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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  

The 2012 Elections: American's Last Hurrah ~ link ~ This is one of the best articles that I have ever linked!!!  Do yourself a favor and read it.  
Tim Earl of Stirling      
The Pentagon's Total War Against Iran Will Trigger the Emergence of a Planetary Security State ~ link
Good One...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling      

If a criminal clique within the world’s most powerful government can murder its own people in cold blood with the assistance of a foreign government and suppress that fact in the global media, then it should not be surprising to anyone that the same criminal clique is committed to destroying all obstacles in its passionate pursuit of supremacy in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the world.

A total Western war against Iran was inevitable once 9/11 happened. There was no going back once the ultimate red line was crossed by the American and Israeli governments on that beautiful morning.

So far, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence community have constrained their power vis-à-vis Iran, and chosen to squeeze their enemy in a step by step process before delivering their most lethal blows. They have used economic, information, and cyber warfare with Israel’s help to weaken Iran’s technological capabilities, blacken its image to isolate it from the international community, and stop the flow of Iranian oil to the world market.

Ruger suspends all new firearms orders: "Incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to fulfill orders" ~ link ~ Sounds like at least many Americans are waking up to the fascist horrors that are increasing coming our way, and getting ready for worst to come.  Abe Lincoln had a saying, "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".   Stirling      

Scientific America calls for World Government ~ link ~ It begins!   Stirling      

Hundreds of elite publications have called for Bankster run world government to take over. But at the same time that very same media treats their readers like they are 3-years-old and claims no one is calling for global government.
Is it an Israeli False Flag Again ~ link ~ Yes, most likely!  Stirling       
Israeli press reported this evening that French gunman Mohamed Merah had been on a trip to Israel in the past.

According to the report, Merah's passport had Israeli stamps in it. The purpose of his visit is  unknown. Israeli analysts suspect he was either trying to visit the Palestinian territories or preparing for a terror attack.

However, I won’t rule out the possibility that Merah was actually trained by Israeli forces. Marah may have conducted a false flag operation. By way of deception is,  after all, the Mossad’s motto.
Sarkozy's backers to use Toulouse attacks to steal French election ~ link French President Sarkozy's 2012 re-election bid has been faltering almost since he was 'elected' in 2007. Long viewed by a majority of the French public as a latter-day Napoleon wannabe, some were perplexed as to how he won the 2007 presidential race, given that one year before the election, opinion polls placed him a definite second, and between then and the election he did nothing to justify his alleged increase in popularity, with his 'Bling Bling' approach to electioneering turning the stomachs of many French people. In addition, within a few months of his 'victory' in May 2007, Sarkozy's popularity had plummeted to around 30% as people reacted to his austere economic reforms, on which he had openly campaigned, mind you. How to explain such a sudden turnaround so soon after his victory? It was only on election day that, somehow, the diminutive son of a Hungarian immigrant and his 'princes of Paris' were gifted 5 years in the Elysee palace.

Today it's common knowledge (or it should be) that election results, even in the world's 'greatest democracies', can be easily 'flipped' by way of electronic voting machines. That such machines were introduced by Sarkozy himself (as Minister of the Interior) in 2004, for around 4% of the French electorate raised a few eyebrows, and offered a plausible explanation for Sarkozy's unexpected victory, especially since the official tally was 53.06% for Sarko and 46.94% for Royal, i.e. within the 4% 'flip' margin. It also struck me as rather strange that opinion and exit polls were so accurate (some months in advance of the election) in their prediction that Sarkozy would win 53% and Royal 47%. 

French President Sarkozy seizes opportunity for Internet censorship after terror attack ~ link ~ What a shit he is!  Of course, they are likely planning to steal the French election for him and this False Flag terrorism event gives him the cover to claim that there is a voter surge for him at the last minute.   Stirling      

In the wake of a horrific rampage, in which Mohamed Merah (now dead after a 32-hour standoff with police) reportedly murdered three French soldiers, three young Jewish schoolchildren, and a rabbi, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France has begun calling for criminal penalties for citizens who visit web sites that advocate for terror or hate.  "From now on, any person who habitually consults Web sites that advocate terrorism or that call for hatred and violence will be criminally punished," Sarkozy was reported as saying.

