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Almost two years ago, the mega-disaster known as the BP Oil Disaster, happened.   It has been shown to almost certainly have been a deliberate act by the globalists as both BP senior insiders and Goldman Sachs sold large amounts of BP stock shortly before the disaster happened.  This is tied into the growing wave of man-made political/economic/military/"natural" crises that are designed to cause sufficient global chaos to bring about the conditions for the establishment of the New World Order global high-tech slave state.

The massive release of oil, caused by the well blow-out when drilling into a massive undersea salt dome, known to be a no-drill area since the late 1950s, released an unprecedented amount of crude oil into the sea.   There are several large (supertanker sized) ocean sea-skimming vessels capable of cleaning up the mess.  However, BP with the permission of the Obama Administration and the cooperation of the globalist owned mainstream news media did not use the ocean going sea-skimmers, instead using millions of gallons of deadly oil dispersants to sink the oil beneath the surface, where it could not be removed.

It is a college-level physics experiment, that many former and current students will remember, that demonstrates what a relatively small amount of oil does to warm water currents in a larger body of cooler water.   The experiment goes like this:  A large clear plexiglass tub of cool water has a warm water stream of colored water added to it at one end and extracted at the other end.   The boundary layers of the warm water current are studied.  When a small amount of oil is added to the mix the warm water current breaks down.  

This is what happened on a very large scale to the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current.  The massive amount of oil, most of it below the surface of the Gulf, broke apart the Loop Current and has managed to keep it broken up.  Lately, the Loop Current seems to be attempting to re-establish itself, trying to form a loop current near the mouth of the Gulf.  Looking at the current RTOFS (Atlantic) Nowcasts/Forecasts - Atlantic Ocean Horizontal Current at Surface satellite data map ~ link ~ it appears that this effort has now, more or less, re-established the Loop Current near the mouth of the Gulf.  However, the loop is much smaller that the historic Loop Current, which means that a smaller amount of heat energy will flow from it than in years past.  The normal situation was for the Loop Current to pick up a vast amount of thermal energy from the warm Gulf waters and carry same via the Florida Current to the beginning of the Gulf Steam at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  The Loop Current, Florida Current, Gulf Stream are but parts of the overall Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean.

Almost two years ago, Dr. Bill Deagle (NutriMedical Report Show), John Moore, and myself broke the story that the BP Oil Disaster had killed the Loop Current.  This was based on the work of Italian nuclear physics professor Dr. Zangari.  See this archive article ~ link ~ with an updated story with satellite data photos.  [Note: Yesterday, a long time reader of my news blog emailed me this interesting comment: "I've always thought electricity and magnetism played a role in the movement of ocean currents.  After all, the oceans are just a big ionized pool acted on by the magnetic fields of earth, the sun, and the Milky Way.
What is oil?  An insulator.  A dielectric material.  As in oil-filled capacitators.  So the effect you describe is even more understandable." ]

The story of the BP Oil Disaster does NOT stop with the effects of the oil on the Gulf residents and the fishing industry, etc.  It has a global impact that continues to this day.  

The Gulf Stream, a fast moving 'river' of warm water in the much colder North Atlantic Ocean, besides keeping Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England from freezing over, plays a key role in steering the atmospheric Jet Stream which directly effects weather patterns throughout the Northern Hemisphere and indirectly throughout the entire globe.  The heat from the Gulf Stream effects the atmosphere for several miles above it.  If, as has happened since the BP Oil Disaster, the Gulf Stream has much less than normal thermal energy (heat), its effect is much less on the atmospheric Jet Stream.

Since the BP Oil Disaster, the entire planet and especially the Northern Hemisphere has experienced very abnormal weather conditions.  We have had a summer where the temperatures reached 105F in Moscow, a unheard of high over the last thousand years of human occupation there.  Mass flooding and drouths in large parts of Europe, Asia and somewhat in North America.  The United Kingdom has had snow in April whereas we, in most of the United States, have had record breaking highs.  Additionally, we have had large outbreaks of vicious tornadoes in America.

The re-establishment of the Loop Current is a very positive thing, assuming it stays operating.  However, it is functioning at a historic low level in terms of its size and its ability to move thermal energy into the Thermohaline Circulation System.  This means that the ability of the Gulf Steam to steer the Jet Stream will still be compromised to some degree or another.  For current conditions see ~ link ~ and ~ link     

Tim Earl of Stirling 



Anonymous said...

Agree. We in the us have had flooding in Colorado. NO Hurricanes this year in the gulf. Cold in the NE, and you can see the jet stream is abnormal.

Anonymous said...

This is a very important finding. Where has Dr. Zangari (sp?) gone. He was right. The us government is working to manipulate and hide everything and anything that they believe threatens their power. They hide the truth. They Lie. They will even kill to keep the public ignorant. The major media serves the us government. BP oil did indeed foul the gulf currents and the jet stream. The meteorologists wont talk about it. Obviously, they are being censored.

NO Hurricanes this year in the gulf. Tie that in with flooding in Colorado. Fires in the West. Unseasonably cool weather in the NE and you can see the sharp dips and inclines in the jet stream. The global weather patterns are changing, Dr Zangari was correct. Good work and Congratulations to all who work with this site.