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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Russian warships launch drill from Tartus, Syria ~ link ~ The Russians, the Chinese, the Pakistanis, and the Iranians have clearly warned US/NATO/Israel/GCC not to attack Syria.   They are serious.  This is World War III just waiting to happen but still the madmen in Israel and the West charge on in their aggression.   Stirling      

Not 24 hours after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that a pre-emptive strike (by the US and/or Israel) would violate international law, Moscow put muscle into his warning: Tuesday, April 3, the Russian guided missile destroyer Smetliviy arrived  in the Syrian port of Tartus from its Black Sea base for a naval exercise. The warship’s support group is on the way.
debkafile’s military sources report that the Russian flotilla carried a threefold message for Washington:

Jordanians face military tribunal and 10 years in prison for speech ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, America does not give a damn about democracy and freedom in the Middle East...it only cares about Israel because AIPAC and others bribe and blackmail the American Congress and White House!  Stirling        

The activists, who have no chance for a civilian trial, were part of a larger group of 40 protesters detained on Saturday. Twenty-eight of them were released and claimed that Jordanian security forces beat them severely and subjected them to torture while in custody. “Some of us were stripped naked and beaten in front of other detainees,” said one activist, who declined to use his real name due to security concerns.

The dictatorship ruling Jordan is a strong ally of the United States. Since Obama took office, Jordan has received over $2.4 billion in U.S. economic and security aid and is set to receive another $675 million in 2012.

Israel building Jewish homes with one hand and destroying Arab homes with the other ~ link ~ As long as this crap continues there will be no peace in the Middle East.  The Israelis know it (this is an article from the largest newspaper in Israel) the trouble is most Israelis want to continue to steal Arab land using the cover of America/NATO and Israeli nuclear weapons.   Stirling     

Israeli Military: Enemy attack would kill "Less than 300: - Downplays worse-case scenario for Regional War ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  This is a criminal fraud that the IDF is putting out...one that can get Israel destroyed.  It is so bad that it earns the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling      


This statement is nothing short of incredible, particularly since Israeli officials often visit the West with stories of Iran’s massive missile arsenal threatening the entire planet. It is the least casualties predicted yet, and a considerable drop-off from the “500 killed” predicted by Ehud Barak as a result of an Iran-only retaliatory strike.

The claims are designed, of course, to convince the average Israeli civilian that they won’t be too likely to be killed in the ensuing war that the government plans to start. Yet the statement must also raise questions about not just the case for war, but why the United States feels to need to hurl billions of dollars in additional weaponry at Israel annually, if the “worst case scenario” is truly so tame.

Mysterious "zombie" disease afflicts thousands of Ugandan children ~ link ~ I think that another Advanced Biowar virus is being tested in remote Africa...not the first time for such evil.   Stirling      

Agnes Apio has to tie up her son Francis before she can leave the house. In his state, he is a danger to himself. Where once he walked and talked like a normal child, now he is only able to drag himself along in the dirt. Francis is suffering from “Nodding Disease,” a brain disorder that, according to CNN, afflicts at least 3,000 children in northern Uganda, leaving them physically stunted and severely mentally disabled.
“I feel dark in my heart,” Apio says as waves flies away from her son’s face and mops up his urine after a seizure, “This boy has become nothing.”

“Reportedly the children gnaw at their fabric restraints, like a rabid animals,” says The Daily Tech.  The article calls them “zombie children,” having “no cure” and “no future.”

45 Signs that America will soon be a nation with a tiny elite and the rest of us will be poor ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this excellent article at the link.  Stirling     

The middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence in the United States today.  America is a nation with a very tiny elite that is rapidly becoming increasingly wealthy while everyone else is becoming poorer.  So why is this happening?  Well, it is actually very simple.  Our institutions are designed to concentrate wealth in the hands of a very limited number of people.  Throughout human history, almost all societies that have had a big centralized government have also had a very high concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite.  Throughout human history, almost all societies that have allowed big business or big corporations to dominate the economy have also had a very high concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite.  Well, the United States has allowed both big government and big corporations to grow wildly out of control.  Those were huge mistakes.  Our founding fathers attempted to establish a nation where the federal government would be greatly limited and where corporations would be greatly restricted.  Unfortunately, we have turned our backs on those principles and now we are paying the price.

When you have great concentrations of wealth and power, the economic rewards of a society tend to go to just a few.
In the United States today, big businesses and wealthy individuals fund the campaigns of our politicians, and in turn our politicians pass laws which rig the game in their favor.  It is a symbiotic relationship which is very bad for America.
Sadly, most conservatives tend to cheer on the big corporations, but this is not how our founding fathers envisioned our capitalist system working.  Our founding fathers envisioned large numbers of similar companies competing against one another for customers.  They did not envision a very small number of giant corporations buying up all of their competitors or smashing them into oblivion with their giant piles of money.

True conservatives should want to see more competition instead of less competition.  Competition helped make America great, and we need to get back to that.

Instead of an economic landscape dominated by monolithic predator corporations, we need an economic environment where millions of small businesses can thrive and compete directly with one another.

A giant central government that spends more than 20 percent of our GDP is a collectivist institution.
Enormous predator corporations that are constantly sucking up even more money and power are collectivist institutions.
Our founding fathers did not intend for our society to be dominated by collectivist institutions.

Very large institutions tend to reward the people that own and run them at the expense of everyone else.

And you know what?

A lot of these giant corporations have figured out that they don't even need American workers anymore.

Instead, many of them are shipping our jobs to the other side of the world where it it legal to pay slave labor wages.  That means bigger profits for them but less jobs for the rest of us.
In America today, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and big government and big corporations are the mechanisms by which this is happening.

Posted below are 45 signs that America will soon be a nation with a very tiny elite and the rest of us will be poor....


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