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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

You've Felt It Your Entire Life - video ~ link ~ If you don't go to but one of the links on this page, today, please make it this one!  Stirling      

NATO Invasion of Syria Set For This Month ~ link ~ When/if this happens it will begin the Third World War!   Stirling     

NATO member Turkey is arming Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups as part of the international community’s efforts to help Syrian rebels overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, with a possible military invasion set for March, almost exactly a year after a virtually identical assault on Libya that was also achieved with the aid of Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Egyptian security officials told World Net Daily that, “Turkey has been arming al-Qaida and its affiliated group, Jihadiya Salafia, as part of efforts to support the so-called rebels in Syria.”

The officials also revealed that arms and training for the rebels is being provided by the United States, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, dovetailing with former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds’ report that hundreds of NATO and US troops arrived on the Jordanian and Syrian border back in December for the purpose of training militants to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

13 Undercover French Army officers seized in Syria ~ link ~ Thirteen French officers have been captured by the Syrian Army, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper. It claims it received the information from a pro-Syrian Palestinian in Damascus.

According to the source, the officers were taken captive in the city of Homs – the heart of the internal conflict between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, and insurrectionists – and are being held in a field hospital there. The source claims the French and Syrian governments are locked in negotiations over the fate of the men.

If confirmed, it would be an embarrassment to France.  However the French Foreign Ministry has categorically stated that there are no French soldiers in Syria. Perhaps more intriguingly, the Ministry of Defense has not issued an outright denial, saying instead that it has no knowledge of the situation.

Shipping CEO: Iran could send oil to $440/Barrel ~ link ~ Talk about totally collapsing the global economy!  Of course, that is part of the New World Order Grand Strategy of the Global Banking Cartel families.   Stirling      

Obama: US will always have Israel's back ~ link ~ What an extraordinary statement for the leader of the World's sole superpower to make about a tiny hyper-racist military aggressive nation!  We never even consider such statements as outrageous; such is the influence of the globalists owned and Zionist ran news media over most Americans thinking process.   Stirling      

Letters Israel: Israel dangerously deaf to criticism ~ link ~ I have said for years that Israel's success with AIPAC and other levers of power in America is very dangerous for Israel.  It allows her extremists to dominate the governments there and in America and elsewhere.  They are so good at spreading the money and fear around that no one, however friendly to Israel, can utter a word of warning or objection.  That is a really dumb set of circumstances to set up!  Do real Baroness Tonge's letter.   Stirling       

Israel calls for the resignation of Syria's Assad ~ link ~ Oh yes, that will motivate him to resign...NOT!  Stirling     

The Dangerous Drumbeat of War with Iran ~ link ~
After 10 years of war, a war crime in Iraq, a strategic blunder, a humanitarian tragedy and an appalling quagmire in Afghanistan with thousands of Americans killed and wounded and trillions of dollars expended, you would expect that Americans would be loath to engage in another war. However, we hear again the same drumbeat for war with Iran by the neoconservative misinformation chorus that another potential "mushroom cloud" threatens.

Israel holds the U.S. in disdain, for it believes it has unlimited support of the American-Israeli lobby, the religious right and the neoconservative Republicans in Congress. This is evident by Israel's obstruction of the Palestinian peace process.

Is Bibi the Bully Wagging the American Dog? ~ link ~
No matter what the rhetorical gymnastics performed by Obama, a case can be made that Bibi the Bully wags the American dog full-time. Worse; the Likud-dominated Israeli administration, single-handedly, is playing with dispatching vast spheres of the global economy into total depression, as its hysterics progressively hurl oil prices towards the stratosphere.

The world is a hostage of Israel's whims even as the 120-plus members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) support Iran's right to enrich uranium and BRICS members Russia, China and India, as well as Turkey, dismiss the US and the EU's oil embargo - a true declaration of economic war - on Iran.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) get-together in Washington takes place in an intimidating, cavernous Colosseum where the wealthy crowd ululates in unison for Iranian blood. A passable tactician but a lousy strategist, Bibi the Bully's only game in town is "Bomb Iran".  This is justified by the "existential threat" posed by non-nuclear Iran to a nuclear-armed garrison state/settler colony that is literally, graphically wiping a whole people (the Palestinians) off the map. 

