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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: "The Middle East standoff could boil over into military action at any moment" ~ link ~ And that means World War III, so prepare yourself!  Stirling      

Iranian spokesmen are maneuvering for a postponement of the nuclear negotiations with world powers set to take place April 13-14 in Istanbul, debkafile’s Iranian sources report. It is feared in Washington and Jerusalem that Tehran is working toward two goals: To have the venue removed from Istanbul and to buy a couple more months before the diplomatic crunch, considering that the US and Israel are treating the April talks as the last chance for diplomacy to reverse Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon. A postponement would therefore delay any military option that Israel or possibly America would choose to exercise.

While Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu refrained from mentioning military options in presenting his government’s three-year record Tuesday, April 3 – ignoring the three large-scale military movements afoot by the US, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Greece - and Israel itself,  Moscow is talking about an imminent  military conflagration as a result of the continuing US and Israeli military buildup in the Persian Gulf. 

Israeli experts back Bibi's bluff ~ link ~ Or is it a double-bluff designed to keep some silent thinking Bibi is bluffing while he really intends to light the fuze to war???   Stirling     

A striking feature of the Israeli political landscape in recent months has been the absence of a serious debate on the issue of the threat of war with Iran led by national security figures.
It is well known that many prominent former military and intelligence officials believe an attack on Iran would be disastrous for Israel. After an initial blast at the idea of striking Iran by two former high-ranking officials last year, however, very little has been heard from such national security figures.

The reason for this silence on the part of the national security sector, just as the Israeli threat of war was escalating sharply, appears to be a widespread view among Israeli national security analysts that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's threat to attack is a highly successful bluff.

German Nobel literature laureate says Israel endangers World peace ~ link ~ It is not just Israel, it is the Global Banking Cartel who desire a Third World War to bring about their long-sought high-tech slave state, the New World Order.  Additionally, the GCC Arab monarchies, have this inner-Muslim fight going on with the Iranians and are also deeply involved in setting the stage for the greatest nightmare in human history.   Stirling     

An American Mutiny in the Persian Gulf ~ link ~ Don't count on it!   Stirling  

The American military is the only group of people in the world who can effectively say No  to World War III. If they are forced to mutiny rather than accept an illegal order to launch a preemptive war without provocation, they will have to arrest every person who gave that order and every banker and media mogul who supported the illegal war. The bankers have stolen tens of trillions of dollars and will need to make restitution before we can have a worldwide economic recovery. The military will also be saying No to the Bailouts. The US military will have the support of most Americans.    

US keeps eye on Syria, ties in the Gulf ~ linkThe answer would lie in a candid interview to the CNN on Sunday by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in Washington, Representative Mike Rogers. Rogers said bluntly: "We [US] don't really see Assad's inner circle crumbling." He added, "They [Syrian regime] believe that they're winning, and we certainly believe that, through intelligence collection, they believe they're winning this."

Indeed, Damascus declared just ahead of the "Friends" in Istanbul that the "battle to topple the state is over". Syrian forces captured on Saturday the deputy head of the FSA, Abdu al-Walid who led the operations in the Damascus area. The FSA's top leader Mustafa al-Sheikh lives in comfort in Turkey and heads a depleted chain of command following the string of military successes by the Syrian forces.

In sum, Washington ties in the oil-rich Persian Gulf region, and can always revisit the crisis in Syria in due course. 

'Friends of Syria' - The Antechamber of a Wider Mideast War ~ link 

Israel issues tender for hundreds of new apartments in Arab East Jerusalem ~ link ~ Israel can have long term peace and security or it can have continued expansion based on stealing Arab lands and brutalizing the Arab population.  It cannot have both!   Stirling      

Barak: 2012 - Year of fight against Iran ~ link 

Netanyahyu: Iran sanctions aren't working ~ link ~  Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu will not be happy until he sets the entire world on fire.   Stirling    

Israel asks USA for $700 million in additional military aid ~ link ~ The United States has already given Israel at least THREE TIMES WHAT WE HAVE SPENT ON THE SPACE PROGRAM!  At a time of economic depression, why should we give hundreds of millions more, on top of the billions this year, so that this tiny nation can continue to steal land from its neighbors, brutalize them, and bribe our politicians to look the other way as Netanyahu jump starts WWIII???   Stirling       

Clinton issues new demands for Iran ~ link

DHS won't explain its order of 450 MILLION hollow point bullets ~ link ~ I have a bad feeling about this one!   Stirling        

The DHS has signed off on an “indefinite delivery” from defense contractors ATK that will include, for some reason, nearly 500 million high-power ammunition for .40 caliber firearms. The department has yet to discuss why they are ordering such a massive bevy of bullets for an agency that has limited need domestically for doing harm, but they say they expect to continue receiving shipments from the manufacturer for the next five years, during which they plan to blow through enough ammunition to execute more people than there are in the entire United States.

Illuminati Mind Control ~ link ~ This is one you should take the time to view at the link.   Stirling      

Egyptian presidential race is heating up ~ link
Asharq Al-Awsat noted that many in Egypt fear the Islamists also gaining control of the presidency, particularly after the Muslim Brotherhood announced the candidacy of its presidential candidate. This has perhaps led to the calls for the Egyptian military to put forward its own presidential candidate, the report noted.

The newspaper cited an Egyptian parliamentary source who said political elements close to SCAF are calling for SCAF chairman Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi to run for president, while the Reform and Development party have also announced that they are discussing supporting the nomination of either Egyptian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Sami Anan or former Vice President General Omar Suleiman, who was also head of the Intelligence Services during the Mubarak era.

Russian-built nuclear submarine has now joined the Indian Navy - with video ~ link ~ Although it is claimed that the sub will not carry nukes, you can count on the fact that the cruise missiles WILL HAVE nuclear warheads.   This gives India a global reach nuclear weapons system; one that is most likely to be aimed at China from the northern Pacific.  Stirling     

Japan sets sights on Pyongyang's launch ~ link ~ As North Korea ramps up preparations for its planned mid-April launch of an "earth-observation satellite", Japan, South Korea and the United States are rushing to prepare weapons that could shoot it down.

The Japanese government is deploying warships and a missile shield to destroy any long-range missile that threatens its territory. "We must take all possible measures to protect Japanese lives and property," Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka said in response to North Korean missile launch plans, at the Ministry of Defense initiation ceremony on April 2. 

Dangers of a North Korean Conflict ~ link ~ On one hand, the dangers are limited as the North Korean regime is not apt to want to take on the West.  However, as things continue to move towards a global war/World War III scenario elsewhere, one can never tell where/when some outbreak may happen.  It may be a case of one side or another seeing some advantage in a inter-Korean war or simply a case of a global war expanding into a Korean War Theater.   Stirling         

All of Kim Jong-eun's men ~ linkThe top managers of North Korea's clandestine nuclear and ballistic missile program have been methodically promoted and now dominate the inner circle of Kim Jong-eun's new government, confidential foreign government documents and official media reports from Pyongyang show.

The shadowy group of power brokers in the world's most secretive nation emerged in the first military promotions prominently unveiled during recent high-profile ceremonies as the official mourning period for the death of former dictator Kim Jong-il concluded last week. 

ICC rules that Palestinians cannot investigate Israeli War Crimes ~ link ~ If one ever needed a better example of selective enforcement, or needed factual evidence that "human rights" are determined by bureaucratic institutions and not by compassionate human beings, look no further than the legal meanderings of the International Criminal Court now being used to deflect Operation Cast Lead.

For those who are not familiar, Operation Cast Lead was summarized by Amnesty International as 22 days of death and destruction -- and few unbiased observers would disagree.  The Operation was justified by Israel as a response to increased rocket attacks by Hamas following an agreed-upon cease-fire in late December of 2008.  Israel's response truly redefined the meaning of shock and awe, as an all-out assault was initiated by the Israeli Air Force which rained coordinated strikes upon the Gaza Strip that was followed by a ground invasion on January 3rd, 2009:

As unemployment soars, child labor returns to Europe ~ link ~ This economic crisis is all planned by the global banksters.   Remember that as your life gets harder and harder.  It is because they, who have so very much, want MORE and it has to come from what little you have!   Stirling     

450 Banker Resignations ~ link  

Big Pharma gets 77,500% return on lobbying investment ~ link ~ This is an example of how America has become the first Fourth World Nation...that is a formally First World Nation that is very corrupt at high levels but without the petty low level corruption that is normally seen in Third World Nations.   Stirling       

Republican Paul Ryan's US Budget: Cruel and Unusual Punishment ~ link ~ Note: this is not Senator Ryan Paul nor his father presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul.  The names are confusing, however the people are totally different.  Paul Ryan is a typical globalist front man.  Take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling   

Bipartisan complicity assures people needs are on the chopping block for reduction or elimination to satisfy the insatiable appetites of Wall Street, war profiteers, other corporate favorites, and America’s super-rich. If reelected, Obama will rubber-stamp them.

Moreover, he’s on board for more, including slashing corporate and super-rich tax rates. At the same time, he OK’d Medicare co-pays increases, raising retirement age entitlements eligibility, and reducing or eliminating other vital benefits America’s poor need most.

At a time 25 million are unemployed, millions more underemployed, poverty’s at record levels, home foreclosures exceed 12 million, one in eight homeowners either face foreclosure or are past due 30 or more days, 11 million homeowners are “upside down on their mortgages,” eight million homes are either unsold or vacant, prices keep falling, unmet public needs are rising, corporate profits are at record levels, and super-rich elites are better off than ever, Republicans passed a budget inflicting more pain on households least to tolerate it.

Nick Clegg demands changes to Coalition's controversial "secret justice" behind closed doors plans ~ link ~ The public should never allow secret trials/court proceedings.  The government...almost any government in every nation...cannot be counted on to protect the rights of the citizens.   Court proceedings should always be in the light of dayStirling       

In his Justice and Security Green Paper, Mr Clarke proposed a system of “closed material procedures” where information deemed too sensitive to be published could be used against defendants. He said the new system was needed to allow the authorities to make use of material gathered by MI5 and MI6 that currently cannot be disclosed.

However, in a letter to fellow members of the National Security Council, Mr Clegg said the proposals were too broad and must be scaled back before he and his party could back them.


UK government 'retreats' on digital 'Big Brother' ~ link ~ 'Retreats' is a good word here.  They have not given up on the battle, just a tactical retreat.  Count on them slipping parts of this into law more quietly.  Stirling   

Plans to allow the authorities to monitor the online activity of every person in Britain were pushed back last night after being condemned by MPs of all parties.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced that the contentious measures would be published only in draft form and would be subject to widespread consultation – concessions that could delay the proposals for at least a year. In a letter to Mr Clegg published in The Independent today, 17 Liberal Democrat MPs welcomed his intervention but warned him their support could not be taken for granted on the issue.

Even worse than SOPA: New CISPA cybersecurity bill will censor the Web - with video ~ link ~ Almost every day now, there is another story about how much further down the road to total fascism that America is going.   Shameful!!!   Stirling       

An onrush of condemnation and criticism kept the SOPA and PIPA acts from passing earlier this year, but US lawmakers have already authored another authoritarian bill that could give them free reign to creep the Web in the name of cybersecurity.

As congressmen in Washington consider how to handle the ongoing issue of cyberattacks, some legislators have lent their support to a new act that, if passed, would let the government pry into the personal correspondence of anyone of their choosing.

US Supreme Court: OK for government witnesses to lie to Grand Jury ~ link ~ America, once the 'Land of the Free', is now the 'Land of Fascism'!!!  Stirling     

The Supreme Court continues to erode every protection Americans have come to expect as their guarantee under the law of the land, known as the U.S. Constitution.

In addition to ruling 5-4 this week to allow prison strip searches for minor offenses, they now have ruled that government witnesses -- informants -- can lie to Grand Juries and, in so doing, will be immune from civil lawsuits by the wrongfully accused.

Texas tornado outbreak illustrates HAARP signatures ~ link ~ This HAARP facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone.

Beyond earthquakes, however, there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that the injection of frequencies into storm systems can prolong, or intensify their output. The massive system that moved through the Dallas area yesterday seems to bear the signatures of a similar frequency injection that Dutchsinse has used to predict previous tornado outbreaks.  The patterns show up as HAARP rings (circle sweeps) or scalar squares (square waves) which are pinpointed below.

Spying on the Spies ~ link ~ Stewart Nozette, a brilliant scientist whose work was instrumental in advancing the US space program, was convicted last year of attempting to spy on behalf of Israel, and this month was sentenced to 13 years in prison and a substantial fine. Under investigation for over-charging the government for various services performed by his nonprofit, Nozette was found to be in possession of classified documents – and, in the course of their inquiry, FBI agents discovered an email written by him threatening to turn over classified information to the Israelis if the government pursued its fraud case.

In the indictment [.pdf], prosecutors went out of their way to absolve the Israeli government of any fault, since agents had snared their prey by conducting a sting operation. Nozette was approached by an FBI agent who claimed to be a Mossad agent, and asked to hand over classified documents in return for money. As the prosecutors put it: “The indictment does not allege that the government of Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed any offense under U.S. laws in this case.”

Getting back to nature - beautiful photos ~ link 

White House interior photos ~ link   

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Dear Sir,

Your posting:

German author Grass says Israel endangers world peace

I think Grass has no right to criticize Israel. He voluntarily joined the Waffen-SS at the age of 18. Of course he maintains: " I have never fired a single shot". Can he prove it?

If you ask old German soldiers, you´ll get the same answer.

"I never did anything wrong. I only executed my orders".

But there were mass executions in Russia and Poland carried out by soldiers of the German Wehrmacht!

There were about 60 million casualties during WW II. A great many of them were civilians.

The German Concentration Camps were guarded and run by the SS.

Grass should be quiet.

Your readers should do an internet research about the SS.

1. SS
2. Waffen-SS
3. Totenkopf-SS

This research might open their eyes.

Of course, there are people in other countries who behave like this scum of scum. Being a fascist is not restricted to Germans.