Second, who defines "hate speech"?  In France, that definition includes Holocaust denial, which in the past resulted in Yahoo! discontinuing auctions of Nazi memoribilia (the collectors of which are not, by any stretch, all sympathizers).  And negative comments about France's Muslim community have also resulted in criminal penalties, most notably in the case of actress Brigitte Bardot, who has been convicted five times for "inciting racial hatred."  While Holocaust denial and comments about Muslims such as those made by Bardot may be deplorable, they should not be criminal.
What are causing the Strange Noises in the Sky that are Being Heard All Over the World?  ~ link ~ Could be some secret military project??? Who knows, as we get deeper into the End Times I suspect we will see more and more strange events taking place.  Stirling  
During the second half of 2011, a lot of people all over the planet started reporting hearing really strange noises coming from the sky.  In some instances the noises produced a loud rumbling such as a train, a thunderstorm or the slamming of a heavy door would make.  In other instances, the noises sounded more like "groaning".  In yet other instances the noises sounded almost as if a trumpet was playing.  Dozens of videos went up on YouTube purporting to document this phenomenon, but the truth is that you can fake almost anything on a YouTube video and many dismissed these strange "strange sounds" as an Internet hoax.  However, now entire towns in the northern part of the United States are hearing strange noises in the sky and the mainstream media is reporting on it.  In fact, one U.S. town is planning to spend thousands of dollars to hire an engineering firm to investigate where these strange sounds are coming from.  At this point a lot of theories about these strange noises are being floated, but so far scientists have not been able to give us a definitive explanation for the source of these strange noises.  So exactly what in the world is going on?
This phenomenon made national news again this week because of what has been going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin.  Hundreds of residents of Clintonville reported hearing incredibly loud noises coming from the sky for several nights in a row.  Even CBS News is reporting on what is happening in Clintonville....

Throwing Money at the Pentagon ~ link If you've been fretting about faltering math education and falling test scores in the United States, you should be worried based on this campaign season of Republican math. When it comes to the American military, the leading Republican presidential candidates evidently only learned to add and multiply, never subtract or divide.

Advocates of Pentagon reform have criticized President Barack Obama for his timid approach to reducing military spending. Despite current Pentagon budgets that have hovered at the highest levels since World War II and 13 years of steady growth, the administration's latest plans would only reduce spending at the Department of Defense by 1.6% in inflation-adjusted dollars over the next five years. 

Japan professor: 'Fractionation propbably caused much higher plutonium ratio in Imaki - Busby 11 months ago: Nuclear criticality explosions in Fukushima due to plutonium fractionation" ~ link 

Rise of the Prepper - Could the recent popularity cause problems for Preppers? ~ link ~ As Americans grow concerned about our future; Guns, Gold and Emergency Food are all selling at record levels. From T.V. Shows about preppers, to a number of states preparing so called Doomsday Bills, it seems that the prepper lifestyle is going mainstream.
In my opinion, if you haven’t stocked up on what you need – NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

No Charges, No Trial, No Lawyer, No Jury, Straight to Execution ~ linkIt seems big changes are all around our country now; things like globalization, the economic crisis, and our “war on terror”. I have to ask myself why the war on terror is stealing our chances of living as free people, in a free country, being governed by the consent of the people?

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 has destroyed three of the ten guarantees of your liberty as stated in the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights. Any U.S. citizen can now be arrested by the U.S. military while inside the U.S. and can be permanently jailed with no charges, no right to a trial, and no lawyer to assist with a defense.

'Phantom' Coup in the Philippines? ~ link ~ The current President is a maybe the coup talk was not all 'phantom'.   Stirling    

Bird Man Hoax: A lesson in Critical Thinking ~ link ~ In this day and age of digital photography, just because you see something on a video does NOT mean that it really happened.   I ran a link to the story...I was stupid...I admit it.   Stirling     

Qantas finds 'type two' cracks on two A380s ~ link

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