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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes 'ordinary business operations' ~ link ~ My God, they are not only using parts of dead murdered babies for favoring but causing all Pepsi consumers to engage in cannibalism!!! I will NOT be drinking any Pepsi products or Pepsi made products in the future.  You simply cannot make this stuff up...who in their wildest nightmares would think that aborted baby cells would be in Pepsi!!!  Tell your friends about this, tell everyone at your church about this, and tell your grocery store managers about this!!!   
Tim Earl of Stirling    

(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided that PepsiCo's arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes "ordinary business operations."

The issue began in 2011 when the non-profit group Children of God for Life (CGL) first broke the news about Pepsi's alliance with Senomyx, which led to massive outcry and a worldwide boycott of Pepsi products. At that time, it was revealed that Pepsi had many other options at its disposal to produce flavor chemicals, which is what its competitors do, but had instead chosen to continue using aborted fetal cells -- or as Senomyx deceptively puts it, "isolated human taste receptors".

Depleted Uranium Contamination: A Crime Against Humanity ~ link ~ The military case to use depleted uranium was, at best, very limited.  DU is a very heavy and dense metal, more so than lead, and it does have VERY LIMITED certain uses in tank vs. tank battles.  However, there has NOT been any tank vs. tank battles in the Middle East (including Iraq and Afghanistan) for many years.  Yet, enormous numbers of DU rounds have been used.  Since the material is so very dangerous (especially to unborn and yet to be conceived children) and so very long lived, it is fair to say that the use of DU has been and is a case of a outright Crime Against Humanity.   Stirling     

Depleted Uranium or DU [1] encased bombs that have been used since 1991 by US and NATO forces knowing well that the use of DU weapons is illegal being weapons of mass destruction [WMD] and amounts to War Crimes. These weapons were used in Gulf War 1 against Iraq, then in the Balkans and later, after 9/11 events, in Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa, Libya and now being used in Drone bombings in Pakistan.

Area Deniability Weapon

‘Depleted Uranium’ has nothing depleted about it: when this potent hard metal hits a solid surface like concrete or a battle tank, the temperature at the point of impact reaches over 40000C and turns the projectile into uranium oxide gas. These gases are picked up by the wind and carried all over the world creating vast areas of secondary contamination. Based on the population within the contamination map [Map 1], over 35% of India’s population received a heavy dosing of DU aerosolized uranium nano particles within months of the start of Afghan and Iraq wars.

Take a bite out of Iran at your peril ~ link ~ What is NOT being talked about is the real worst case scenario:  The use of Doomsday weapons and the outbreak of the Third World War.   Iran and Syria do NOT intend to go down like Libya.  They do have, especially Iran, real Doomsday weapons...that is global strategic weapons of mass destruction that amount to a strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) against Israel, NATO (Europe and North America), and the GCC nations.  If they see themselves being destroyed at the level that Iraq or Libya was, or worse with nuclear weapons being used against them, they are highly apt to respond with their Doomsday weapons.  While the truly massive numbers of Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah  rockets and guided missiles, using Fuel Air Explosive and Radiological and Chemical warheads would be enough to destroy Israel and many key cities and facilities in the Middle East, to destroy America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, etc. they will need to use their Advanced Biological weapons, especially the self-replicating viruses based on recombination genetic engineering technology.  This would be the equivalent of a massive nuclear strike on all NATO nations in terms of civilian deaths!!!  Iran has invested over 20 years and a massive sum of money in this Doomsday technology and the weapons are likely to be already distributed throughout NATO to Sleeper Agents just waiting for coded commands to release them on the unprotected civilian populations of NATO.  If this happens, it will amount to the level and type of deaths that the last book of the Christian Bible (The Book of Revelation) speaks of when it says that one-third of the human race will die of 'plague'.  Of course, such weapons can be used by the globalists in a False Flag attack as well.  In any case, the use of such dangerous weapons will spread throughout the entire World and will certainly begin WWIII (if it has not already begun).   Stirling      

Obama: Not much time left for 'Diplomatic Solution' to Iran ~ linkSpeaking today in South Korea, President Obama warned that there was little time left to resolve the ongoing dispute with Iran through diplomacy, insisting that the “window is closing” for the Iranians.

While the US and Israeli intelligence community have both agreed repeatedly that there is no Iranian nuclear weapons program, both President Obama and Israeli leaders have repeatedly threatened to attack Iran to “stop” that program, and Obama reiterated again that a military strike remains an “option.”

Pakistani President: US must halt drone strikes ~ link Zardari’s statement even went on to directly address the most controversial aspect of US relations, the ongoing US drone strikes against Pakistan’s tribal areas. Zardari said that the strikes violated Pakistan’s sovereignty and were counterproductive.

The Quite Before the Storm in the Middle East ~ link Take the time to read all of this excellent short article at the link.   Stirling    

We have probably all noticed that the issues of Syria, Iran, and the push for a third world war have been pulled back in the mainstream media and I believe that when the Zionists become quiet, this is when they are the most dangerous, as they have stepped back into the shadows to plot their next move.

I think the Zionists are beginning to realize that the American people aren’t quite as ignorant as they have supposed.  Indeed the largest contributor to our flawed thinking in reference to Zionism has been our tendency to want peace.  The propaganda for the past seventy years has been specifically aimed at conning the people of the United States into believing that Israel wants nothing more than peace.

Now, as a result of the Zionists’ blatant and aggressive grasp for power and control of the Middle East and its resources, more and more of the good Christians of the United States are being forced to realize the reality of Zionism.

Israel cuts ties to UN Human Rights Council ~ link ~ The real road to long-term peace and security for the tiny state of Israel does NOT include more human rights abuses in Gaza and the West Bank!   Stirling     

Athens: Protests at the Military Parade yesterday - with video and photos ~ link ~ The Parade marked the end of Ottoman Turk control of Greece and the beginning of the modern Greek state.   Stirling       

For short time there was tension in the lower part of Syngtagma Square as a group of people tried to near the parade area. No, they weren’t troublemakers. They are seniors. Riot police pushed them with their shields away. The protesters threw leaflets reading “They owe us – We don’t – Not a dime to loan sharks – No to German occupation”

President Karolos Papoulias stood visibly uncomfortable when a journalist asked him how does he feel that the Disabled of the WWII were absent from the parade. For the first time. Papoulias was unable to give even a very brief answer.  While Papoulias was   a wrath at the Monument of Unknown Soldier, a group of people was chanting “Thieves” and “Traitors”.

Erdogan tells Obama: Greek Orthodox Theological School of Halki to be Allowed to Reopen ~ link ~ The Turks have been very fascist in how they have treated their Christian minority over the years.   Stirling      

Newspaper readership collapsing as people turn to Alternative News Media for truthful reporting ~ link ~ In the United States, six globalist owned and Zionist controlled companies control 96% of all mainstream news media.  People are tired of not getting real news, just thinly disguised propaganda so they turn to the Internet.  That is why the globalists hate the Alternative News Media so much...the people are turning to it to get real news and ignoring the globalist propaganda.   Stirling       

Traditional, mainstream print news appears to be on the brink of collapse as more and more people turn to independent, primarily online news sources for information. A recent report from Financial Times explains how, from almost every angle, print newspapers are taking a major hit, not only with declines in readership, but also in flailing advertising revenues.

Last year, the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism put out its The State of the News Media 2011 report which found that more Americans now get their news from online sources rather than from print sources ( And even though traditional newspapers are increasingly making the migration online, they are still losing $7 in print ads for every dollar in online ads they gain.

Nearly 8,000 UK petrol stations could shut down due to coming strike ~ link Drivers may find themselves without fuel - with petrol pumps across the country running dry - after fuel drivers voted in favour of strikes today.

The 2,000 balloted union members supply fuel to 90 per cent of the nation's garages via seven haulage companies - and a strike could cause 7,900 stations to close.

Researchers discover new Super Volcano in South America ~ link ~ The Uturuncu is therefore only just awakened from his sleep millennium. For a super-eruption would probably accumulate much more magma, says the expert. Over the next few decades is, however, "everything possible" adds Pritchard. "We must learn to understand the signals of the volcano better." In the far reaches of the Andes could be even more sinister surprises for the researchers, the region is poorly understood - there are more volcanoes than volcanologists.

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