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Special Post - An Iranian Strategy in Play


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Special Post

An Iranian Strategy in Play to Defeat the Triple Alliance

The current round of attacks on southern Israel from Gaza, now into its fourth day, may well be a Iranian strategy to take the strategic initiative in a coming General Middle East War.

It is very clear that the current Netanyahu government intends to launch, or preferably have the Americans launch a war on Iran, or use a military intervention by US/NATO forces in Syria as a type of 'back door' to a war on Iran.  The 'Triple Alliance' of US/France/UK/NATO - Israel - GCC (Gulf Cooperative Council states) has been very active in creating, funding, arming, staffing, supporting and controlling the 'revolt' against the Assad government in Syria.  Syria and Iran have a military alliance and neither is prepared to stand by and watch the other be destroyed.  Hence, an attack on Syria either with or without UN Security Council cover, is considered a 'back door' to a war with Iran and to a General Middle East war that will include Lebanon, Palestine and Gaza.

The conservative Arab Gulf monarchies of the GCC are opposed to the radical Shiite state of Iran, however, their people are first and foremost Arabs who are Muslim and another Gaza War with thousands of Arab civilians being slaughtered by the Israelis will place the Triple Alliance in grave danger.  If a General Middle East War begins over a new Israeli War on the Arabs of Gaza instead of being over a 'revolt' in Syria or an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities the entire dynamics changes.  Then it is Muslims against Jews, and Arabs and Iranians against Israelis and foreigners.  If the Al-Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mound is attacked and it is claimed that the Israelis were really responsible (within the last couple of days Yusuf Ade', the head of the Iranian Quds Supreme Court, has warned of an Israeli plot to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque ~ link) that alone would be a Casus Belli for every Muslin to rise up and defend Islam against the Israelis.  But even without this, if the General Middle East War begins over an Israeli slaughter of Arabs, the GCC monarchs will not be able to count on their senior officers keeping control of their air forces, of their armies, and of their naval forces.  That would really blow up the Middle East!

Tim Earl of Stirling   


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