Oil prices soar to $124/Barrel on Iran supply fears ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu has his hand on your pocketbook at the pump!   Stirling     

Global oil prices have soared once again with Brent crude seeing an 83-cent increase to exceed USD124 per barrel on fears that international sanctions against Iran are limiting supply.

The price hike came on Monday as US President Barack Obama was going to discuss Iran sanctions in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, heightening uncertainty over Iran's future oil exports.

Next Neocon War? 'Free-Balochistan' to split Pakistan in two ~ link ~ Pakistan is a very corrupt nation, but when the chips are down they are also a very tough people.   They will NOT allow the globalists to split their nation.   Stirling     

Ever since the Afghan war began to turn against the West, the Anglosphere power elite has been searching for a remedy.

The Anglosphere elites (as we have often indicated) – made up of Jewish, Catholic/Vatican, religious, corporate and military elites – have tried several times in the past century to fully balkanize Pashtun and Punjabi culture. These two tribes are among the oldest in the world. The Pashtuns, especially, have been at war with the West on and off for several hundred years.  In our view, this is the reason for the Afghanistan war. It is simply a war of control designed to crush the Pashtuns, restrain the Punjabis and make the world safe for the aim of the global elites, which is one-world government.

The wars in the Middle East have seemingly been pursued to eradicate secular governments such as those that existed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc. In their place are arising governments focused on Islamic republicanism backed by facilities such as the Islamic Brotherhood, long penetrated by Western Intel. The idea, in our view, is to further the phony war on terror and create a controlled environment in which the elites can manipulate a further Clash of Civilizations. Thus the warmongering is being pursued on two levels.

Massive wave of banker resignations continues ~ link ~ What do they know that we don't?  Sounds like they are 'getting out of Dodge, while the getting is good'.   Stirling      

India shaken by 19th earthquake in 2012 ~ link ~ We are in a cycle of moderate earthquakes globally.  Why?  Stirling      

Portugal suffers through its worst drought in 80 years ~ link ~ The world continues to suffer the aftereffects of the deliberate BP Oil Disaster.  The oil in the Gulf of Mexico continues to prevent the Loop Current from re-establishing itself there.  The Loop Current is a key part of the Thermohaline Circulation System.  This system included the Gulf Stream, which acts as a steering mechanism on the atmospheric Jet Stream, which in turn has a massive effect on the weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere and some effect on the Souther Hemisphere.   Stirling        

China increases military spending in face of disputes ~ link ~ With the massive foreign currency reserves that China has, they could dramatically increase things well beyond this but are not for two reasons: (1) They don't want to panic the World and Asia; (2) They can only absorb so much new technology and infrastructure improvements in their existing military at a time.   Stirling        

China plans to increase defense spending 11.2 percent this year as the country’s expanding global commitments and lingering territorial disputes drive demand for more warships, missiles and fighter planes.  

Craven Liberal Democrats dump human rights champion Jenny Tonge ~ link ~ The good baroness was dismissed as a party leader because she dared to speak out against Israel.  Proving that the Lib Dems are just as much a slave to tiny Israel as the Tories and Labour are.   Stirling      

It was no surprise to read in The Guardian on 29 February  Lady Tonge Resigns Lib Dem Party Whip Over Israel Remarksthat Baroness Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat peer who has given unstinting support to the Palestinian struggle for freedom, had been sacked after declaring that Israel would not last for ever. She rejected an ultimatum from party leader Nick Clegg to apologise and said she stood by her remarks. 

Nothing to apologise for.

The row blew up when Jenny allegedly told a meeting at Middlesex University: “Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there for ever in its present form… Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown.” She said America would one day get sick of funding what she called America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East. “One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough.”

Russia and the changing world by Vladimir V. Putin ~ link ~ We will strive to ensure a new world order, one that meets current geopolitical realities, and one that develops smoothly and without unnecessary upheaval.
It seems that NATO members, especially the United States, have developed a peculiar interpretation of security that is different from ours. The Americans have become obsessed with the idea of becoming absolutely invulnerable. This utopian concept is unfeasible both technologically and geopolitically, but it is the root of the problem.

By definition, absolute invulnerability for one country would in theory require absolute vulnerability for all others. This is something that cannot be accepted. Many countries prefer not to be straight about this for various reasons, but that’s another matter. Russia will always call a spade a spade and do so openly. I’d like to emphasize again that a violation of the principle of unity and the indivisibility of security – despite numerous declarations committing to it – poses a serious threat. Eventually these threats become reality for those states that initiate such violations, for many reasons.

Vladimir Putin: The Early Years - Photos ~ link 

Escobar: Putin not part of NWO, labelled evil by elites - video ~ link ~ It’s official – Vladimir Putin has won the presidential race to become Russia’s leader for a third term. Official results have given him almost 64 per cent of the vote. Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar in Thailand says that despite the Russian people making their choice clear, the U.S. is still on a mission to vilify the country…

Vladimir Putin back as President: Why it matters ~ link 

US to attempt overthrow of Putin Government ~ link ~ That will motivate the Russians for the globalists sought WWIII!   Stirling      

As predicted - the Western media and US State Department-funded "opposition" inside Russia have called Vladimir Putin's landslide victory a "fraud." It was stated on Thursday March 1, that the Western media had "already determined how Russia's elections will unfold, creating the pretext in the minds of impressionable viewers to justify the unrest the US is undoubtedly planning." 


IFF's Doomsday Memorandum Revealed: Diorderly Greek Default To Cost Over 1 TRILLION EUROS ~ link ~ While everyone was busy ruminating on how little impact a Greek default would have on the global economy, the IIF - the syndicate of banks dedicated to the perpetuation of the status quo - was busy doing precisely the opposite. In a Confidential Staff Note that was making the rounds in the past 2 weeks titled "Implications of a Disorderly Greek Default and Euro Exit" the IIF was doing its best Hank Paulson imitation in an attempt to scare the Bejeezus out of potential hold outs everywhere, by "quantifying" the impact form a Greek failure. The end result: "It is difficult to add all these contingent liabilities up with any degree of precision, although it is hard to see how they would not exceed €1 trillion."  In other words, hold out at your own peril. Of course, what the IIF does not understand, is that for hedge funds it is precisely this kind of systemic nuisance value that makes holding out that much more valuable, as they understand all too well that they have all the cards on the table. And while a Greek default could be delayed even if full PSI was not attained by Thursday, it would simply make paying off the holdouts the cheapest cost strategy for the IIF, for Europe and for the world's banks. Unless of course, the IIF is bluffing, in which case the memorandum is not worth its weight in 2020 US Treasurys.

Some highlights from the report:

Sign of the Times: Occupy Movement Springs Forward ~ link ~ I question the overall effectiveness of the movement, but at least the people involved are getting off their butts and trying to do something about the nightmares that the globalists are creating.  Stirling     

They're Back!  OWS 2.0: American Spring 2012 Set To Begin ~ link ~ And they are fighting for the very lives of Americans and the human race from the globalist evil madmen!   Stirling     

Surviving the Middle Class Crash - How to Live in Your Car ~ link ~ The new Global Depression is all totally and deliberately man-made.  Get mad folks, really mad and do something about it.   Stirling    

 Living in a car isn’t something that anyone would recommend. However, when you get laid off, your emergency fund runs out, your home is foreclosed (or you get an eviction notice) and there’s nobody to help, living in your car might be the only choice, especially if you don’t feel safe at a local shelter. Unfortunately, in many places, sleeping in your car is not only frowned upon, but also illegal. Here’s how to get by until something better comes along.
Remember, you are not alone and you have a vehicle. Lots of people have survived and even thrived while sleeping in cars.

H.R. 347: Another Step in the Elimination of the First Amendment ~ link ~ The bought-and-paid-for political whores in Congress continue to destroy the nation that generations of Americans worked so hard to build.   Stirling        

It is fairly obvious Obama and Congress rushed through H.R. 347 in order to curtail demonstrations that will undoubtedly occur during both Democrat and Republican conventions this summer. Also known as the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” the bill makes it a felony to disrupt or protest at any place or event attended by any person with secret service protection.

Amash, Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican, and Ron Paul were the lone dissenting voices opposed to this bill, which is being called  the “First Amendment Rights Eradication Act” designed specifically to counter the Occupy movement and other political groups opposed to the bankster regime in control of the Congress and the presidency. Democrats have characterized opposition to the bill as “a whole lot of kerfuffle over nothing.”

Spain's sovereign thunderclap and the end of Merkel's Europe ~ link ~ The Spanish rebellion has begun, sooner and more dramatically than I expected.

As many readers will already have seen, Premier Mariano Rajoy has refused point blank to comply with the austerity demands of the European Commission and the European Council (hijacked by Merkozy).

Taking what he called a "sovereign decision", he simply announced that he intends to ignore the EU deficit target of 4.4pc of GDP for this year, setting his own target of 5.8pc instead (down from 8.5pc in 2011).

The Truth About Greece ~ link ~ Composer and resistance icon Mikis Theodorakis lambastes the joint strategy devised by Greek politicians and financial institutions with the objective of pillaging the country. He explains how Greece was gradually put under IMF tutelage by Dominique Strauss-Khan and former Prime Minister Papandreou. While the Western media point the finger at Syria, Russia and China, a financial government has taken over the reins of power in Greece and in Europe.

The Fractional Reserve Bullion Banksters Are Doomed - video ~ link ~ Interesting!   Stirling       

North Korea's Pivot ~ link ~ Is North Korea looking to stay out of WWIII?   Stirling      

After three years of frozen relations between North Korea and the United States, the two long-standing adversaries are on the verge of a thaw.

In what has been called the "leap-day deal", North Korea has pledged to stop uranium enrichment and suspend nuclear and missile tests. The US, meanwhile, will deliver 240,000 tonnes of food to the country's malnourished population.

The administration of US President Barack Obama has maintained a policy of "strategic patience" toward North Korea, which amounted to a wait-and-see approach while Washington was preoccupied with other foreign-policy issues. Obama administration officials portray the leap-day deal as a modest first step in re-engaging North Korea. 

Now That Is Cold - 19 Signs that America is becoming a very heartless place ~ link ~ NOT the America that I grew up in!   Stirling        

The economy is not the only thing that is wrong with America.  In order for a society to function smoothly, people need to be able to trust one another and be able to expect that most of their fellow citizens will behave in a somewhat civilized manner.  Unfortunately, we are starting to see the very fabric of our society slowly unravel all over the nation.  The truth is that America is becoming a very heartless place.  People simply do not care about one another the way that they used to in this country.  Of course there are many exceptions, but the reality is that millions of hearts are going cold from coast to coast.  In America today, we are more self-absorbed than ever, more self-centered than ever, and we are more isolated from others than ever.  Just think about the number of people that you personally interact with on a regular basis.  Unless you are involved with a very large organization such as a school or a church, it is probably a very limited number.  Our addiction to entertainment gives us the illusion of being connected to society, but the truth is that Americans spend less time personally interacting with one another than ever before.  Meanwhile, Americans are seemingly becoming more arrogant, more prideful, more angry, more brutal, more greedy and more addicted to pleasure than ever before.  When you combine millions of very cold hearts with an economy that is rapidly crumbling, that adds up to a whole lot of trouble in the years ahead.

Even government authorities are becoming heartless.  TSA agents and police officers are actually trained to "act tough" and to bark orders at us.  In the old days, you could reason with a police officer, but these days if you try to talk common sense with some of these thugs you will get tasered before you even realize what is happening.

