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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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CNN loses half its viewers: Globalist Corporate Media downhill plunge continues as Alternative Media viewership explodes ~ link ~ Proving that "you cannot fool all of the people all of the time" and that bullshit and lies don't get it with people who actually use their brains.   Stirling     

Global March To Jerusalem Began In Tehrir Square ~ link ~ Israel's strategic choice has been clear for years: On one hand it can chose peace which means not continuing to expand in Occupied Arab Lands and keeping a very strong military force for self defense but pushing a 'good neighbor' policy or it can continue to expand its territory at the expense of Arab civilians, continue to brutalize them and thereby continue to feed anti-Israeli hate, continue to bribe and blackmail American and Western politicians to use their nation's blood and money in totally unnecessary wars in the Middle East and North Africa to expand Israeli power and dominance in these areas.  The first choice is the smart one and would go a very long way to ensuring generations of peace and prosperity for the Jewish State.  The second choice is one that leads to the annihilation of the Jewish State, to World War III/Armageddon, and only serves Satan and his minions who are pushing the "New World Order".  Stirling       

30 March 2012- the borders of Israel could well be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of NONVIOLENT Arab Springers on their way to UN OCCUPY Jerusalem and unknown hundreds of thousands of Internet activists who will disseminate the facts on the ground as they happen.

The official site is:

Israel's borders on high alert as huge protests loom ~ link 

Land Day clashes: Tear gas and tensions as Palestinians protest - video ~ link ~ This year the Land Day protests are called a Global March To Jerusalem with support from throughout the World.  Stirling        

Don't Worry USA Israel's Behind You - video ~ link ~ Love It!!!  Do take the time to view this short news report.   Stirling       

We are all conspiracy theorists now: The mainstreaming of 9/11 Truth ~ link ~ "Our leaders do not control the tides of history -- they are just surfing them. They are doing their best to keep on top of them. They do not make the tides -- the tides of history come from a million different vectors: our advancing technology, our advancing worldview. These are the things that actually make a difference to the flow of history, and our leaders try to sit on top of it, and perhaps try to give the impression that they are controlling it, but history's history. Time and tide -- they don't pay much attention to any human leader." - Alan Moore. This is quote is from Professor Sean Carney's essay, "The Tides of History: Alan Moore's Historiographic Vision."

Although 9/11 truth is still a red line in mainstream Western political discourse, the boundaries of discussion about the attacks are harder to enforce in the global alternative media, whose positive influence on public debate is rapidly expanding.

George Galloway returns to Parliament as he defeats Labour Party to win UK 'Bradford West' by-election - with video ~ link ~ Also see: Labour Party knocked into second place and Ed Miliband's position as Party leader in danger, LibDems results so bad they lose their election deposit ~ link ~  I like George...he has the balls to tell the truth.   Stirling       

The party had held the West Yorkshire seat since 1974, except for a brief period in the 1980s when the sitting MP defected to the SDP.

Mr Galloway won 18,341 votes, a 56% share of the total vote. Labour candidate Imran Hussein came second with 8,201 votes as the party's share of the vote was 20% down on its 2010 figure.

America's Murdoch Weakness - Espionage and Bribery on the Surface, What is Beneath? ~ link ~ This is one that you want to read it all at the link.  Murdoch is one very bad person and his news organization is also very rotten.   Stirling    

Years ago, we were the first to report that Rupert Murdoch was tied to Israeli intelligence.  Who would have guessed that the Weizman Institute of Israel, “doing good works” was owned by Murdoch and the Mossad and into corporate espionage and dirty tricks, according to a Haaretz article below.

Prior to that, to Americans at least, his network, Fox News and so much more, few were aware he owned much of the world’s media, was seen as biased, fanatical, war mongering and racist.

What is kept from America is that the parent company, NewsCorp, is assailed around the world for using their “Operations” section, a professional spy organization which includes a specific group of trained assassins, to undermine the free governments of the world.

What really happened to Americans after mom went to work in the Sixties: Mortgages and taxes doubled to support the growing 'Rich Get Richer' elite: The Damning Stats - video ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel families have been engaged in social engineering for a very long time.  They are NOT doing this for the good of the masses, but rather the opposite.   Stirling      

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

The price of petrol in Germany has gone up lately.

Today, on Friday, you have to pay 1.72 euros per liter, which means:

1.72 * 3.78 liters * 1.33 euos per dollar = 8.65 dollars per American gallon

It´s unbelievable but true.

Yous, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany