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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Turkish Prime Minister: Israeli attack on Iran will devastate Middle East ~ link ~ Actually Erdogan is being conservative!  Such a war is most likely to begin the Third World War which will devastate the entire planet and all the people thereof!!!  Stirling  
The Turkish prime minister says a possible Israeli military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities would lead to an all-out war which will destroy the entire Middle East region.

Speaking to reporters on his return from a two-day visit to Tehran, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities will have "disastrous" outcomes, adding, "The entire region would be devastated if Israel strikes Iran."

The Turkish premier further stated that a regional war triggered by such an attack "would not end up like the war between the US and Iraq. Israel should not attack Iran."

Erdogan said he shared his concerns regarding the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran with US President Barack Obama, Today’s Zaman reported.

He also criticized the international community for keeping mum on Israel's alleged nuclear weapons, while threatening Iran over its peaceful nuclear energy program. 

US and Saudis step-up regime change rhetoric in Syria - with video ~ link ~ The Assad government, with the support of the people of Syria and the armed forces, have effectively destroyed 85% of the foreign "rebels" operating in Syria.  But still the evil witch Hillary and the war whores she represents demand even more war, death, and destruction in Syria.   Stirling     

Secret intelligence source: Merah was an informant - video ~ link ~ Actually this is simply an attempt to water down the true reports that have come out showing that he was an AGENT of French Intelligence!  This is one more classic example of the evil nature of the globalists intelligence agencies (in this case that of the French intelligence agency and the Mossad).  They think nothing of killing their own, including children, for their False Flag Ops!  They will and should rot in Hell for such evil; and on this Earth they should face criminal trials as murders and traitors!    Stirling      

France attempts to cover up Mohammed Merah's identity ~ link ~ This entire operation smells to 'high heaven' of an intelligence False Flag Op!!!  Stirling   

Italian daily newspaper Il Foglio has made a second unprecedented claim: France granted Merah freedom of movement across the Middle East and in France in exchange for information.

The Italian journalist behind the claims is Daniele Raineri, who was an embedded journalist in Iraq and Afghanistan and is Il Foglio’s expert on Middle Eastern affairs. In an extensive interview with Press TV Raineri described a vast cover up of the true identity of Mohammed Merah. 

The list of valid questions still awaiting satisfying answers should stagger even those individuals least given to entertaining ideas of conspiracy.

Given France’s stringent gun laws, how could Merah have amassed an arsenal of eight guns, including an Uzi automatic rifle? Perhaps more importantly, given the cold-blooded precision and experienced calm the police initially described upon viewing the Jewish school’s security videos, where did he learn to use the weapons with such assurance?

How could an unemployed auto body worker who was on welfare have paid for the guns, much less a 2010 trip that saw him visit Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly other Middle Eastern nations? Even for the petty criminal Merah appears to have been, plane tickets, housing and food would have been a small fortune. France’s newspaper of record, Le Monde, has called this a “gray area” which needs further investigation.

How could the brother of a man accused in 2007 of smuggling Islamic jihadists into Iraq get the necessary visas to visit these hotspots? Merah was even on the FBI’s no-fly list in the United States.

Why would France require more than 10 days to find one of the handful of known Islamic extremists living in southwestern France, when all they had to do was knock on his front door, which is where he was eventually cornered? France’s DCRI (the nation’s domestic spy service) says they had followed Merah for more than a year, and recent reports allege that the DCRI had bugged Merah and his family for most of 2011. 

The Mainstream Media is completely Out-of-Control - with video ~ linkThe mainstream media is completely out of control and nothing more than a big government (big bank, big war, big pharma, big prison, big police state, big agribusiness and so on) propaganda machine. If Ron Paul loses his bid for the Presidency it will be because their lies and smear cost us the election, and that could ultimately cost us our country. Their lies have certainly placed our nation in the jeopardy it is in today.
If you would like to do something about media smear and lies then please visit and sign up for the advertiser boycotts by ‘liking’ the facebook pages shown there. Just click on a mainstream media logo for the facebook page and like that page to join the boycott.

US Ambassador: Al Qaeda could plan another 9/11 from Afghanistan unless we keep fighting ~ link ~ What a 'walking talking shack of shit' this evil jerk is!  It is evil lying bastards like this that have killed millions of people and cost America and the West trillions of dollars.   Stirling     

According to Ryan Crocker, the American ambassador to Kabul, if the United States does not continue to occupy Afghanistan, al Qaeda would be able to plan and carry out another September 11, 2001-style attack.

Of course, this is hindered by the fact that in reality, neither al Qaeda nor Afghanistan can be held responsible for the tragic events of that day, based on the fact that there is clear evidence of a long-term cover-up and the official story is nothing short of

US obstructing investigation into Kandahar massacre? ~ link ~ The Obama Administration is scared of this.  If/when the full truth gets out, the public demands to "bring our boys home NOW" in an election year will be very very powerful...and that could end the 'gravy train' boondoggle for the war profiteers and the owners of the Federal Reserve who see war-driven budget deficits as a key part of their profits.   So if you want to end the wars, write letters to your local newspapers questing what really happened and calling the Obama cover-up by its name.    Stirling        

Browne’s statements raise even more suspicion about whether the US really wants to punish the guilty party to the fullest extent of the law, or if the government is concealing some ugly truth about the Kandahar massacre.

An independent Afghan probe into the killings alleges that up to 20 US soldiers were involved. After analyzing reports from witnesses and survivors, an investigative team sent by President Hamid Karzai firmly stated that “one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time.”These suspicions are shared by President Hamid Karzai, who also said that the delegation “did not receive cooperation from the USA regarding the surrender of the US soldiers to the Afghan government.”

In response to the incident, Karzai demanded a full withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghan settlements, further ordering that they be confined to military bases.

Two-thirds of Icelanders oppose EU membership - Can you blame them?  ~ link ~ The EU is the creation of the Rothschild Empire and it is there to impoverish the people of Europe.  Witness the austerity fascism taking place all across Europe now...all according to plan.   Stirling      

FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury ~ linkBecause of official corruption at the highest in the 'Forth World' model story that I linked recently...the FDA has become simply a tool of the globalist owned/controlled Big Pharma industry.  Millions and millions of children, and now adults as they age, have been condemned to life time horror by mercury in vaccines and THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS YET FAILED TO STOP IT AND IN FACT DELIBERATELY COVERED IT UP AND CONTINUE TO ALLOW THIMERSAL TO BE USED!  The government and industry bastards that did/are doing this should be in prison for the rest of their lives.  Instead no one has ever been criminally investigated, much less charged and taken to trial.   Stirling       

It is a common myth today that the vaccines administered to children no longer contain the toxic additive thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative linked to causing permanent neurological damage. But a recent federal case involving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that, contrary to this widely-held belief, thimerosal is actually still present in many batch vaccines, including in the annual influenza vaccine that is now administered to children as young as six months old.

Filed by a citizen-backed coalition advocating vaccine safety, the lawsuit against the FDA alleged that the agency's continued endorsement and approval of thimerosal as a vaccine additive is a serious public health threat, especially since safer alternatives already exist and are widely used voluntarily by many vaccine manufacturers. But Judge Brett Kavanaugh, siding with antiquated pseudoscience, decided that thimerosal is not a health threat, and that those who wish to avoid it can simply choose thimerosal-free alternatives.

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