be the deaths of most people reading this!!!   Stirling    

Turkish officials have been pushing the idea for a long time, but US officials are saying that the latest round of talks on Syria have centered on invading northern Syria and conquering a “buffer zone” within it.

“It would be correct to say this idea is getting another look in the last week or so,” one State Department official noted. Turkish officials are presenting this as a solution to the “overwhelming number of refugees” in recent days crossing into Syria.

Israel - not Iran - a nuclear power out-of-international control - video ~ link ~  The late President John F. Kennedy knew that allowing tiny Israel to become a nuclear power was a script for Armageddon.  He was determined to prevent Israel from becoming a nuclear power and this was one of the things that got him killed in the Dallas Coup of November 22, 1963 (another being the printing of the $5 US Note outside of the control of the privately owned Federal Reserve System).  Israel is a tiny nation that currently is controlled by hyper-racists who view the Gentile/Goy 99.9% of the human population as two-legged soulless animals (and that murdering them is not murder; raping them is not rape; stealing from them is not stealing).  They have nuclear weapons (according to many reports) in Israeli Embassies throughout the world and also have the military capability to launch fractional-orbital bombardment nuclear warheads globally from Israel and have subs and surface civilian ships that can launch nuclear armed cruise missiles throughout the world.  They have a stated position that if they are ever seriously threatened (or fail to get their way) they will "take out the world".  Yes they are a truly grave nuclear danger with madman Bibi 666 Netanyahu with his finger on the nuclear button.  I do not agree with the Iranian religious leaders, but they are nothing compared to the global dangers that Israel is now posing.  Israel, in cooperation with the Rothschild led Global Banking Cartel, uses vast amounts of money to buy off and blackmail politicians in nations throughout the world.  They think that they are so smart in doing this, but in reality the Netanyahu crowd is placing not only their tribe in very grave danger, but the entire world as well.   Stirling       

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington ~ link ~ The key to the Netanyahu and globalist control over Obama is his secret background.  Americans should never have allowed anyone without a clear history as an American citizen and without the nation knowing who he really is, who his father and mother really are, what nation he really is a citizen of, where he really graduated college from, etc., etc., from taking office.  Now we are in a terrible fix as we are staring at World War III coming at us like a powerful locomotive.   Stirling    

The most troubling prerogative of modern government is the ability of the sovereign or head of state to go to war.  War means death, debt, and, if the decision is a bad one, the very end of civil society and the prevailing political order.  Because war is potentially so terrible, a number of nations have curtailed the ability of the executive authority to make such a decision without first satisfying conditions imposed through constitutional and other political restraints.  It is perhaps ironic that the world’s oldest republic, the United States, has ignored its own constitution to grant to the president the authority to enter into armed conflict through the simple expedient of not actually declaring war.  America has been de facto at war continuously since 2001 and the recent National Defense Authorization Act has codified an unending conflict in which the whole world is a battlefield and everyone in it is a potential enemy combatant subject to no constitutional or legal protection.

Many critics of the perennially lopsided relationship that the United States enjoys with Israel have noted a disturbing shift in the relationship during the first three years of the Obama Administration.  To be sure, Obama appears to genuinely dislike Israel’s arrogant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a sentiment that is fully reciprocated.  But Obama is bound hand and foot into an engagement with Israel in which he lacks leverage over what might or might not take place.  Even George W. Bush was able to say no to Israel when it was mooted that Tel Aviv might attack Iran, but Obama has painted himself into a corner where the United States has little influence over what might occur.  Whether the Obama reticence is due to the control exercised by his Chicago billionaire patrons, the Crown and Pritzker families, both of which are strong supporters of the Middle East status quo, or whether it is just a more generalized fear about what might happen in the upcoming national elections, the result has been paralysis in Washington.  Recent war games conducted by the Pentagon have confirmed that a new conflict with Iran started by Israel would quickly draw the United States in and would become regional in nature.  The war would not produce a good result for anyone involved and would be particularly bad for the United States, which would again slide into deep recession as energy prices soar.


China sends third ship in standoff with the Philippines ~ link ~ The Chinese are 'feeling their oats' and getting aggressive in their backyard as World War III looms on the horizon.  The shoals in question are well within the 300 mile offshore standard sea claims for the Philippines and much further from Chinese land.   Stirling     

China deployed a third ship Thursday in an area of the disputed South China Sea where a tense standoff with Philippine vessels has dragged on, sparking alarm in Manila.

Chinese and Filipino diplomats have been scrambling to resolve the dangerous impasse at the Scarborough Shoal off the northwestern Philippines that erupted Tuesday. A Philippine warship attempted to arrest several Chinese fishermen accused of illegal entry and poaching, but was prevented by the arrival of two Chinese surveillance ships.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

"Will A Mutiny In The Gulf Lead To An American Military Coup?"

Nice article, but I think it is pure wishful thinking.

When you join the army the first thing the drill sergents do is to give you a nice brainwash.

There will be no complete mutiny. Some soldiers might mutiny, but they will be shot immediately.

Be prepared for WW III.

Study prepper websites and do the things that are necessary.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany