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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Debka: US weighing "limited" military action against Syria ~ link ~ This reminds me of when in high school I had appendicitis.  I called our family doctor and described my symptoms to him saying that I thought I might have a "mild case of appendicitis".  He said "that is like having a mild case of pregnancy, there is no such thing...you either have it or you don't, there is no 'mild case'".  Well either we attack Syria or we don't.  Syria will not for one moment allow an air strike on its nation without a heavy counter-strike on Israel and US bases in the Middle East.  Once that happens, "it's Katy bar the door"...all hell will being to break out and the Third World War will begin!!!  Besides, why would Syria sit still for an attack on the premise that it is simply part of a "limited attack".  How would they truly know that it is "limited" and not the beginnings of a all-out decapitation strike on its missile forces?  We continue to slide towards the deepest abyss in human history!   Stirling       

debkafile’s Washington sources report that, although President Barack Obama is still flat against broad US military intervention in Syria, administration circles feel America could no longer stay aloof from what is happening there. They are thinking in terms of limited military action to show Bashar Assad and the heads of his regime and army the first American red lines against his brutal crackdown. One plan under discussion is for a US air strike against an Assad regime and/or military target would be enough to dent morale in Damascus and demonstrate to his loyal troops and the Syrian opposition that the Syrian ruler is far from infallible.

Turkey too is moving closer than ever before to real military action, not just empty words. Armed Turkish assault helicopters flew Tuesday over the Syrian border. They were there to warn Damascus that if Syrian soldiers again fired across the border into Syrian refugee camps as they did Monday, April 9, they would be targeted by the Turkish gunships.

"Syrian" rebels using Turkish refugee camps as base - with video ~ link ~ This is all part of the on-going US/French/UK/NATO/Israeli/GCC/globalist proxy war on Syria using FOREIGN mercenaries.   Stirling      

The Syrian army’s pursuit of rebels across the Turkish border has shed light on claims of rebel groups using refugee camps as safe havens. Reports suggest the Free Syrian Army could be treating them as springboards to launch incursions into Syria.

RT correspondent Sara Firth interviewed an anonymous source on the Syrian-Turkish border following the incident, who said that members of the Free Syrian Army were operating in the border region.  “They [Syrian rebels] cross the border, then they walk back again. Maybe the Turkish army finds some and takes them back to the camp, others just come by themselves. A lot of these people work with the Free Syrian Army,” he said. He added that the Turkish government turns a blind eye to their movements and “lets them go back to fight.” 

Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum suspends campaign - with video ~ link ~ This means that the Republicans will be nominating their first non-Christian candidate for President.  That should not set too well with the Christian right, especially if it is explained to them during the campaign just how non-Christian the Mormon religion is from a traditional Christian perspective.   Stirling     

I am a little "under the weather" today, so I am running late with the postings.  
Sorry, Tim Earl of Stirling 

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