Thursday, April 5, 2012

Have a holy Good Friday


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Holy Shroud of Turin

Have a blessed and holy Good Friday.
Ava Maria by Perry Como ~ link 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this artickle on:

Ria Novosti, German version:

I had it partly translated by google translator, so there are mistakes in the translation, but I could not find an English version.

Russian general: Nuclear attack on Iran in preparation

Israel and the U.S. are preparing for the assessment of the Russian military experts Leonid Ivashov preparing for a nuclear attack against Iran.

In the event that "Israel is committing to any involvement in this process and is defeated, prepare the Americans and (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, the public opinion to suggest that nuclear weapons are used," said General Ivashov, former Head of Department for International cooperation in the Russian Defense Ministry and now president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, on Friday at a conference in Moscow......