The American people can see the deep corruption in Washington D.C. and throughout most of our other major institutions and they wonder why they should keep trying to do "the right thing".

If our leaders are selfish and heartless, then it is only natural that millions of average Americans will follow their examples.

In America today, we are taught to hate one another.  Democrats are taught to hate Republicans and Republicans are taught to hate Democrats.  We are a deeply divided nation and our hearts are getting colder with each passing year.

Parents are becoming more cruel, thieves are becoming more bold and thugs are becoming more brutal.  Hate, anger and frustration are fueling some really twisted behavior all over the country.  America is changing, and not for the better.

The following are 19 signs that America is becoming a very heartless place....

USA #1 40 Embarrassing things that America is the Best in the World At ~ link ~ Is the USA still #1?  Well, there are many things that America is still the best in the world at, but unfortunately a lot of those categories are nothing to be proud of.  Once upon a time the United States was the greatest nation on earth, but now we are a nation that is in a horrific state of decline.  Just consider a few of the embarrassing things that America leads the world in: obesity, crime, divorce, teen pregnancy, child abuse deaths and government debt.  The statistics that you are about to read below are incredibly disturbing.  Most people that write these kinds of articles about the decline of America hate this country.  But that is not the case with me.  I was born and raised in America and I love this nation deeply.  It is time to realize that we will never be able to start fixing our problems until we take a really good look in the mirror and realize just how far we have fallen.  America is not the country that it once was.  America is a complete and total mess and just "tweaking" a few things here and there is not going to return this nation to its former glory.  We have forgotten the things that once made us great, and if we do not return to them we will continue to fall apart as a nation.

With that being said, the following are 40 embarrassing things that America is the best in the world at....

Experts reveal unnecessary cancer treatments accelerating deaths ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer, get outside of the Big Pharma Box and investigate the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Rife Therapy.   Stirling     

Frack Attack moving across the landscape ~ linkI have a suggestion, too. Take your proprietary cocktails of poisons and death and leave. Get out of my backyard, which is vast and indomitable. It does not belong to you. Get out of my community and keep on going until you run right out of the west and drown in the sea. Go now! There is a special place in hell just for you, and the reservation is yours forever. Take your fracking fluids with you.

The 'Shit Happens' Department of Cosmic Affairs ... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling   

We are beset on all sides by political and economic deals that affect the horizon and the sight line, the way that smog and mercury vapor lamps affect what we can see by night and by day. The artificial superimposition of what has been wrought and which is driven by appetite and desire, obscures what lies behind and beneath and possibly above. It also gives a false impression of what we cannot see (grin). The state of the culture can be measured by the presence and absence of high ideals, not just from the podiums but in action through the land. Barring these virtues as guidelines and subliminal, two by fours in the subconscious, you are guaranteed, a criminal nation and the reverse of whatever was originally intended by the founders. By example, America is now manifested in tyranny and an increasingly difficult environment for travel and freedom of expression. The overriding motivation and direction in the minds of those, seemingly in control of the process, can be dramatically sussed out by observing what has been done to the laws, that formerly protected the citizen from their government. It can be further emphasized by the fact that the government, by force of Israel's insistence, orchestrated an attack on its own country, to justify a series of wars and domestic offenses against the populace; changing the laws and doing away with the laws in order to make possible a police state. They did the very things they claim to be protecting you from. They committed high treason and... they continue.

Deals and more deals. They have destroyed the culture and the economic system that was behind the huge success of the American way. They became the world's reserve currency because of this. In a short time they have made mincemeat of the financial structure, by betting for and against and even (treasonously again) engineering situations that would crush the system from here, or over there; just like Goldman Sachs went into Greece to set up their financial crisis. The countries they operate from and upon are of no importance to them at all. The country might as well be a business being chop-shopped by vulture capitalists. The center cannot hold so, what can an out of work revolutionary do?

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